Chezchez. Photo by Lydia Chávez. Taken Feb. 6,2023.

Closure: Chezchez

The space at 584 Valencia St. has not had a winner since 2002, when Charles Phan’s Slanted Door thrived in the location, until neighbors objected to an expansion. Instead of fighting, Phan moved downtown, and the space has yet to find a restaurant able to attract the same following. Even Phan failed there when he returned in 2011 with the Wo Hing General Store. A year and a half later, it closed.

Could it be that the spot is simply cursed, the food gods angry that the neighborhood let the Slanted Door go? For now, it is the site of another closing. 

Known for its bloody Marys that came with side shots, the once-popular bar Chezchez has permanently closed its location at 584 Valencia St,. according to Eater SF. Emphasizing accessibility with its drink menu, Chezchez offered innovative twists on familiar classics, in addition to small plates and their signature tinned fish, served innovatively, or controversially, directly in the can.

Opening in August, 2021, Chezchez filled the space vacated by Bon Voyage, a worldwide traveling-themed bar launched by the same team, BV Hospitality (The elephants above the front door never got taken down). Trick Dog, their other cocktail-forward bar on 20th Street, just celebrated its 10th birthday.

Who will try next? Maybe it is time for the Slanted Door, now closed at the Ferry Building, to return home to its rightful spot. 

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Closure: Earthbar

Earthbar just closed its Valencia Street location. A sign posted on the facade of the juice bar, which also served smoothies and snacks, reads, “Thank you for supporting Earthbar in this space. While we have made the decision to close this location, we look forward to serving you at other locations throughout the city.”

Earthbar is a chain, with outlets throughout the Bay Area, Southern California and Chicago. Five other Earthbar locations remain in San Francisco, the closest of which is at 1560 Mission St.

El Mil Amores. Photo by Yujie Zhou. Taken Feb. 6, 2023.

Opening: El Mil Amores

Two years ago, when the pandemic hit, Andre Becerra began selling lunches around San Francisco, and word quickly spread. “It’s very spicy,” said Becerra, a 31-year-old born and raised in Mexico City who now resides near Geneva Avenue and Mission Street. 

Her first permanent location, El Mil Amores, will be on the corner of 21st and Florida streets, at the location where Doña Tere used to cook for the Mission. Becerra hopes to launch in the beginning of March, after sorting out all the permitting hassles and fixing the mess left by the recent rains.

Berecca plans a diverse menu, but will also make it approachable. “I’m trying to tone it down a little bit, because I have to get all people to like it. I can do like, half spicy, half mild and then the rest not spicy,” she said.

Opening: Al Carajo!

Last year, the popular Al Carajo! finally opened a brick and mortar location at 3224-1/2 22nd Street. With an expansive menu, including poc chuc burritos, cochinita pibil tacos (on homemade tortillas), and even a birria pizza, Al Carajo! is the perfect chance for chef Javier Leon to “explore his Mayan roots and double down on more of the traditional flavors from the Yucatan,” according to Mission Local food critic Maria C. Ascarrunz.

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  1. Thank you for the reporting. I am looking forward to Mil Amores opening. Cant wait. Walking distance from my house.

    I will bring fentanyl along, so not to disapoint Rocky415. Rocky415 – Fentanyl is my imaginary dog’s name 😂

  2. “neighbors” sitting out front smoking fent create an unwelcoming environment. Mission Local blocked this prior comment yet your picture highlights the issue.

    1. Rocky — 

      Your comment wasn’t “blocked,” but rather these comments are monitored in real-time. Nobody is waiting at the keyboard for you to form your thoughts.

      With that said, I’m only printing this to tell you that comments like this won’t be published in the future because the people in this shot aren’t smoking fentanyl. If you want to malign random folks, you can do that on your own time.



      1. Joe wake up. It’s the truth. You obviously haven’t been supporting this business or you would know what this stretch is like at night. Sucks for the workers who are now out of a job.

        1. Rocky — 

          There’s a difference between noting that fentanyl use is common in an area and describing the actual individuals in a photo as using fentanyl. Seems like a pretty easy point for someone to grasp.

          Like I said, defame random people on your own time. Adieu.


  3. Tough to open and/or maintain a restaurant in this environment. Inflation, labor, and rent costs are high and rising.

  4. On a positive note Al Carajo! Has dynamite chilequiles. El mil amores has the neighborhood excited. Great location.