PG&E power outage map of San Francisco Feb. 21, 2023
PG&E San Francisco power outage map Feb. 21, 2023

Power went out all over the Mission, Bernal, Excelsior and Merced areas of San Francisco Tuesday at 1 p.m. today. Pacific Gas & Electric said it could take up to four hours to get electricity back. Due to high winds forecasted through Wednesday, the city may see a number of outages and emergency situations.

All was well by 2:15 p.m. but, by then, some businesses had already closed for the day. 

Workers and customers poured out of businesses and into the streets, where traffic lights were dark and only a few cars obeyed the four-way-stop rule.

“If there’s no power, we can’t work. It’s as simple as that,” said Lisa, a manager of Cafe La Taza on Mission Street between 21st and 22nd streets. They were closing the register and shutting their doors.

“We gotta go home,” said Wais from Old Mission Barbershop Mission Street, next door to La Taza. “We just gave away a free haircut.” 

They left one customer with his hair half-done and a promise to make it up tomorrow. Without good lighting or electricity for clippers, they couldn’t do the job.

Premiere Eyecare, a medical office at Los Portales on Mission. Photo by Griffin Jones, Feb. 21, 2023

Los Portales, a medical center on Mission, had to turn away dozens of patients out of the hundreds they see every day.

“This is very dangerous for elderly people and people in wheelchairs,” said Ruth Ortiz, a worker at Los Portales. “With our elevators broken, advocates are having to carry people in their chairs down these concrete stairs,” where risk of injury is high.

A family of four climbed down the stairs, the mother carrying a bulky stroller and bags. A man in a wheelchair “shimmied” his way down two flights of stairs. 

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  1. The power was out at my place for about an hour. Surprised to hear places shut for the day. And come on PGE, we get wind and a good chunk of the city loses power? GMAB

  2. that’s me in the spotlight that’s me with the power outage… yet… again…. anyway all was NOT well by 2:15 here at 26th and Bryant it took til like 4:30 to get ours back up

  3. First oakland, San Leandro, Alameda, Berkeley, then SF? Just how many cities lost electric power in the last couple of days? Let’s make sure our entire state becomes all electric. Cause this must be fun for certain politicians and stakeholders.