Mission Greenway member Elizabeth Creely punches Monkeybrains co-founder Rudy Rucker on May 24. Two members of Mission Greenway have been blurred. Images from the Monkeybrains warehouse security camera.

Last night, the fraught situation at Parcel 36 escalated into a physical altercation between Mission Greenway member Elizabeth Creely and Monkeybrains co-founder Rudy Rucker.

After an hours-long argument between a group of guerilla gardeners and the owners of a nearby warehouse, who have competing visions for the hotly contested former rail spur, Creely took out her phone to record Rucker. At around 8:29 p.m., Rucker knocked the phone from her hand. Creely responded by punching him in the face.

In a video of the incident, Creely’s husband, Jay Martin, can be heard repeatedly shouting, “Nobody touches anybody!” immediately after the punch. Creely can be heard saying, “I will fuck you up.”

“I hit him in the face, and that was absolutely my right to do,” said Creely. “Knocking my cell phone out of my hand is physical assault. This is not the moment when physically aggressive actions by men toward women will be tolerated.” She emphasized that Rucker is a larger man, and said she felt threatened.

Rucker said that a minute before he knocked the phone out of Creely’s hands, Creely had knocked a packet of Cheetos out of his hands. Rucker said that he felt “concerned for [his] safety” because he was outnumbered by four Mission Greenway members. Creely said that Rucker had approached their group aggressively.

Alex Menendez, Monkeybrains’ other co-founder, said in a statement that they are “working with SFPD on the matter,” but did not confirm if they wanted charges to be filed.

Video from Elizabeth Creely. Part of the video has been blurred to obscure another member of Mission Greenway.

Latest in long line of disputes

This incident was the most recent in a series of disputes between the guerilla gardening group Mission Greenway and businesses that abut the much-contested Parcel 36. The parcel is a diagonal strip of land between 22nd and 23rd streets, and Treat Avenue and Harrison Street. It is claimed by several local groups, none of which have legal ownership.

Mission Greenway cut the locks on the fenced-off parcel back in October, 2022, saying that the land should be a public green space rather than private parking. They have since added multiple planters filled with vegetables and flowers to the southwest corner of the lot.

The Mission Kids preschool and Monkeybrains, a local internet service provider that purchased an adjoined warehouse in February, have had a fractious relationship with Mission Greenway since their arrival. The businesses have said that they do not want a group unaffiliated with the city making decisions about the parcel’s use, and have safety concerns about the lot being open to people they do not know.

Map by Will Jarrett. Basemap from Mapbox.

The argument that led to the altercation last night began hours earlier. Individuals from Monkeybrains had, that day, constructed a long, thin box using steel and wood on the contested land to one side of their warehouse.

Martin called the construction a “provocation.” He confronted Menendez, and said there should be “no more concrete” poured on the parcel.

In a text message, Menendez identified yesterday’s new construction as a 10-inch planter box.

“We are starting our landscaping as we await our permit for interior work that is taking longer than it should, partially due to Elizabeth Creely going to [the Department of Building Inspection] and trying to block us,” wrote Rucker over text. “The current landscaping project on our easement does not require a permit.”

Over the past few months, members of Mission Greenway have appealed several instances of Monkeybrains’ construction efforts. Most appeals have been denied by the Department of Building Inspection, although one — for a new fence on the parcel’s northeast corner — was upheld last month, on the grounds that Monkeybrains does not own the land. In other instances, Monkeybrains was required to secure additional permits.

A low planter box.
The slim new construction that sparked the violent altercation. Photo from Lara Hanna.

Martin said that after a tense back-and-forth with Menendez, he and fellow Mission Greenway member Lara Hanna began using electric screwdrivers to dismantle Monkeybrains’ box. Rucker confronted the pair over destroying their newly built box shortly before 8:30 p.m. Creely said that Rucker intended to “physically intimidate” Martin.

She then started filming Rucker, Rucker swatted her phone away, and she punched him in the eye.

After the punch, Martin went back to deconstructing the box. At the same time, Rucker began screwing the box back together. Angry words flew in all directions.

Around 9 p.m., Creely called the police.

“I called them because I thought, ‘This isn’t ending,’” she said.

Witnesses said that the police were “very interested in getting everyone to go home and be calm.” The officers gave everyone still on the parcel details for Community Boards, a conflict-resolution nonprofit. Martin said that he has requested mediation from the group.

Third police incident, first punch

This was not the first time police have been called to the parcel. In April, the Mission Kids preschool called officers after a confrontation with another member of Mission Greenway. They called officers a second time two days later, when Greenway members were standing near the preschool fence. There were no on-record allegations of physical violence in either instance, and no arrests were made.

Santiago Lerma, a legislative aide for Supervisor Hilary Ronen, said that both the gardeners and Monkeybrains contacted him after Wednesday’s incident. As the police were already involved by that point, Lerma said, their office did not need to immediately intervene.

People on all sides of this dispute have been requesting some kind of formal involvement from the city for months. According to Lerma, it is possible that a long-term resolution may be inching closer.

Following a plea from the Board of Appeals last month, Ronen’s office reached out to the City Attorney to establish concrete answers concerning use of the land. Lerma said that six attorneys spanning multiple departments — including the Real Estate Division, the Department of Building Inspection, and the Board of Supervisors — had been looped in.

“We are very concerned about further escalation,” said Lerma. “We hoped that both parties could come together to find agreement over shared use of the land.”

“Once we have the report from the City Attorney, we hope that folks will accept the findings and move on in a peaceful way.”

It is unclear when the report will be released. And Lerma added that questions could remain, even after legal facts are established: “The definitive answer may be that there is no definitive answer.”

Disclosure: Mission Local and Monkeybrains have a barter arrangement exchanging advertising for service. Elizabeth Creely is a former contributor to Mission Local.

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  1. Great reportage on this and other aspects of this story. I missed the part why this parcel isn’t filled with tents and RVs.
    Nevertheless kudos to everyone standing against hulking men!

  2. Monkey Brain co-founder (Rudy Rucker) and Mission Greenway member (Elizabeth Creely) are equally stupid and irresponsible. If I were Supervisor Hilary Ronen, I will simply close this area and transform it in a dog park and kid park with a special monument dedicated to the Ohlone, the true owner of this land. Those old people don’t deserve any of those parcels. Let the youth take over and decide what they want to do with this land.

  3. Unfortunately this piece has the turn of events wrong. Rudy stormed out of the warehouse and as soon as he saw a volunteer film, he charged at them aggressively and there seems to be a scuffle. Of course monkeybrains isnt sharing their footage of this to the media, but the footage is posted. Infamous chips still in hand

  4. Dear mission greenway aggressors, last night your leader Liz Creely deleted her linked-in profile. This is clearly the move of someone that feels she was in the right. Ha! But I do understand why as I saw a more complete video of the incident on NBC Bayarea and it seems like Creely was more threatening than threatened. What a mess. Only in SF I guess.

  5. *Re-ceed* the land back to the Ohlone

    How quick the descent from minor local fame to local infamy. Creely’s original piece on parcel 36 was an excellent example of investigative reporting that revealed something almost mystical in the city – an unclaimed slash of land.

    What a shame that the author has put down her pen in favor of throwing punches – good ones by all appearances.

    Parcel 36 should be returned to the Ramaytush Ohlone.

    1. She threw a punch to back off a large hulking man (she’s much smaller than he) who proved himself very willing to use his larger size and anger against her. It seems reasonable that he might not have stopped with hitting her phone given the the nature of the interaction. She had every right to set him back on his heels. There is other video which really shows what she was up against. Monkeybrains seems an apt DBA, as it seems the president behaves like a primate when the chips aren’t falling in his direction. The Monkeybrain’s contention that there is an easement also flies in the face of logic – nothing is recorded! They are unable to produce any provenance of an easement or it would have settled the matter.

      1. By the time one reaches middle age, the notion that the entire world revolves around you and your needs, and that not getting every need met by others unconditionally upon demand is oppression worthy of playing whatever victim card is handy should have long since been outgrown.

        Socialization means give and take with other human beings with their own legitimate distinct interests. This is not All One Big Plot To Get You.

  6. Couple of things to keep in mind here – first, this guy is huge and this woman is tiny and older (pushing 60). Second he smacked her cell phone out of her hand first and had been drinking beers. If she had been accosted on the street in this manner, she’d be cheered for fighting back. But most importantly, this is a land grab and Monkeybrains are literally muscling their way onto a property worth millions of dollars and they are willing to intimidate their neighbors and rough them up to get their way.

  7. When two-year-olds snatch a toy back and forth and shriek and drum their heels, both proclaiming “It’s MINE!!!!” the responsible adults remove the toy, ask the kids to take a pause (“show me your paws!” which releases the toy) and have them talk it out later when the adrenaline and cortisol subsides from their human brains. More than half the time, they come to a fair solution “How about if Luisa takes the toy first and then Ahmed gets to play with it after that?”or “How about if I get it first and Ahmed gets to have snack?” And everyone agrees?!?!?!!!

    Please let me just suggest the land is restored to its original Ohlone inhabitants. It would be such a great precedent: if you can’t reach agreement you’ve forfeited your chance to use this land!

    Mainly, It was never your land to begin with!!

  8. I live in Indiana. Somehow came across this article. The article and comments are pure gold! Like free-range herders people just cut a fence and claim land? And then go all anti-Cheeto vs. phone slap vs. actual assault! All over a long planter box? How inept the local government is. Seriously, I side with those who live and work around the property – they are vested in overseeing safe use – parking or green. This is like a Seinfeld episode.

    1. Seinfeld, or maybe Curb Your Enthusiasm? The disclosure above says that the puncher is a former Mission Local contributor. But the puncher’s bio still characterizes her as a “contributing writer to Mission Local.” So which is it? Until this current piece, most of Mission Local’s coverage of this issue linked heavily to her reporting. And quoted her extensively. The neighborhood deserves clarity.

  9. Does it strike anyone as peculiar that a prominent male tech company founder would deliberately start a confrontation by forcefully knocking the phone out of the hands of a petite, gray-haired woman simply because he wanted to avoid being recorded, all the while capturing the entire incident on his personal surveillance cameras?

  10. So this guy who yells like a child and this woman who harasses and constantly films people are looking out for the neighborhood’s best interest? So imagine if you happened to not agree with their agenda, does that make you fair game for harassment and physical attacks? Their sad and pathetic tactics of skewing the story to become the righteous victims are getting old fast. This video should be evidence of their disgusting behavior.
    Good job Rudy for taking that punch and standing your ground. Don’t let these supposed gardeners intimidate you. The funny thing about them is they come over and destroy things on this lot yet cry wolf when someone moves a badly made planter box that they put in the way to be no more than a nuisance. Pay attention to your so called ”garden” on the edge of the lot and stop with your childish games.

  11. I would like to know if my wife’s grandmother’s piano is still in the Heinzer (RIP) building. My wife and her mother ran a company in a small office upstair and we weren’t able to get it out of the building. I can still smell that freight elevator…….Did the Trackman’s cottage get torn down? Sad to lose SF rail history, if so.

    1. I don’t think the piano is still there. The real estate agent removed a lot of stuff before we moved in. If you want to come by and take a look or just to visit, please contact Monkeybrains and ask for Alex Menendez. Happy to meet a previous occupant of the building!

  12. Mission Greenway = a bunch of entitled, wanna-be phonies. For them to go heads up with Mission Kids tells how “community” orientated they are. Local folks, if you haven’t already, speak to them, and you’ll realize this is another gentrification play.

  13. At the end of the day this really shows a lot about the disfunction of the City government. If the City Attorney doesn’t have the expertise to figure out who owns a parcel of land in the city after so many years of dispute they should hire a law firm with the expertise to do so and take whatever steps result from the determination.

  14. If you’ve been waiting to cancel Monkeybrains, this is your cue. Seriously. I switched to Sonic fiber. They’re local and inexpensive, faster, more reliable, and vastly more professional.

    Think about it: this tech multimillionaire, Rudy, has already been rebuked at least twice by the City for illegal construction. And now he’s escalating to violence, hitting a woman who’s at least a foot shorter than he is, just for documenting what he’s doing. Whatever you think about the community garden, whether you support it or not — Do you trust this company to be inside your home? I don’t.

    1. -My home Sonic fiber service = $96/month
      -My office’s small business Monkeybrains service = $35/month.

      Speeds and service have been consistently better from Monkeybrains, even though the Monkeybrains service is not fiber.

      Sonic rents all of its infrastructure from AT&T. They are local, but unfortunately they are completely reliant on AT&T for all service calls. My Internet service was out for four days because Sonic couldn’t get an AT&T technician here any sooner.

      Support whatever company you like for whatever moral reasons you think are best. But to state that Monkeybrains, as a business, is more expensive or less professional than Sonic is just disingenous.

      1. just a quick correction as a sonic fan/customer; they don’t only have at&t fiber, they have their own runs in a lot of places, and are very easy to deal with then. the at&t stuff is the worst, though, agreed.

  15. Nobody has the right to punch another person in the face. That is a criminal act and Creeley began the altercation by smacking Cheetos out of Rucker’s hand. In the photo she is standing with three other people who are surrounding him like a gang because that is what they have become. These “gardeners” are out of control and seem to be unaware and uninterested in the fact that the businesses they are harassing are actually people that are cool and open to new ideas and making good neighborhoods. SF Parks and Rec should be the ones that are involved if ever this becomes a park or partial park because the mission greenway group has repeatedly demonstrated that they are only in the business of bullying and inflating their personal egos and not actually interested in working towards a good future. And now they have demonstrated they are violent by physically attacking their neighbor. They deserve no support.

    1. Is it normal for owners of multi-million-dollar businesses employing 60 people to get in fights where they hit women?

      If Monkeybrains paid to buy or rent legitimate parking spaces in the Mission, like every other hardworking business owner that needs parking does, then Rudy would not need to bully women and destroy a community garden. It’s that simple. Monkeybrains can’t be trusted, and doesn’t deserve your patronage when better ISPs exist that serve the Mission (including locally-owned Sonic, but even the corporate behemoths AT&T and Comcast are at least not going around committing battery).

      1. How many times do you all need to be told that certain working class trades such as internet receiver installation and maintenance require motor vehicles? Each parking space represents at least one working class job. The car/parking shaming at play here is poorly disguised classism typical of relatively well heeled colonizers in a gentrifying working class community.

        Monkeybrains provides a service that San Franciscans like. Rudy is not the first local to make a buck slinging IP.

        Urbanists, on the other entitled professional class hand, magnify the threats to scare people into actions that have not budged the needle on street safety for all of the concrete, canceling and banning anyone who points out the yawning chasm between theory and practice.

        I’m siding with working class jobs and future affordable housing over urbanist colonists’ efforts at enclosure.

        1. This analysis is spot-on. Plenty of bike-tankie urbanists take ubers and order food with Doordash while bragging on their comments-disabled medium blog posts about how they totally biked to a colonized greenspace and assaulted a preschool teacher with their bike. I see plenty of Monkeybrains EVs in the field, daily. This entitled urbanist gentrification, wrapping itself in the cloak of a community that it’s attacking, is super concerning. I hope someone has infiltrated the greenway group and is recording them saying all those messed up stuff about the Latinx community members who are supporting Monkeybrains. Tune in for the next episode!

          1. Don’t get me wrong, I bike and I garden, both are integral to my being. But this holier than thou, shit don’t stink savior complex advances neither.

            What is it with single issue zealot activists investing so much of their identities into their advocacy that their only setting is “high and mighty?”

            It happens with EVERY issue. I’m told that it is the most dangerous time to be gay, to bicycle in SF and to be a Jew. Truth be told, there have never been better times to be or do all three.

            What we’re seeing with the greenway people we’ve seen with the predominantly heterosexual nonbinaries in LGBT: entitled mostly white people awash in a politics where victimhood is the ultimate currency desperately redefining themselves as oppressed victims to gain standing.

            But their claimed victimhood stands absent oppression, neat parlor trick, people see through the self serving facade.

        2. Marc, you have a reading comprehension issue.

          As I wrote: “If Monkeybrains paid to buy or rent legitimate parking spaces in the Mission, like every other hardworking business owner that needs parking does, then Rudy would not need to bully women and destroy a community garden.”

          It’s fine for them to use vehicles to get equipment to sites. They should, however, pay for that parking, like a legitimate business, instead of stealing it.

          1. If the urbanists paid to buy or rent legitimate gardening spaces in the Mission, like every other dedicated gardener that needs to garden does, then the urbanists would still find something to bitch about.

            In this case, good green working class jobs in the Mission are an endangered species that the invasive species of city hating urbanist has no qualms about extincting out of the picture.

      2. Being a successful business doesn’t make you an automatic enemy of anyone. And no employee of Monkeybrains hit any woman—in fact it was the woman who hit the businessman. Or are you so blinded by your adolescant rightousness that you didn’t feel you needed to read the article to know what went down?

      3. Scott your allegations are twisted but that’s what the “gardener” group does, they intimidate and twist. They show up and physically threaten the businesses, shout insults, vandalize property, and now physically attacking. And there is an established history of this group doing this as you can read in comments under the other articles on this topic from past tenants of the same building; those tenants were also harassed by the “gardeners”. A big signal that this group is questionable is that you cannot find any of their names on their website or social media, but they’re happy to post other people’s faces. They are bullies but you know what bullies ultimately are? They’re cowards and that’s why they hide behind anonymity, vandalism, violence, and internet smearing. There are better pathways forward for this parcel with actual experienced professionals like SF Parks and Rec.

      4. Wow, the whole thing is on video and yet you have no issue literally lying and saying that it was Rudy who committed assault?

        Rudy was assaulted and now you are trying to cancel their business. You could not be any more wrong about this.

    2. Totally agree. The photos clearly demonstrate her decidedly hostile intent

    3. Someone needs to call in a skilled independent Mediator to sit together with both parties. It would help to have some meditation/deep breathing exercises together. Both groups are “trying to do good”, and they’ll have to find common ground.

  16. I was down for Mission Greenway’s vision, but all this petty bs with Monkeybrains and Mission Kids… idk if I trust them anymore. If they want to turn this parcel into a public park, shouldn’t they be working with city government rather than throwing punches over planter boxes? Weird.

    1. Agreed. We live nearby and have been cornered by them inside our apartment building to sign a petition. When I asked for more information or if they were involved with other Mission organizations they got defensive. We still don’t know how they got into our building, it felt invasive.

  17. A bunch of white “liberals” literally fighting over something none of them own seems so uniquely San Francisco! The irony is not lost!

    1. The Greenway are white liberals. Mission Kids serves an extreme diverse community of majority low income families. MonkeyBrains offers cheap and free internet to the community. You have two organizations doing good work and a bunch of privileged white people who feel entitled to jump into the space next to them and cause problems.

  18. Monkeybrains is realy taking liberties with their idea of an easement. Since when does an easement mean you can dig a ditch and fill it with concrete on land you don’t own? I would really think twice before entering a legal contract with these goons.

    1. Well the same could be said about the greenway folks who first erected multiple planter boxes, how are they not “goons” as well?

    2. The sad thruth is much worse and much scarier. They do not have an easement at all. They were told in front of the board of appeals, by 5 attorneys, that they do not have an easment by law because those need to be recorded, i.e. a judge grants you one and you add it to your deed. The fact that Monkeybrains stubbornly keeps claiming legal rights they do not possess, is maffia-like behavior to me and extremely disturbing

      1. “concerned neighbor” your comment sounds very much like the greenways Instagram posts especially with the confusing use of calling people the “mafia” 😁❤️

      2. And so why do the Greenway Folks get to dictate what happens in the lot? They have limited to no legal rights as well.

      3. they are a local business who pay taxes. What does greenway provide other than harassment to the community?

  19. Everyone seems to know who doesn’t own the land, but the story doesn’t say who does. Could we have those details please?

    1. Hello Keith — 

      This may be our 36th story on Parcel 36. But, in a nutshell, there is no clear owner of the land as the former rail company that once had a right-of-way here long ago became defunct.



      1. Yeah, 36 stories and not one yet about how Mission Greenway uses childish taunts and intimidation to bully neighboring properties (in person and online), cut corners, and generally make life really unpleasant for the folks who live and work on the parcel. Do better. The neighborhood deserves balanced coverage.

        1. Sir or madam — 

          Like all too many nameless commenters, your idea of “balanced” seems to be “agrees with me and drags the people I hate.”

          Thanks for reading,


          1. Nameless indeed. But only because I live very close to the parcel. And I’ve watched Mission Greenway aggressively bully and vilify everyone with an alternate view for years. I don’t need that any closer to my front doorstep. Balanced is simply reporting on the range of perspectives and experiences. Including those of the folks too busy working hard and raising families to be worried about what shameless things Mission Greenway can get away with. Do better.

          2. Not that you’d care, but the zealots on both sides of this issue give us grief for a lack of “balance.”

            My point about this definition of “balance” stands.


        2. You are remarkably invested in this topic. I suspect the real reason is you fear losing your free private parking.

          For full disclosure, I was intimidated in this parcel by someone using it for free private parking, many years before this issue blew up.

        3. @Neighbor, from the peanut gallery. Re: “balanced”. Mission Greenway have nothing to lose other than the time they spend chewing their bone. That’s how they are in a position to say and do whatever they feel like. Petulant punks or saviors of the planet? Should they glue their hands to their gardening soil while consuming Ritual on IV? And is it for ML to take a side in light of the disproportional vesting of the sparring parties? Personally, I don’t think so, everyone can figure things out by reading the posts as posted.

        1. It could. The City could downzone it to decrease the value. That would be the best way to figure out who claimed ownership, as they’d have standing to sue to prevent the economic taking.

          Then, after the City lowered the value, it could create an eminent domain plan to acquire the parcel, place the value into an escrow account, and proceed with eminent domain to build some sorely needed affordable housing on the site.

          This approach carries some risk, is not a slam dunk, but would come closer to resolving this faster.

  20. All this happened after hours of posts and slander tactics coming from the Greenway garden group, check the IG stories. Calling someone the mafia and disgusting isn’t a tactic on trying to build community.

    Elizabeth Creely and Lara Hanna seem to have started this last night over a small garden platform and it seems to be hypocritical when they have garden boxes all over the property. They are not owners of any buildings there, and continually verbally assault people accessing their own businesses and/or property.

    The Greenway is trying to destroy people’s lives over a piece of cement while they create a private garden for their friends. This story is sad, and shows how someone’s passion can fuel destroying other’s livelihood.

    1. >private garden for their friends

      Who wants this parcel locked up? Those who want it for their own free private parking. Who wants it accessible to the public? The gardeners. Who just slandered the gardeners? You.

  21. Mission Greenway destroys others’ gardening efforts. Then punches the people putting it back together again. That says it all. They’re entitled and violent. Can’t say I’m surprised. As I’ve pointed out before, their tactics and methods are gross. And dangerous.

  22. If it’s true Rucker was gardening, isn’t that a good thing? Did Martin think it was for some purpose other than gardening?

    Hitting phones and punching would seem to be beneath the dignity of Rucker and Creely. That’s disappointing. Rucker, how does hitting a phone help you if you’re feeling threatened? Creely, if you had not punched him back, you’d have gotten a big boost in terms of public sympathy.

    Ronen’s office makes a few noises but doesn’t appear on track to solving anything, as usual.

    1. She started it by punching food out of his hands, then Rudy reciprocates and then she assaults him. At least get it right.

  23. The Mission Greenway is driven by their belief that they are “heroes” and “do-gooders,” leading them to believe they can resort to physical violence or cyber-bullying on Instagram. However, it’s important to recognize that their actions amount to bullying, despite their “good intentions.” Having a noble cause does not automatically make someone a good person, and their actions have clearly demonstrated this. Regardless of the circumstances, it is NEVER ok to physically hurt others.

  24. He went hands first. Took his chances and got blasted. Creely can throw a punch and her “I will fuck you up” was convincing.

    Creely: -2 pts for calling cops. 8/10

    Rucker: immediately disqualified for going hands against a woman. 0/10

    1. if you’re going to accuse him of going “hands first” check your facts: “Rucker said that a minute before he knocked the phone out of Creely’s hands, Creely had knocked a packet of Cheetos out of his hands.” So by your logic, Creely “took her chances and got blasted.”

      1. “Facts” are reported as facts. Hearsay is reported as hearsay.

        If she smacked Chester’s Cheetos, then she took her chances, yes. But those screenshot pics of Chester getting blasted are from the top of the Heinzer building. I’m not holding my breath for Chester providing ML the video in full to substantiate his claim.

        1. yeah, its in one of the videos. She started it, she’s a thug and should have spent a night in jail for battery.

    2. The article actually said Creely was the one to go “hands first” by smacking Rucker’s chips out of his hands so did she “take her chances and got blasted”?

      1. I do run a double standard when it comes to to fighting and sex of opponent. Hope that is direct enough as I’m out on this one.

    3. If you read this, she knocked a bag of cheetos out of his hands first.

      Rip to those cheetos😔

    4. You can see how frightened Creely is by the way she and her husband have Rucker pinned against the planter box. Terrifying.

  25. Monkeybrains bought the Heinzer warehouse under the (willfully?) mistaken impression that it included the plot of land called Parcel 36. It doesn’t. They should stay the f* out until the City gets around to claiming it via eminent domain, which is the only way this ends.

    Shame on you Rudy. You’re ruining your good reputation and the reputation of your company.

  26. She was sooo frightened that she stayed on the grounds and continued to disassemble property without permission with her very big, very angry husband ( at least the same size as Rucker). Though it doesn’t seem she needs the protection of her huge spouse because it looks like she knows how to throw a punch. I like how she waited hours after she felt “threatened” and only called the police regarding the matter after I threatened to call them. When she did she met them with her frail white lady tears. Completely negating the fact that she was shoving her phone into Ruckers face. The second incident of violence perpetrated by Mission Greenway on that lot.

    1. Something not mentioned in the article is that prior to the phone swat Crealy had slapped a bag of chips out of Rudy’s hand, then picked it back up and dumped the chips in the dirt. Their behavior is completely bonkers.

      1. There’s a video where creely is taping and Rucker with Cheetos is coming after creely to stop her very angrily so this claim seems bogus .