Friends put together an altar for Omar Cureno Rayon, who was stabbed outside of Cava 22. Photo by Eleni Balakrishnan

San Francisco police have identified 31-year-old Nelson Hernandez-Deleon as the suspect in a midnight stabbing of two men outside a bar early on Sept. 18. The incident left one man dead. 

Hernandez-Deleon, a San Francisco resident, was already being held in the county jail, where he had been since Sept. 24 for an alleged domestic violence incident that occurred a week after the stabbing death of Omar Cureno Rayon outside Cava 22. 

Police released a statement Tuesday evening, saying that homicide investigators realized on Monday that their suspect, Hernandez-Deleon, was already in custody. 

Investigators added charges of homicide and assault with a deadly weapon to Hernandez-Deleon’s existing domestic violence charge. Jail records indicate that when he was booked in jail last week, Hernandez-Deleon was on probation, which was terminated. 

On the night of the incident, Cureno, a South San Francisco resident, was attending a mariachi night at the bar at 22nd and Bartlett streets with his girlfriend of four years, Viridiana Robledo, and another couple. Robledo and Cureno’s friend Jorge, who was also stabbed but survived his injuries, spoke with Mission Local about the incident last week. 

The two witnesses couldn’t remember the three assailants’ faces, but did note that the attacker with the large knife had an ankle monitor. 

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It is unconfirmed by police whether Hernandez-Deleon was indeed wearing an ankle monitor the night of the stabbing, or for what reason. A week after the incident, an alleged domestic violence incident landed him in the county jail. 

Police spokesman Officer Robert Rueca confirmed that video footage of the incident was obtained by the Police Department, but declined to state whether Hernandez-Deleon was caught on camera or tracked down through his ankle monitor. 

“We are precluded from providing information on open investigations as well as investigative techniques,” Rueca said in an email. 

The manager of Cava 22, Jorge Galvan, said in Spanish that “100 percent” of the incident was caught on camera but did not share what was seen in the camera footage because of the ongoing investigation. 

During the argument outside Cava 22 that ultimately led to Cureno’s death, the security guard on duty refused to intervene, according to Cureno’s girlfriend. 

Galvan said the security guard who was on duty that night was hired through an outside security agency but did not disclose the security guard’s identity or employer. 

It is currently unclear whether the other two men who were with the assailant have been identified or apprehended. 

This story is developing, and more details may be added as they become available. 

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  1. If accurate, an arrest has been made with sufficient evidence to prosecute. I hope for the victim’s family and Boudin’s career that we see a strong conviction. The Mission needs less of this machismo thug behavior.

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