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Vacinnes/vacunas, vaccines – it has a certain ring. Let everyone know that walk-up appointments are available in the Mission District – seven days a week. Here is where we keep and update that information.

A pandemic memory from Anna Matz who moved in the middle of the pandemic to Germany. She sends this photograph from last year, which tells it all.

Photo by Anna Matz

Nowadays, she writes, “the politicians are talking but not doing a lot. So I think you’re way more organized than we are here.”

Well, that’s good to hear. And kind of amazing that BioNTech, which developed the vaccine being distributed by Pfizer, is based in Germany.

There’s a wonderful backstory of a woman – Katalin Karikó, a Hungarian scientist who was at the University of Pennsylvania – and how her unrelenting belief in mRNA’s applications gets us to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

Women who won’t give up. It’s a great story. She’s now a senior VP at BioNTech.

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Feds charge former Recology VP with bribery in Mohammed Nuru case

The acting United States Attorney for Northern District of California today charged former Recology vice president John Porter with bribing ousted Public Works boss Mohammed Nuru. More on the ongoing city scandal.

FBI arrests daycare employee for taking videos of naked girls at the Women’s Building

This story contains references to child abuse and exploitation that may be troubling to some.

CCSF layoffs may cut English as Second Language in half, inciting virtual rally

As City College San Francisco threatens to lay off nearly 200 full-time faculty by mid-May.

Hundreds march through the Mission in protest of police killings of Daunte Wright and Roger Allen

Around 200 demonstrators gathered at Mission High School on Thursday evening and marched to Mission. A key moment came at Mission Station when Talika Fletcher, the 30-year-old younger sister of Allen, the man shot by an unidentified Daly City Police officer last Wednesday, addressed the crowd — including the cops. “My brother is in the morgue right now,” she said through a bullhorn, her body pressed against metal barricades set up at the police station. 

Developments in Development: A grand opening for the Mission’s largest fully affordable project of the year

Approximately 50 families have already moved in, and Sam Moss expects the building to be fully occupied by the summer. 

Covid Tracker: 35,653 cases, 517 deaths

Cases are surging around the world and parts of the U.S. But not in San Francisco.

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