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It’s a big day: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have eased some restrictions on outdoor mask-wearing. I went out this morning to take the temperature of the city and get some residents’ response to this development, and the reaction was cautious optimism sprinkled with relief. 

Marta Jacinto, a Guatemalan woman who sells DELICIOUS Guatemalan-style chicken tamales on 22nd and Mission street in the mornings said she will continue to use her mask despite the announcement. (Her tamales are seriously some of the best I have tried. They are super fresh with mole, moist chicken, and red and green peppers, all wrapped in a banana leaf and served with a small container of actually spicey pico de gallo (all for $3). Cash only.)

Luis Lopez, who sells fruit, corn, potatoes, and chips across from Jacinto said he will also “continue using his mask out of respect.” 

Yesterday I interviewed our Executive Editor and founder Lydia Chavez on our Instagram about Mission Local’s role during the pandemic. Check out our conversation here

— Clara-Sophia Daly

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