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Months After Police Shooting, Community Members Press for Justice

Family and advocates seeking criminal penalties for the officers who shot Luis Gongora Pat – a 45-year-old homeless man living in the Mission District – gathered at the site of his shooting Wednesday morning to mark the five-month anniversary of his death. “I miss him very much, and I wish that he was still here,” said John Visor, a homeless...

Hog & Rocks Cook Shot and Critically Wounded

A 22-year-old cook at the restaurant Hog & Rocks was shot and critically wounded at 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday as he smoked a cigarette on San Carlos, just around the corner from the restaurant, witnesses said. Police say that it looks like a case of mistaken identity, and they are still searching for two male suspects, approximately 25 years old....

Michael Arcega, Competitor for Art on Valencia

Video profile: Michael Arcega BY STEFANIA ROUSSELLE

Three Artists Chosen to Vie for Valencia Streetscape Project

The experts offer insights, the second round gets interesting and the community will meet the finalists in less than a month. By STEFANIA ROUSSELLE