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File photo: Students participate in a workshop at Mission High

Classroom Volunteers Sought for Mission Schools

Got an hour a week to spend with a local student? The San Francisco Education Fund, a nonprofit that partners with the district to support underserved children in city schools, is recruiting volunteers to spend one-on-one time with students at Everett, Mission High, and James Lick in the Mission. The volunteers, who must commit to about an hour a week...

Facebook Grant Upgrades Technology Lab For Everett Middle School Parents

A new computer lab created to help parents of Everett Middle School students become tech-savvy was unveiled on Monday. Equipped with five desktop computers, high speed internet access, the lab will offer workshops and classes. The lab is funded by Facebook and the League of United Latin America Citizens, a national group that works to empower Latinos socially, economically, and technologically. The group...
Chelsi Truency SPANISH

El Absentismo Escolar Estudiantil Disminuye en Escuelas del Distrito de la Misión

En promedio, los niños en el Distrito de la Misión faltan a clase constantemente o llegan tarde a la escuela más frecuentemente que otros alumnos en todo el distrito escolar. Asimismo, las escuelas en la Misión han estado dando pasos agigantados para cambiar eso. Hace poco, los funcionarios del Distrito Escolar Unificado de San Francisco elogiaron la significativa disminución en...