Photos of person of interest from SFPD
Three separate photos released by the SFPD of a "person of interest."

UPDATED June 30, 2022:

Ingleside resident Javon Green, 26, was arrested last week by the SFPD after allegedly shooting two men and killing one on a Muni train. But, according to surveillance video footage later obtained by the Chronicle, Green may have acted in self defense.

After a Bay Area-wide manhunt, the San Francisco Police Department Homicide Detail found probable cause to search and arrest Green on Thursday, June 23, in the East Bay city of Pittsburg.

Green was originally booked on charges of homicide, carrying a concealed firearm, and using a firearm in commission of a felony. But stills from the surveillance video on the Muni subway show shooting victim Nesta Bowen, 27, apparently attack Green with a knife before being shot dead.

Police did not indicate during the search for Green that he may have acted in self defense when he shot Bowen.

Green now faces lesser felony charges: Carrying a concealed firearm and carrying a loaded gun in public, according to his defense attorney, Randy Knox. He will appear in court on Friday, July 1.

On Wednesday, June 22, Green and Bowen are reported to have been in a verbal argument before 10 a.m. at the Forest Hill Muni station, according to District 7 Supervisor Myrna Melgar. Around the time the train was leaving the station toward the Castro, gunshots were heard and Bowen was killed. A 70-year-old bystander was hit in the knee.

Mission Local has reached out to the District Attorney’s office for comment. This story will be updated if they respond.

The SFPD could not confirm whether the photos of a “person of interest” released late Wednesday evening were of Green, citing their mugshot photo policy. A department spokesperson said the photo assisted in identifying Green as a suspect.

The day of the shooting, police reported officers arrived at Forest Hill station in response to reports of a shooting, but said that by the time they arrived at Castro station, Green had purportedly already fled.

A version of this story was first published on June 24.

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  1. What about the poor person shot in the knee? At age 70, that’s no joke. I don’t see any charges related to that.

    1. There’s no intention for shooting the 70’s knee. Someone who acted without mental fault is not liable in criminal law. So no charge could be made.

  2. This case seems to be a self defense case. The dead man pulled a knife on the above pictured man.

  3. I’m so outraged. Another Black man is dead. Here in SF. 2022! When will we wake up. We need to protect Black men. Every person who kills a Black man or woman should be sentenced to prison for like. No key ! I’m crying about this.

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more Marcus.
    There are too many guns around.
    With no gun in the picture this simply would not have happened.

    1. I mean without a gun it would not have happened that way, he could have been stabbed to death instead.

  5. What the hail was this guy thinking? Now he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison. Over an *argument*?!? And the other guy is dead so that makes two families destroyed. Over an argument. Not. Worth it. If he hadn’t been able to get his hands on a firearm then these two men would still be living their lives free & easy and two families wouldn’t have been shattered.

    1. Marcus, if the story is true, and the dead man pulled a knife, he could have killed the shooter. a knife is a deadly weapon if you didn’t know. I would rather have a felony conviction for concealed firearm/loaded weapon vs. be dead.

      If you pull a knife on someone, maybe you deserve to be shot?

      The sad part is that both of them appear to have felt so unsafe they had to carry deadly weapons around…