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A Lyft driver passing through the Mission. (Photo by David Mamaril Horowitz)

Update: The week after this story was published, Uber changed its policy to show drivers the full fare.

Uber contacted Mission Local after the publication of this article, which has been updated to include the company’s explanation for why it tells drivers that riders pay lower fares than they actually do. The update can be read in the latter part of the subsection “Money Unaccounted For.”

On a July weekday afternoon, I booked an Uber to my Visitacion Valley home, a 2.5-mile trip for $17.16. My driver — we’ll call him Ryan — showed me how much he made: $7.54. 

Uber has long claimed that the amount it takes from fares on average, known as a “take rate,” is around 25 percent, yet the driver got just 44 percent of my payment. A cursory Google search can quickly pull up screenshots that show this is nothing new, and many media outlets have collected data shedding insight on the companies’ take rates. 

What’s new is the growing appetite of the rideshare companies. Not satisfied with 25 percent, they now appear to need or want more — frequently half of the fare and, in some cases, nearly three times the publicized take rate, according to the bottom line on 20 recent rides. 

Perhaps the most exhaustive attempt to track rideshare companies’ take rate was in 2019, when the media outlet Jalopnik examined 14,756 fares and concluded that Uber kept 35 percent of the revenue, while Lyft kept 38 percent. (Uber and Lyft disputed these analyses but did not provide data sets to Jalopnik upon request showing otherwise.)

However, as the supply of rideshare drivers has declined and prices have spiked, the split has become unseemly. The driver’s pay is determined by a base amount, trip duration, trip distance and potential surge pricing, along with incentives such as reaching a certain number of rides within a time frame — and is not determined by what customers pay. 

Mission Local decided it was time to again track the companies’ take rates. We booked 20 rides in San Francisco with drivers who shared their pay for our trips. Drivers said demand is indeed back up and prices are higher, but none said they noticed more pay per trip.

The unscientific sampling showed that, of 10 rides, drivers with Uber received an average of 56 percent of what I paid; of 10 with Lyft, drivers received an average of 47 percent of what I paid. Of all 20, drivers took home an average of 52 percent of what I got charged.

Mission Local booked 20 rides and noted down how much drivers got. On average, drivers pocketed 52 percent of what was paid. (Chart by David Mamaril Horowitz)

To calculate how much Uber and Lyft make from that, some fees have to be taken into account. 

For Uber, airports aside, the share is what remains after the city’s tax, or roughly 3.25 percent, generally less than a dollar per ride in San Francisco. 

Lyft doesn’t show drivers a fee breakdown per ride beyond what they make. In an email, the company explained that it replaced drivers’ single-ride breakdown with a weekly snapshot of how much riders pay per week. It does this, wrote Lyft, to highlight aggregate earnings and insights rather than individual ride details, which the rideshare company says can be misleading.

Money Unaccounted For

One of my Uber drivers, P.J., showed me on his phone that he was paid $11.47 for a 6-mile ride. 

He accessed a cost breakdown that showed a driver pay of $11.47, an Uber service commission of 44 cents and the city fee of 59 cents, all adding up to a “customer price” of $12.50.

But wait my Uber application said I paid $15.79, about 26 percent more. Huh? That would have given Uber $3.73 — not the above 44-cent service commission. 

A comparison of my Uber application with driver James Allen’s that shows a discrepancy of how much I paid. We took two trips together, the first shown here and a second described in the article. (Video by David Mamaril Horowitz.)

In five out of five Uber trips where drivers accessed price breakdowns, I paid Uber more than the amount Uber showed drivers that I paid. What I paid was 19.6 percent to 26.3 percent more than what the driver was told by Uber. That would add up to around $3 more per trip.

In five out of five Uber trips where drivers accessed price breakdowns, I paid Uber more than the amount Uber showed drivers that I paid. What I paid was 19.6 percent to 26.3 percent more than what the driver was told by Uber. That would add up to around $3 more per trip. (Chart by David Mamaril Horowitz.)

Eric Dryburgh, field director for the rideshare advocacy organization Rideshare Drivers United, said he’s seen or heard of five or six cases of this. 

But it’s hard to keep track of, as drivers don’t usually ask to see riders’ phones, he noted.

Three drivers who have been with the company for multiple years commented on the missing money, and their response was the same: From their experience, it’s not surprising. Added one driver with more than 15,000 rides, “I’ve always known things aren’t always what they seem to be.”

UPDATE: Following multiple requests for comment and after the publication of this article, Uber contacted Mission Local to explain its fee structure. California riders, a spokesperson said, are charged a marketplace fee and a driver benefits fee that are excluded from the fares Uber shows drivers. 

The driver benefits fee covers the worker benefits under Proposition 22, a measure passed last November that established drivers as independent contractors while granting them certain benefits, said Zahid Arab, a regional public affairs representative for Uber.

This fee needs some context. Uber and Lyft wrote Proposition 22 and were among a group of gig-economy companies that spent $224 million to support the proposition, so the driver benefits fee, along with the marketplace fee, can be viewed as self-imposed and presumably set by the ridesharing companies. 

Asked why drivers’ applications don’t include these fees, Uber said, “drivers see breakdowns that apply to them on the trip.”

Arab, the company spokesperson, added that “Uber’s median take rate has remained the same” — that is, around 25 percent. 

But it becomes increasingly unclear what a “take rate” is. After paying the city tax, all that Uber “takes” from the rider’s payment is within Uber’s control. It can then pay its bills from that “take” and keep what is left in profit. However, since Uber has yet to turn a profit, all of its “take” pays bills — from benefits to administrative salaries.

Arab also linked a Twitter thread from company CEO Dara Khosrowshahi disputing the narrative that drivers weren’t getting a bigger cut as ride costs increased.

But drivers in the 20 rides we took were definitely not getting a bigger cut. Uber was getting that. END UPDATE

A Hefty Service Fee

Back to the companies’ ride takes.

Looking at the past 30 rides on driver James Allen’s Uber application, it would seem that the company took an average of 24.7 percent per trip. 

That would be in line with Uber’s calculation that it takes 25 percent, but it’s also using the inaccurate customer price that Uber consistently showed drivers in our rides — the one that excludes the marketplace fee and driver benefits fee.

Case in point, if we were to believe Allen’s application, he kept $12.33 of the $16.46 that Uber reported as charged, or 75 percent of my payment. Yet, accounting for the marketplace and driver benefits fees, I paid $19.76, giving 62.4 percent to the driver, 34 percent to Uber and 3.6 percent to the city.  

If we count the marketplace and driver benefits fees as money that goes Uber — where else could it go? — and subtract the city fees of about 3.25 percent, the company pocketed an average and a median of 42 percent in the trips I took. Only in one fare was its share at or below 25 percent, and it was exactly that.

Of the average I was getting at the time, Allen, a 4.99-rated driver with more than 4,000 rides, said, “I just would like to have full transparency into how much Uber takes. They have a lot of overhead, so I’m OK with them taking a 25 percent cut, but I just want to know what the numbers are.”

James Allen, a 4.99-rated Uber driver with more than 4,000 rides, poses for a picture. He said he’s grateful for the work Uber provides but hopes to see more transparency about how much the company takes per trip. Mission Local found a discrepancy between what Uber tells drivers a customer pays and what customers actually pay. (Photo by David Mamaril Horowitz)

Rondu Gantt, an Uber and Lyft driver with the advocacy platform Gig Workers Rising, said he’s long known about the high take rates.

The Bay Area driver said he’s had 10 to 20 customers complain this year about the price of his ride, and in response, he asks them how much they’re paying. 

Usually when this happens, Gantt says, less than half of the fare goes to him, and around half the time, he gets a third of it.

“The fact that two-thirds of it goes to Uber or Lyft feels like a cash grab that doesn’t feel intuitively just to either riders or drivers,” he said.

The issue is something that Eric Dryburgh, of Rideshare Drivers United, said drivers have taken issue with.

“Drivers are very confused at this point even what the commission is,” he said. “We’ve been speaking to drivers, and what we’ve heard from drivers is that … the fares passengers are paying are much higher than the actual payment that the drivers are receiving.”

A driver asked to be named Molhado, who’s been with the two companies for around seven years, also wants to know, so he frequently asks customers about their fares. He said that from what he’s noticed companies kept around 50 percent almost every ride he asks about, and sometimes 60 percent to 70 percent. 

“All the time, they change the prices, sometimes customers complain, ‘Why they charge me double or triple?’” he said. “Not for me — for me, it’s regular.”

He dropped me off, and we checked our fares: He got around half.

“Does that look like 25 percent to you?” he said.

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  1. I’m going to tuck in a few of the issues mentioned and some not discussed. These things affect both passenger pricing and drivers take home pay. In the Phoenix valley where we have no right to representation the take rate is much more on average than even California. Lyft consistently takes nearly 2/3rd what it charges and does not pay based on rate card anymore as they claim. I have multiple screenshots I’ve submitted to support in which my ride did not even pay me what the rate card says it should and they were ignored. It is the same with Uber they take on average about 70 percent. When you consider all fares are pre tax and pre cost drivers are not profiting; they are losing money much of the time. My passengers have told me they are being charged double someone’s triple their normal price and they are not happy it is not going to the driver. It is upsetting because they can see the company is price gouging them for no reason. Passengers are getting savvy to the fact that Uber and Lyft are not only cheating drivers they are cheating passengers . Regarding driver pay; The main issue at hand is Uber and Lyft entice drivers with new drivers bonuses and act like that is and will be what you make regular.However those are one time only and the promotions of old are nearly non existent now days. For example my promotion for next week starts at 20 rides for 10 dollars which is only.50 cents extra a ride. Unfortunately once you are in you’ve destroyed your car put yourself in debt unknowingly and ended up having to keep rideshare at the very least as a side gig you just make ends meet. Constantly thinking it will get better again and you’ll be able to catch up; meanwhile your digging that hole deeper. There is also lot of psychological manipulation they use to ensure drivers and passengers remain complacent. One prime example is if you open your app to check a fare on Uber but don’t book because it’s too high the next fare will be higher. This is a psychological manipulation to get passengers to pay the next higher fare out of fear it will raise it again. I beg passengers and drivers screenshot everything and submit all unfair fares for review then document the support response just in case there is ac class action at some point. Many trips passengers take have unfair wait fees added also so always double check that! For example I ordered a trip and Uber tried to adjust it the day after the trip for a wait fee of over 3 dollars. The driver gets about.12 cents a minute for waiting this wait fee was charged as of the driver waited nearly 25 minutes or so. Uber did august the price of trip after I submitted a complaint and it was even lower than the original price. Bottom line the algorithm is set to charge you what it thinks you will pay and it will give drivers what it knows they will accept. So if you are consistently willing to pay for overpriced rides they will consistently be higher and higher. The same with drivers the more drivers that advertise low paying fares out of desperation the more rides they will be given at that per mile fee and it will directly affect other drivers in their market as well lowering fare take home rates for everyone. As they already have people who will take those rides. The biggest lie these companies tell drivers is that consistency pays. I’ve been consistent 7 days a week nearly 12 hours a day for nearly 4 years and part time hours prior to that, and all my consistency gotten me is low to no promos even during huge events like Barrett Jackson and very low take home pay after coat jd taxes the money is non existent but most people need the second income and many are stuck doing this full time as finding work after years of rideshare can be difficult. Many companies do not consider this experience because it is a 1099 job. This still a relatively grey area and Uber and Lyft know they have drivers locked into a perpetual negative cycle and there’s not much they can do about it. will eventually find new avenues for transportation.
    There is hope though as new rideshare apps are coming out with different pricing models that don’t require greed greed based unnecessary surging. One such app is HUM. They make their money on the front end with a small driver subscription fee and drivers turn get to take home 100 percent of the ride fare. So drivers win the app makes money and passengers always have an idea of what they will pay per mile. With the release of these new types of apps and their ability to garner popularity among rideshare passengers and drivers maybe it will force Lyft and Uber to reorganize their corrupt pricing model.

  2. I’m in the poconos Uber definitely keeps the lion share I had 2 recently From what Uber showed me I kept 21.36% and 14.03% so if Uber is only keeping 50% that would be one big pay increase for me.

  3. Aloha! Im a driver in Hawaii and YES Uber keeps about 50%.. This should be illegal, its not honest, especially when they tell you they only keep 25%.. I hope someone does something to these company’s to stop their unethical business practices!!!!

  4. Hi ..I am an Uber Eats driver and like to know why I’m seeing Uber getting more than me almost every delivery…this is not fair and we need to strike! My car my gas my wear and tear on my vehicle my insurance..I’m seeing things like..Uber pay 14.00 my pay 4.00 on a 12 mile trip..this can not continue…I’m paying 2.99 for a gallon of gas to make Uber more than me???

    1. Deliveries are not worth it most of the time my breakdown shows Uber took on average 80 percent of an already non existent fare, and it just went up again. Doordash is a little better not great or perfect but if you wait for the right prices you can do better. The tip culture is better in doordash in find likely because of how they approach it in app.

  5. I have noticed this with lyft recently. Rider pays $50 and as I driver I received $ 16. One other rider paid $ 35 and my cut was $ 8 . I feel this is a big rip off .

  6. If you want to work hard and get your money stolen, Uber is the perfect company to work for !
    Uber claims they keep 25% but they actually keep 50-60% of our earnings. I’ve had multiple riders complaining about how expensive the ride is and when I ask them how much they’re paying it’s usually 50-60% more than what I’m getting . Law enforcements need to do something about this . There should be a flat service fee . We as drivers have to deal with car maintenance, danger of allowing strangers into our cars, bad drivers on the road, snowy or rainy weather, gas prices, disrespectful rude people, people that slam doors or break things in the car intentionally just because they feel like it (Uber won’t do none about it either “regular wear and tear” how does a window switch get ripped out of spot and is considered regular wear and tear ?
    You’ll work 12 hour shift then you get a flat tire and all the money you made in that day is gone .

  7. Yup. I knew it. Was waiting for someone to put this together! Class action! Lyft is brutal right now. So brutal, they show you up front the little bit of money you will make. 30min ride, 19min pickup, for $13. The greed has almost completely turned me away! I love my flexibility but I feel more unmotivated than ever with Lyft! The bullshit bonuses, are just that – bullshit! A women said “you won’t believe how much this Lyft cost. $80. ” They paid me $12 initially with a $20 bonus. Not even half. And it was raining really bad, dangerous driving conditions – I risk my life for not even half!

    1. Yes…I feel very unmotivated to drive too when I see this. The greed. I know the huge cut goes to pay the ones who seat in office all day waiting for phone calls. or the ones vacationing all year round. While drivers beat out vehicles to dead and spend all our little earnings in gas.
      Do anyone know a lawsuit started we can sign for this ? If anyone knows send me link I am willing to release all the information in my account.

  8. And now it seems that there are reservation breservation bots that are being used for drivers to snag better reservation rides for themselves

  9. I have been thinking about why do not the drivers get together and form some kind of Union to demand a dollar to a dollar fifty per mile per ride with a minimum charge of 5 to 10 dollars for shorter rides.
    Adding extra fees for The Times when more than one rider who are not family will take advantage of 1 trip . I think that would be good to have 2 or 3 dollars extra coming in per passenger

  10. I have not only found that Uber and Lyft are making as much as half or more than half of the fare, but they are paying less than what the fare usually paid before

  11. I have a really great example of how bad drivers are getting ripped off by these rideshare companies based on being a driver for Lyft and Uber as well as having the passenger apps for both. There were multiple events going on around the DTLA area over this past weekend (Friday 9/23 and Saturday 9/24) and on average from those locations Lyft and Uber both would charge a ride about 25 bucks, something as a driver I’d get maaaaybe 16-20 bucks out of. However because increase of demand they were getting away with asking riders to pay 108 on Uber and 109 and some change with Lyft, respectively. Do you know how much the surge price was for drivers?? 2 bucks for Lyft, 3.50 for Uber. Someone else is gonna have to do the percentages for me, but Lyft and Uber both were making a killer profit that night by tripling the price and not passing it onto the drivers aside from a pittance of a couple dollars. Where do these rideshare companies get off ripping off the riders AND drivers THAT badly????

    Another example, had an airport-to-airport Lyft for someone that somehow messed up airports or something, and it was from LAX to Santa Barbara, over a 100 miles. I got paid 98 dollars and some change and this poor woman paid around 320 dollars, which is INSANE but she had no alternative.
    What they’re starting to take more than 60-75% of the money, that’s a serious issue. Like, what are THEY doing to deserve to get a majority of the money and screw the driver and passenger, when it’s OUR car, OUR wear and tear, and OUR use of our time??? Not a thing.

    That’s why drivers have started offering passengers a cheaper rate off-app. If someone is paying a ridiculously high total and I’m not seeing an extra dime, best believe I’m gonna cut the passenger a deal and save them money AND get paid more at the same time by cutting out the schiesty ass middle man.

    1. Thank you! I have been saying this for the 3 years I’ve worked lyft and Uber! And today while waiting at the airport I overheard a driver say woohoo $12 surge and mine only popped up a $10. This driver had an Uber x vehicle like myself (mine should be considered black but for some reason though I meet requirements my car doesn’t qualify; how convenient for Uber and Lyft!) he actually had a terrible acceptance rate of 29%, I have an 80%. Aside of this gentleman being a man and me a woman there is no logical reason why I’m getting $10 and they $12!so if they do this with every date I’m being ripped off more than $2 a day! What’s up with all this shiesty business practices? Drivers are not there to get rich, but we need to be able to live and repair our vehicles otherwise who will pick people up when their own cars won’t start? Or they get a flat? Or accidentally had more to drink than intended? I can’t do my job if I can’t fix my car! Passengers shouldn’t have to tip for us to survive! They are already paying astronomical prices ! Many can’t afford to tip due to those constantly increasing fares!

  12. It is true. It really started prior to even Covid. I have documentation from Uber stating certain things about toll reimbursement, surge policy, and pay increase. However I have concrete proof that what they put in writing and state is not what’s going on. The biggest thing was Allowing during Covid rides to be requested up to 20 miles away. Yes 20 miles. I first experienced this when I got a ride 13 miles away requested right before the height of Covid. This hurt your acceptance and cancellation fee and you never can get the incentives if they promise. I was told for two years that this situation would be fixed but it never was. At times Uber and Lyft can take up to 50% or more from a fair. I am still waiting months a reply from Lyft when it took 67% of the fair. Another thing that is going on in the state of New Jersey if not other states, is the surge pricing. There is a total lack of transparency of such now. They actually create false surge areas so the drivers will get that flat fee. Many other drivers and myself have met in these areas and there’s literally no one ordering from these areas. One time the surge was in an abandoned parking lot. When you get an order from a place where it’s really surging Uber and Lyft take that stacking fee keep that money, and the driver gets the flat rate. Is there a way to beat this, yes. However you cannot do it with consistency. The rideshare companies have become less transparent, Greedy, and false in corporate statements and facts. It’s basically, don’t do as the company say or write, they’ll do what they want to do. Surge pricing has even been happening in oceans. I have tracked it with multiple pictures. And there is a pattern. The same places seem to surge but there’s actually no one there ordering. I would also say this could be a violation of New Jersey state law to hook and bait Law. You are advertising in the app of an area where there is a surge in actuality they’re getting you to go there so you make less money when someone orders from the real surge area. Which brings me to the other issue with surging. It’s a flip of a coin and even less of a chance for you getting the stacking fee. Sometimes you would never get it. And sometimes you’re surprised when you get it. It should go back to the multipliers because they’re able to do what they want without you really checking it. Complaining to customer service is futile. It’s a deception. Maybe it’s time that I write a formal letter to the president of the company and have them explain the various Inconsistencies to what the company states in writing to the driver and writer and what is actually happening.

  13. American people are always crying & bitchin to why this country is always supporting other countries and not the U.S
    Well uber drivers are the number 1 supporters feeding this money to Iran but I don’t see any drivers crying & bitchin about that!
    You’re gonna support your country do it the right way and stop feeding American money to other countries like iran!

  14. I had a Lyft ride this morning charged $33.99 surge wait and save. I saw the driver only made $13.70 at the end. Now I’m wondering if my $6.80 20% tip even made it to my driver.

  15. There’s a couple I have given rides to multiple of times to the airport. One ride was only the wife. After taking her to the airport she handed me her phone. She then told me to finish up the ride on the app as her husband usually does it, and she has no idea how the app works. When finishing up the ride on her Lyft app she tells d me to give myself a 25% tip. After doing all this I waited a few days and never received my tip. Anyways going forward I had another pickup for the couple. Told her what happened and she became furious. I have had things like this happen quite a bit. Most frustrating is when I have my rides suddenly drop mid trip. I know it’s not the passengers doing because they pay me the full amount that was supposed to be for Lyft. My name is Shane and I would love to talk. Most recently is my permissions on my phone are changed and screenshots I take of rides bring deleted right in front of my eyes on my phone

  16. I just am driving my third day. It seems that I am not being paid the tips that the riders tipped me.

  17. I am currently renting a car from lyft you wamt to talk about them getting you in a spot of where you can never get out of. I had a customer who i drove from San Diego airport to La Jolla just off the free way then right back to the airport. I was paid a total of $17.00 the customer was charged $119.00.

  18. I don’t know if any of you noticed that Uber scam on those fees. I just confirmed with 2 customer that one paid $128 to Uber and on my app it only shows customer paid $92.43, I got $39.70. 2nd customer paid $78 something, and my app show customer paid $49.12 and I got $21.18. Ever driver show check of your customer and screenshot their screen if possible. Lets kill it.

    1. We need to file a class action suit because Uber is straight scandalous. Now on top of the service fee and booking fee there is a commercial auto insurance charge? This is getting ridiculous

      1. *This may not apply* BUT I think, everyone involved, should look at the U C.C.
        Uniform Commercial Code to see if it provides any remedy.

  19. Ubers “pro” program is stealing money from every driver they have. I discovered it back in 2019 and not putting two and two together at the time I went in the hub the next day to be like you owe me my bonus. Well needless to say I was permanently deactivated with minutes of leaving the hub. I can’t access the platform even as a rider. I still have the proof of what they do and how they do. Uber is sadly AF and I’ll be happy if the day ever comes that it is no longer around. I don’t drive much anymore only every now and again but Lyft is a better one to drive for out of the two. But both still take too much from the drivers. I despise Uber and really all the drivers should stop driving for a week see what happens. It greed no one needs 12 million a year in salary that’s disgusting.

    1. I agree while heartedly! We need to group together and file a class action suit because Uber is scandalous!

  20. I have a couple thousand rides and a 5 star lyft rating. I really took it serious during covid where I was averaging 35 an hour and making thousands per week. Without those bonus streaks and area streaks I don’t drive. It still passes me off they charge double what I get because that lowers demand. I don’t understand why society tolerates corporate thieves and conmen.

  21. I’m gathering enough evidence to show that we, the Lyft Drivers area not being paid a fair share ( BROKERS SHOULD NEVER MAKE MORE THAN THE PRINCIPALS) Almost all the passenger that get into my ride , they provide me a SCREEN shot of what Lyft charges them..

    After I have enough, I will bring then to the table to pay up.. whether they like it or not.

    1. Please keep me informed of this situation as it moves forward. I hope you are investigating the same with Uber because I personally believe they are flat out thieves and owe is drivers millions of dollars as reimbursement for using scandalous tactics and outrageous excuses for fees and such only to put more money in their pockets!

  22. So Sad To see so many people Screwed up From Those Rideshare companies and I’m also one of them , still working Need money but they making you Literally slave you Get not Even 50% after Gas its 25% your Net profit , Middle of the night somewhere after San Francisco i draw 15 minutes to pick Up the customer She told me that these companies not pay us good amount percentage and she wanted to see how much I will get she payed 24$ i got 13.80 $ she was in shok! She gave me a tip but That’s not a point You never get even 50% from this driving you Waste gas and half went there thats all Very simple

  23. Uber & Lyft understand driver psychology.
    It all comes down to laziness. I’ll admit the elephant
    in the room. We don’t like working…period. So, we think Uber owes us quick & easy money for driving our own vehicles around town when we feel like it. The alternative is getting a scheduled job at a restaurant, for instance, and making the same amount considering there are no vehicle expenses. But not doing that because we’re lazy. I’d rather sit in the driver’s seat, have no set schedule, no boss, and physical labor. Okay than, I can Uber and make the same money. Great! But the lazy drivers want more than an alternative to restaurant work, they want to make more than some career professionals make a year that paid tens of thousands in educational costs, and complain they have vehicle expenses. Not to mention, you can write off .59cents a mile and literally pay no taxes. Another thing drivers don’t have to do is sales & marketing. Do you know how much money it costs to advertise services and the time it takes to market a service? That effort & cost is all taken care of my Uber. The lazy driver doesn’t even have to attend a single marketing class or buy leads. Just turn on the app and bam…instant customer. Oh let’s not forget about the insurance we’re not paying. And I’m not talking about basic coverage that we are required to have whether we choose to drive for Uber or not. There is major coverage in the event of an accident or crime that costs millions in premiums. Drivers can start a limousine service, create a business, and market and pay for their own overhead entirely and still come out less or exactly the same as turning on the Uber app. If you really work hard, than you can make the money you’re complaining Uber doesn’t give you for doing nothing more than steering a car around town. I drive for Uber and am grateful there is a way to make some money without being a real slave at a restaurant and being fired for not showing up that day. That’s the Gods honest truth and any driver that says otherwise if a lazy liar.

    1. Wow! You are the complete and total liar! You must work for UBER or one of their shady lawyers.
      Do you know how much gas prices are here in CA? We have to pay a lot more just to work in gas. What does UBER have to pay for more with gas prices? Nothing. But they give themselves a raise because they know customers will pay more because of inflation and gas prices. A customer straight up asked me has Uber raised your rates yet because of gas prices and inflation? I said, no all they did was charge the customer.55 cent surcharge. A slap in the face. Then they took away any decent bonus from 3 for $16 to $1.50 per trip so that’s 3 for $4.50. Less than $5 I can’t even buy a gallon of gas with that. It’s a simple solution just raise the per mile per minute rates to match todays gas prices and inflation. Problem solved. Take 25% like you promised be transparent show us what the customer paid quit being shady. Problem solved. Everyone is happy. But unfortunately they are too greedy and shady so we get no raise to our rates yet it’s on us lazy broke drivers to fork out more money to pay for $6 per gallon gas. And deal with the inflation that is outrageous with no profit to pay for it. If you think driving people around in your car being responsible for their safety having to pay $300 a week in gas just to work for Pennie’s on the dollar while the CEO and all the executives and shady lawyers like yourself (there is no way you are a driver with that attitude about pay) get paid millions.

      You are the liar.

      This great guy was so cool to do this research to make these companies accountable for their shady practice of not being true to their promise of only taking 26% and you side with Poor Uber has to pay for insurance and marketing? Yes, they also paid millions so they could screw us over on prop 22. Why don’t they just do the right thing and raise the rates? They would get paid more to. They should
      Give us 75% like they promised.

      Thank you so much for doing this research. It was really helpful and I really appreciate it.

      1. dare him call us lazy…the thing is are secretary’s receptionist..all they do is sit at a desk..but I bet they get paid what they are told…that guy is an idiot..

  24. Happened to me today. 1st ride i tried was $86. The drivers batter died and couldnt pick me up. Second ride i tried price went to $96. Driver didnt move. Had to cancel. 3rd ride price was $106. Driver got $48. It was a ride that cost me $48 yesterday at 6 pm in dallas. Why at 830 is it so much more?

  25. I didn’t look at the last comment date but fast forward to the end of February 2022. Soaring gas prices and Ukraine. Yeah. Frightening combo. And your pump receipt may be almost just as unreal when it’s gone up another $10 from 2 weeks prior. I don’t think I’ve driven commercial rideshare for a few months and it’s because I’m smart. Bear in mind that “commercial rideshare” also extends to restaurant and merchandise delivery. It’s dangerous as it is being out participating in the world, also having to experience reckless and dangerous drivers. What really bothers me is both these moniker companies and maybe all of them flat out lie, and it’s basically all deception. With vehicle insurance costs, the hazards of multitasking while at work doing this job, the hazards that consumers and passengers present depending on who you yourself are, probably just isn’t going to not non sensical anymore. I knew someone who pressured me to become an actual Uber driver, of all places, Las Vegas NV and even if I were a man…no. It’s all about profit. Somebody’s life in exchange for a particular bonus. Maybe last year when the gas prices were at moderate inflation rate but right now, I don’t know who could do it. Too many hazards for rock bottom slave labor pay. Maybe one day when enough opposition and dissension these unfair practices of these companies, may be revamped and renovated. But if gasoline prices don’t come down these businesses may tank naturally. For drivers who depended on escaping daytime dangers and traffic, and the increase in fuel costs
    who would switch their activity to night hours have realized that’s is a dead end. If you’re desperate…but these companies use that. I might use them as a consumer but you have to worry safety and possible theft and concerns with food items. As a driver I would say quit the fatastical lies and deception for a nice big advance before I even take the delivery! And then a tip on top of that would help. Other than that gas prices have taken me right out of the gig driver world.

  26. I drove for them in 2013-2014 for 750 rides over a year period. In that time, customer fares started at $2.10 a mile, then $1.95, then $1.65, and when they dropped to $1.25 a mile, I stopped. They continued down to $1.10 a mile then 90 cents a mile! On top of that, the commission went from 20-25% for new drivers.

    I had a sweet gig going for what it was when fares were $1.95 and $1.65. I could count on 2.5 – 3X surge for Padres Baseball games on Fri or Sat nights. I lived 6 miles away and would get $50 fares to the stadium then go back to my house. Then I would get another couple 2.5 – 3x surge rides to downtown for the dinner crowd, then one last surge or two for the “going out on the town” crowd at 9:30pm or so. All told, I could usually make about $220-$230 in fares on 5 rides for a total of about 50-60 miles with lots of downtime spent at home in bewtween from only about 5:30pm -10pm. And then…the fares dropped…again. =(

    I appreciate the money I did make. Only looking into doing it again since I work at the airport now and live 25 mins drive away. I get there early a.m. and might as well be taking people there instead of riding empty even if it is only $20 paid to me.

  27. I stopped driving for them recently when they started taking 50% or more per each ride. I was making over $1k weekly working less than 40 hours until they started ripping me off. I quit driving for them when I checked a fare that seemed very low, turns out they took $7.94 and paid me $7.62.

  28. I had a few evidence by showing my customers how much i make. Before they get off from my car i asked them to take a pic of their phone screen to verify how much they paid.
    Last customer paid $125 from downtown denver to the airport DIA and I got only $27.
    I have total seven evidence on my phone by taking photo of customers phone screen before they get off.
    Please verify with your customer how much they paid by taking pic of their phone screen.
    We need help to solve this problem.
    And we have to stand together.
    I live in Denver, Colorado

  29. They are taking anywhere from 50 to 60% of fairs in Cleveland Ohio. Tonight I was driving for lyft and I drove a customer almost an hour away, about 44 miles away. The passenger said they was shocked when they seen the fair was $80. I thought ok I will make between $40 and $50 for sure. When the ride was over I was paid $32 plus the 3 bonus I was offered to pick up. So Lyft took $45 of a $80 fair. It didn’t use to be like this but it changed at the end of 2020 with no communication to drivers. They should be ashamed of themselves. We also do not get benefits in Ohio like they do in California. I hope Lyft and Uber get a class action lawsuit one day for taking advantage of their drivers.

  30. Well as a Lyft and Uber driver I had a ride taking a lady from Grand Rapids Lansing Michigan Lyft charged her 179.45 I got 58.23 she said no way so I showed her and I have pictures of everything !!!!!!

  31. I see possibly 2 new rip offs that Uber is using. One cheats the customer the other cheats the driver.

    Very typically, when I pull up to a location, my app says, “Customer notified” and the app often goes into “Customer being charged for wait time”. Several times I have texted the customer to tell them I am not going to wait much longer and several times customers told me their app told them i was still 1 minute away.

    As far as cheating the driver, I am a very friendly person. I am also pretty good at quickly knowing when someone just wants quiet. I very typically get tipped by a majority of my fares (I am in Baltimore so fares aren’t quite as crazy as they are for you guys in CA). 3 nights ago, I had 25 trips. I got 4 tips. Last night, New Years Eve, I had 15 trips and got 2 tips. And I had great conversations with most of the trips. I even held one girl up so she wouldn’t fall while she threw up outside my car. Her friend, who was in the car and booked the trip, works as a waitress and relies on tips. She thanked me several times for helping her friend. I don’t believe she didn’t tip me. I believe Uber keeps tips at least sometimes.

    How do they get away with this stuff, including saying they loose money every year? They must be paying off some high level politicians. Elsewise you would think they would be investigated for income tax fraud at the least.

    I do it because it works for me right now but Uber is a really horrible, disgusting company that i genuinely hate.

    1. I too have been told by customers that the app stated I was minutes away meanwhile I’m sitting at the pick up spot and showing they are being charged for my wait time!

  32. If all the exits are doing such a good job to warrant and getting paid then why is the company still losing money. Drivers are definitely getting screwed I’ve driven since 2018 it’s unfair for us to take the burden and they hit the majority of the profit.

  33. And here is the problem again, like everywhere where people complain about their job and or salary: All these complaints , but Lyft and Uber are all reading this and the CEOs sit their laughing about you. Because you all continue to accept this bullshit from them. Every day thousands of Idiots and sadly thousands of drivers who need this job to survive continue to drive for them knowing they all just get cheated. Every day you are making these a********* es richer and richer and they make you poorer and poorer .

    Because you all have such a big mouth In all these forums, 5 min later you go online in your driver app and continue driving to make the CEO even more rich!

    Don’t you get that they never want to become profitable? They give a shit about
    Profitability, if you make only losses you can’t pay taxes on profit.

    And I tell you, in a few years they just shut this business down after they got what they want .

    But as long as you all just cry in these forums good luck to you all.

    Ever thought about to not go online for a month? Everyone of you? No Uber and Lyft? Show them who has the bigger one . And don’t tell me you can’t survive it. Go to Safeway or whomever and restock during the night , don’t be a cry baby and think that work is not good enough for you. It’s just 4 weeks. The are two outcomes possible: they shut down Uber and Lyft immediatly because they cry and think wtf the drivers have enough.. but so what we have our millions and ok could have been few more but well let’s go out of here .. or they change in favor of the drivers.

    But again, just all this stupid forum bs with all these Uber lyft employees who are post how many thousands of dollars they earn ..

    You are all infected with the most dangerous virus in human existence: The look away virus. A car accident happens in front of you? The neighbor beats the hell out of his wife? The 2 guys who kick one on the ground into his face and head? The every day cheating of Uber and Lyft? And so what. you all look away.

    Stop chatting here if you don’t change it.
    Don’t play the big mouth here finding the best words for these CEOs . It is like with the pick up trucks: The bigger the Truck the smaller the penis.

    And now you all go online again and make these CEOs again a little bit more rich. They thank you for doing this. Trust me.

  34. I drive for Uber in Orlando Florida for over 5 years they take more then 50 % on a ride the Costomer pay 90 dollars I got pay 41 dollars

  35. Uber is committing fraud and stealing more than even this article touches on. I still have my proof saved. I found out what they were doing and was immediately permanently deactivated after going into the HUB and asking where the $100 they owed me was. I got the it’s a “glitch” and before I even left the building I was deactivated. Uber needs to be audited and held accountable. Lyft isn’t much better but I feel they’re a little more honest but still they treat they’re drivers like slaves and funny thing is they wouldn’t even have a business if it weren’t for the drivers. I say everyone go on strike and demand them to pay 75% of the fare to the drivers or we will kill their company. Or someone start a platform where it’s 75/25 no matter what. The thing is they got greedy when they went public and the drivers barely make over the IRS mileage deduction. Uber is an awful company and I don’t use them at all anymore.

  36. I notice that many of the comments are about Uber. Mine is on Lyft. My passenger today was charged about $42. My payout was about $19. This is in Ann Arbor MI. The immediate excitement is about seeing the money grow. It when you take not of the mileage on your car, the gas cost and your time, it is totally in -ves. It is quick way to make money to cover an immediate impetus for a bill, but totally not worth it. Let’s spread the love, use your local cabs.

  37. I have been driving part time a little over a month 8-12 hours a week and noticed that I am making anywhere between $25-$30 an hour, sometimes more. I drive on off hours during the week 4 am-8am and live about 25 min away from a busy airport. I noticed that I always seem to get an airport ride to start and then follow a pattern into a major city. While UBER does take a big cut at the end of the day I see it as a PART-TIME JOB!! Not a full time job! I would be dead and angry if i drove 80+ hours a week. Ithink there will be a transition in work force where more people like myself will use Uber as a part-time gig. So to everyone complaining go back to school get a degree and a skill you can excel in to become part of the part-time workforce ! Eventually the robots are going to put the drivers out of work anyways. Educate yourself Uber is going to be just fine.

  38. This is a lie I’ve been driving for lyft for a month and I’ve only made dollars. They’re very greedy and help themselves to your earnings and will even take some of the net earnings and act like nothing never happened. They will also try to nickel and dime you on personal miles and steal your destinations forcing you to use personal miles…to me Lyft is greedy VERY GREEDY that is since my experience driving for them. They also beat around the bush a lot. I drive a rental for them and covered my rental at the beginning of the week then they took the rental out again out of my net earnings and acted like they did know what I was talking about! I smell thievery as far as I’m concerned unfortunately.

  39. Also, Uber’s active time totals are off by at least 20% (at least in my account).
    Those totals are used to calculate the earnings guarantee and the Healthcare Stipend qualification.
    Another way Uber is ripping off drivers, for the law that they spent millions to get passed, to convince drivers they don’t need to be employees.
    Who needs employee rights?

  40. I drove for Lyft for 3 months in Ann Arbor and Detroit. I had a perfect five star rating. I drove my car into the ground and calculated my earnings after expenses at about $10 an hour. TaXes are a nightmare. I quit because it was low paying and too dangerous. Lyft added rides to my queue without even asking. Steered me to Very Bad areas. Did NOT give ready access to rider info. And Shady customers – some using other people’s accounts so I had No Idea who was in my car. They do not give a damn about driver safety or none of this would be true.

  41. I drove for Lyft for a little under 3 months. I maintained a 5 Star rateing and always followed their policies. A rider having self issues, made an accusation that I was under the influence at 1:00 in the afternoon. I was flagged and warned for this situation which was not true. 2 weeks later another Rider reported me for unsafe driving and lift then suspended me or rather yet fired me from working with them. With no explanation or no reason of what was done wrong. Lyft system is set up so that there is no one live that you can talk to and no situation no matter what. After emailing texting back and forth several days I was not given a response yet and they wonder why they’re short on drivers.

  42. How do you all calculate the “cost” to drive. Gas is one thing but depreciation is huge! But how do you calculate it and how can I put it into simple terms to help a friend who says “I made $200 today, I try to tell him NO YOU DID NOT, because you had gas and plenty of driving around with no one in the car. He has put 50,000 miles on his car. It’s a Nissan Altima – he owes on his car, pays hefty interest. He constantly needs oil change, tires, the car is going to fall apart and he is going to be left in more debt. How to convince People easily lured by a quick buck but no long term vision. Is there’s succinct ways to calculate end of day x money made,x miles driven x wear and tear = actual earnings? I’m dumb with math but think my friend is ruining his life with doing this full time. God forbid he gets in an accident or we have a hurricane that shuts him down for days. It’s brutal. Thank you.

  43. My passenger was charged $17 and some change and I only made $3.74 for a round trip to a local gas station that totaled 2 miles in all with less than a 5 minute wait. This was with Lyft.

    The federal government should investigate this since at a local level nothing is being done. Passengers and drivers are being lied to.

  44. For the past 2.8yrs with over 4500 rides in south florida i’ve been a driver for LYFT. Before the pandemic, They was taking 28% of my wages per ride… Back then, I was banking something fierce. Since the pandemic, They raised their cut to 49%… Dropped it to 42%… then raised it to almost 88%. An example, about 3 weeks ago on a saturday night, Had a rider which needed to change his current ride to a 2stop from a one… After i set it up for him the app on his phone stated his ride was gonna cost $49.99… When I dropped him off my app showed that I was paid $8.26 for the ride. Keep in mind, Ive read the comments here from both sides… The bonuses are higher now for new drivers and also for drivers whom been gone for sometime and came back… plus, some that bank the amounts that I see are in a different class than myself(Lyft-XL, Lyft-Lux, Etc)which means pay per ride is completely different. My advice to all my fellow drivers via Lyft & Uber is simple… Find other work… At the end of the day, with all the crap we deal with from all the different breeds of “Karen”(both the sober and drunk ones) to the Non Tipping snobs… after gas, wear&tear, and paying taxes at the end of the year… Its not worth our time nor our sanity. Thanks for reading this… Stay safe out there and have a blessed one.

  45. Uber (and its clones) have long and correctly been identified as an upside-down business model, one dependent on spending venture capitalist’s dough to survive. Even while bilking the customer and driver, Uber loses money on every ride. They’ve never made a profit.

    It’s like saying, ‘Yeah, we lose money on every ride, but we make it up in volume.’ No, the higher the volume, the greater the loss.

    There was an SNL filmed segment in 1976, a faux-advertisement sketch (back in the days when dual-bladed razors first came out) that introduced the then absurd concept of a triple-bladed razor. The pretend ad finished with the line: “The Triple-Track, because, you’ll believe anything.”

    Still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.

    Nothing’s changed. Sucker born every minute.

  46. They did the same with me and everyone I know, stop driving, its a joke, we have to stop them together, but they want us to refer other people, for what, why, are you serious, I wouldn’t dare do such a foolish thing, HELL NO!!

  47. I stopped driving when I realized Dara made $44,000,000 in a year(yes, all the zeros).. and I barely made $20,000 using my own car…that is called robbery.

  48. They definitely take more than what they say they do. I’ve been a driver in New Jersey for over 3 years with over 9000 rides. Here in NJ they have these very selfish rules where they give you rides to NY city no surge no money extra whatsoever except toll fees and that could be on rush hours and they don’t even pay us for the trip coming back to Jersey, so that’s our time (especially if it’s rush our you’ll be stuck fir hours), miles and gas loss. Isn’t that ridiculous??

  49. Hotels and catering companies have been dipping into employee pay fir years by not paying them the full gratuity they charge for weddings and events.
    It’s really stupid of Uber and Lyft. If they paid the drivers more, more people would be driving. But greed might one day put them out of business.

  50. I’m a newbie to Lyft and I’ve noticed this already and I don’t agree with how the fees breakdown. I also think that the Driver’s need to get a percentage of not all of the cancellation fee when a rider cancels and there should be a fee for when we’re sitting waiting for 5 min and they don’t show up. There should be some type of compensation for when we’re in route to a rider and it changes to another rider as the ravel time is unpaid.

  51. I’m a driver from Milwaukee an yes I’ve noticed that Uber is taking 43 percent of the rides pay which I think is outrages also they take a percent off a canceled ride an that seems a little unfair as well they wonder why they have a driver shortage then this could be a great deal to do with it I’ve asked multiple driver they fair an sometimes I only get 50% I’m sticking it out into October if something don’t change then I’m done as well bc 25% or even 30% wasn’t so bad but anything more then that is just crazy

  52. Drove for Uber for 3 months to see if I could make some extra money. When I stopped, and after vehicle maintenance, I profited $50. In 3 months just $50. Do those making bonuses account for vehicle maintenance and added insurance costs? Even with bonuses the cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance and considering fuel cost for “dead heading” back to surge locations, I would have been better off doing anything else

  53. I drive for lyft in nj I just got 800 trips in 1 month and I’ve been asking rides how much they paid and I did some calculation they taking over then 75% and drivers only taking Less then 25% and to make 300 a day you have to drive from 10 to 12 hours straight and remember if you own the car count the millage and daily gas costs so you end up making $18to $20 for your pocket that’s why I stopped doing this I’ve if I love doing it just to think about I get so frustrated one day I pick up a rider and she was so mad at me, so I was am sorry did I did something wrong because of that attitude and she star to yelling like are you crazy how you can charge me like so expensive and I was like hold on hold on am not the one who charges its lyft so I gently asker how much she paid for and it was like a $65 for 7 miles ride and it took me 30 minutes and I showed her how much I get paid $8.91 after seen this then she apologized to me about the attitude so I decide not to drive for lyft anymore either Uber well Uber deactivated my account but both companies not worth unless you don’t want a future you can be stuck with them making them millions while you stuck in the same day after day so we should do something all the drivers to make our time worth because I feel like am an slave to make a misery

  54. Its Shady plain and simple. We have been driving during the pandemic. Along with all the fees we are paying i.e. service fee for an app thats already been built. How bout we get paid Hazzard fees for the risk we take everyday. I think its Greedy and shady. great platform shady business. it needs to change right now.

  55. I was a UBER driver 9894 rides rate 4.94. When pendamic hit I stopped working till today. I cannot decide when can I start to work when I see the rates. They pull a big chunk from a rider giving us small piece 🤣 driving is not profitable business at present and don’t like to put my hand inside hot water.

  56. Everything start with how they call driver “partner” Both Uber and Lyft use that description not only to take more for every trip in some cases 57% on large trip and 52% in other also they take advantage from IRS.
    They created several fee too many can I said that only help them and is no clear for driver and if we talk about taxes the used the Partner to take advantage cause with that Word the share that fee and other things whit driver when is the time to fill taxes. Also if you as people whom have been driver since the beginning you realize that for a couple a year either Uber and Lyft never give driver a 1099 form …juts a page with how much driver supposedly make not fee and other money that this companies take from driver … And we didn’t talk about toll payments , the psychological manipulation over driver though the app to make them more or take any kind of trip turning driver to Pavlov’s dog … They using a large or mental manipulation in their favor fake surge zones,
    crazy promotion example give 5 ride and make 50$ more and you can give 4 rides and wait in time square with a high surge in the area and never receive the 5th trip to complete the promotion .

    Big idea big business model but behind is a really BIG SCAM that’s why a lot of driver didn’t come back to work with this companies.

  57. There needs to be even more news outlets reporting this! I’m a driver and all the time I know uber and Lyft are taking 50%, I check the passenger app before rides and see they are taking 50% more than what I get paid.

  58. All states and cities have to follow NYC TLC’s approach to ride share which is full disclosure of all trip data to the public with a floor minimum for not just time online but time working. Uber gets around this by giving incentives for pickups from only a certain area, and that is discrimination no matter how you look at. Drivers then shut off their apps to collect the bonus, which Uber may or may not give to you by throttling your trip requests.

    With data, regulators can enact new laws so all parties involved win (riders, drivers, local governments, and the gig companies).

    Those of you who are for the status quo, I know the welfare game you’re playing so don’t even start with this $69 per hour comments which doesn’t relate to gig earnings, which are done on an annual basis for tax purposes.

  59. You’re right
    They eat all money
    And crying that company is in losses
    Instead they are making billions
    And they deactivate your account anytime
    Without telling you reason
    Some cheap customer rate you bad and you are gone
    And last thing they employed phillipinies
    In customer support to save money
    And they gave us very bad customer service

  60. There is a new rideshare app called Potswork Driver. This app allows drivers to set their rates per mile and per minute and keep 100% of their pay. Uber and Lyft drivers need to get this app asap. Potswork Driver.

  61. Idk about anyone else but I LOVE driving for Lyft in AZ. I set my own hours, work as much or as little as I want, and make between $1200 and $2000 a week….double to triple what I made killing myself as a restaurant manager. People complaining must not put the effort or know the times to drive. And maybe it is different for others. But I have ZERO complaints. Freedom and over $60,000 a year. I’m very happy.

  62. Prop 22 didnt help drivers in the least one bit..The next story this reporter should look into is how due to Prop 22 drivers no longer set their own fares and can no longer choose which rides to accept without being penalized by not knowing ride destinations if they dont accept.

  63. Just today in Los Angeles California, i picked up a lady to Lax airport on the Lyft app, it was a 20 mile ride, she got into my vehicle complaining about the price, she was charged $134.00 according to her and she estimated a charge of a maximum of $80.00. After the trip Lyft gave me a total of $59.55 that’s approximately 44 percent of the total amount of $134.00 charged to the lady.

    For me i think that amount is too much for Lyft to keep. They’re ruining the business by scaring riders away with exorbitant fare charge.

  64. This is VERY true. The sad thing is on the weekends while driving for uber, they don’t even show you your exact payment per trip because of the bonuses they are running. I have complained about my inability to see my trips severally but they keep saying they are having technical issues and that I should Uninstall and reinstall the app; but that never worked. I gave up trying afterwards. I drive all night long without sleep, and it’s painful to know that someone is behind the computer ripping me off of my sweat. It’s unfair to both the drivers and the riders.

  65. Step 1. Do ride share but gather customer info as you do rides, offering same service cash.matching the pricing from Uber or lift..
    Step 2. After 90 days many customers collected.. enough to keep me busy.. customers run low, activate and gather again.
    Step 3. Collect 100% and mostly non reportable income..
    Step 4. Give the finger to Uber and Lyft buy only using their platform to steal or should I say share the customer base away…

  66. I know what is happening. It’s the people who work at the Hub offices who are taking the cash. The first year I drove for Uber and left I got 80% of the fare. So think of it this way; if there are 10 people working in a hub office and there are a hundred drivers, that means each worker has 10 drivers to watch over. This is why as soon as the ride is over you don’t always see the amount on your screen. When you go to pull it up it acts like it’s reloading and you can’t see anything for like 2 minutes sometimes.
    And so if you are getting ride after ride you’re not going to be able to see how much you got paid because you’re going to the next ride so often times I couldn’t check it till the end of the day.
    So the beginning of 2018 for seven weeks, about a third of my pay was being deducted weekly and there was no reason why. When I called the support team I was told I owe back taxes.
    I said no you guys are a contractor and I don’t owe taxes but if I did the IRS would contact me not you because you’re not my employer. In total I had to call the IRS three times because each letter they sent the first two times was incorrect and not complete. It needed to address two things. First that I didn’t owe back taxes, and second that they did not send a letter to Lyft. So the Third IRS person I talked to said I’m going to straighten this out and send you a complete letter which he did.
    By then it had been a total of 7 weeks and a total of almost $1,800 that was deducted from my pays. And every time I called Lyft support they kept saying it was back taxes and a total of $2,500 was going to be taken and this is what the computer showed.
    I asked if they could tell if other drivers were also getting money deducted and they said yes. So this nice Lyft support rep was very adamant to help me but didn’t know how.
    It was only after I asked him how he would like it if this same thing was being done to his mother or his sister or his wife? That made him wake up.
    I asked him how this could be possible and he said the people who work in the hub offices are the ones who figure out how much money we should get paid every week. So I asked him if it’s possible that they could be taking extra money and he said yes.
    I have been reporting this since I found out about that to Uber and I refused to drive with Lyft after that, but I never got any answers from Uber.
    So I’ve reported it to Uber for 3 years about the hub office people stealing the money, hoping that you bur would take that into account.
    But then again, reporting things to Uber support, was getting nowhere because the people in The Hub offices also handled the support issues. So they were not going to notify Uber or Lyft corporate offices.
    So previous to that for three years I was reporting to them that I was getting ripped off, to no avail.
    So I don’t think that the top people in Uber or Lyft actually know what’s going on because the company’s got too big too fast and they hired people to be employees in local Hub offices, make them look good instead of letting the computers figure out our pay like happened for the first year.
    I kept telling them to get rid of the Hub office people we don’t need them.
    Case in point: last year I was the only driver through the whole pandemic and when we got notification that the Hub office was closing, the whole time it was closed I got much better pay and I got tips. But once the Hub office opened up in August, my pay went back down and I got no tips.
    Finally I just stopped driving all together 2 months ago, after Uber was offering new drivers $2,000 incentive to drive, because that money should have been going to all of us drivers who have been driving and getting ripped off.
    And during the pandemic I was the only driver for 5 months: there was no taxis, no Lyft drivers, or any limo drivers. Do you think I got a better pay? No I got the same old same old.
    I took a screenshot of every ride before I picked the riders or food (ubereats) up and when I drop them off so that I could keep track of the mileage and time and so I have records of all of that.
    I think Uber should be sued 4 not having any jurisdiction or control of the people in The Hub offices, and the people in The Hub offices should be investigated and should be arrested for theft.
    And the 380 million dollars or 230 million dollars whatever it was that Uber got as a stimulus to entice drivers back to work, should be paid to all of us drivers who have been out there hustling and getting ripped off.
    Soon after the Hub offices were closed last year, I had a phone call and it was a very professional Tech person and the way they spoke and how they knew so much about the platform I knew it was somebody from the Hub office even though they were closed.
    This person told me that the place I was sitting in Waiting for a rider to come out, that there actually is no Rider they just wanted me to come to that place so they could call me and tell me they were very happy with my service in the lockdown situation going on, and they were going to pay me $30 a day for gas.
    The person said it was going to go on a separate cash card that was going to be added to my Uber account.
    After that when they hung up the phone I started getting calls for restaurants which I knew were not open but I went anyway thinking maybe the drive-up window is open. The first two I went to the restaurants were closed so I called Uber support like we’re supposed to do so we get credit for the ride and the time. As soon as I hung up with Uber support then I got the next call. When I went to that one and it was closed and I called Uber I then shut off my app.
    I looked at my account and the person who had called me actually stole all my money out of my account.
    I called Uber support and it took them 5 days to put the money back in my account and told me not to drive during that time so they could investigate what was going on.
    I told them that apparently someone from The Hub office (even tho’ it’s closed) was monitoring my account and decided to steal my money because I said this person knew exactly what they were doing they were very familiar with the Uber platform.
    Of course I was told this would never happen. So they gave me the money back without any extra money for my troubles, but did they pay me for those 5 days they told me to take off of work? No they did not.
    Here’s more proof that they monitor our accounts and compare themselves with our accounts and this way they can steal money. (I wouldn’t doubt that these people from The Hub offices have big bank accounts somewhere or have put money in someone else’s name or on cash cards but it is money laundering and it is a federal offense.)
    The first letter that I got from the IRS with the Lyft “theft”, as I took to the hub office so they could email it to Lyft corporate. I was told to do this by the first left support representative I spoke to about the matter.
    I had never been to the Lyft hub office before and had never met the three guys that work there. The one guy started typing as soon as I started making a complaint of money disappearing from my account. It was almost as if he was writing down on his computer everything I was saying.
    He wasn’t the guy I was talking to.
    The guy I was talking to told me in no way can he help me and I have to find a way to get the letter to corporate. He also would not give me their email and then the guy who was typing everything looked at me and told me to leave.
    I was being nice to them I didn’t raise my voice and I was just making a statement. So I left.
    2 weeks later when I got the second letter, I went back and took a friend with me as a witness. And the same thing happened. They were not afraid to tell us to leave. I also had my phone on record with the camera on but I did not film anybody I held it against my just because I was afraid they would see me filming them. So there is a recording of what happened.
    2 weeks later after making some phone calls I was told to take it to the local police which I did and they said it’s nothing they can do I have to file paperwork with the DA office. So I did that I wrote up everything on the computer that happened in the general filing form and the DA’s office accepted it.
    But as things move very slowly here in New Orleans, they were not working on it because I was told they had some very harsh murder cases to deal with.
    So I reported back to the Lyft office as the police officer told me to do.
    This time as I walked in they had a freestanding kiosk and there was a sign that you need to check in at the kiosk before you go to the counter.
    I did not. But I did hear a text message come in on my phone which I did not look at.
    I also had my phone on record and was holding it against my body and so I have everything recorded buy voice only.
    I walked straight up to the counter and the nasty guy who was always telling me to leave asked what I wanted.
    I told him that I had another letter from the IRS and normally they don’t know who you are and ask you for your phone number. But he did not.
    I told him there was money being taken out of my account and that I keep calling support and he was in my account because he was looking over things and telling me that he saw on my account that I have been calling Lyft support and sending text messages through the app.
    So that made me mad that he was in my account which made me realize okay wait a minute he’s the one tracking me.
    So I just played stupid and he told me there is nothing I can do I told you that before you need to leave.
    So I left and as soon as I got in the car I checked might text message which came in right after I walked past the freestanding kiosk.
    And it said thank you for visiting the Lyft Hub office and signing in! I did not sign in this was proof I was being tracked they already knew who I was because they were the ones tracking me and they were the ones most likely stealing my money and that’s why they were nasty to me. That’s also why they were not going to report it to Lyft corporate.
    There was a second text message that came in that said thank you for your visit today please take this survey. So I clicked on the survey and I told them what happened and how I was tracked and repeat it everything I’ve been reporting to them.
    Then I went home and I called Lyft support and I demanded to speak to somebody in corporate. Well of course they don’t do that they’ll put you through to somebody else who’s supposed to be a supervisor.
    And lo and behold the person I spoke to sounded just like the nasty guy in the Lyft Hub office. But he seemed like he was trying his best to be nice.
    And he said things would get reported and I should see the money back in my account after l upload the letter take a picture of it and send it through the Lyft app, which I did.
    Nothing happened; I kept calling and sending text messages and messages through the app and was always being told it’s being reviewed.
    So finally I reported it to the IRS and they had no choice but to confer with Lyft on it and forward the uploaded screenshots that I took from the pay being subtracted and the total amount that was subtracted.
    Lyft was forced to pay it back to the lRS, which got taken off of my taxes for 2018.
    Another case in point with Lyft was, after a big event, when you’re supposed to get a lot more pay. It was after a concert; I took people first to a gas station to buy some cigarettes or whatever and then I drove them over 2 hours to their home.
    Sometimes after big events in this city it’s hard for the Riders to put correct address is in because the city doesn’t have free roaming Wi-Fi and the Uber and Lyft platforms sometimes don’t work properly.
    That’s what happened in this case; the people tried to put their address in and it didn’t go through so they just put the town they were going and for some reason that went through.
    I told them when we get further along we can put your address in.
    Well they were talking and laughing and I was just driving and when we got very close to their town I asked her to change and put her address in which she did so it updated my app as well.
    After I drop them off bye pulled out the driveway and sat on the deserted Street to look at my payment screen and it showed a zero payment.
    So I sat there for a little bit because I know how the apps work after big events. Finally I started driving home and every time I would check it it said zero payment.
    When I got home I called Lyft support who said they don’t always pay after long drives like that because they’re not sure if the ride was really that person or if somebody was using their account that shouldn’t be. They claimed it was a safety issue for the account holder that the ride was billed on.
    I was assured it would take up to 48 hours they had to clear it with the account holder.
    Once 48 Hours came and the ride still showed zero I called support and it was a nice guy who answered. He told me I should be getting $275 that was my share of the ride.
    He also said it will be in my account by 11 p.m. the next night and if not to call them.
    So the next night by 11 it appeared and it was $175.
    I immediately called Lyft support and was told that I was wrong that it was 175 not 275.
    I told them what the other representative said that 275 was my share of the ride it was a very long ride it was after midnight I didn’t get the people home till almost 3 a.m. and we’re supposed to get extra pay sometimes almost double when we drive people after big events.
    Now personally I have never really gotten much more than normal after big events.
    The lift support person argued with me and told me no 175 was my share not 275. And they hung up on me.
    I have also driven old couples who you know aren’t going to lie, who have said you’re getting 5 stars and $5 tip and I don’t get any tip plus I get ripped off on the fare.
    I have kept track of all of this and I would tell other drivers to do the same so I don’t know how many people have kept track of their rides.
    When Riders have stated how over drivers are supposed to make such fantastic money, I would always tell them no that’s not true. I have a new car and fill up my tank everyday and pay high Insurance in this city so altogether my car expenses with my car payment, oil changes and tires are approximately 1500 to 2,000 a month.
    And I also said that I get between $3 and $7 for most rides. And of course the writers didn’t believe me.
    I would tell them it ended up for I was making probably $5 an hour but Riders did not believe drivers who said this.
    And last year driving 12 hours shifts during the lockdowns and doing a lot of Uber Eats deliveries and working for Uber for the whole year you think I should have gotten more than $35,000?
    That is crazy how much money was stolen. Until all my expenses are deducted I made about $1,000.
    So even though I showed losses every year I hired an accountant this year who kind of made me mad because he took away some of the deductions saying it doesn’t look good that I showed losses and he made it look like I’ve earned a profit of $6,000 for my whole earnings which means I had to pay taxes? But I did not make a $6,000 profit I showed a loss.

  67. The percentage of uber drivers’ fairs look ridiculous off the bat, but what is not taken into consideration is the promotions uber has been giving out lately. I would say around 40% of my total weekly pay comes from these promotions. If you’re smart about where and when you drive, my estimate is that I would be getting about 80% of the total fair when all is said and done.

  68. I drive an actual taxi near Portland, Or. I have been told by many passengers that since Covid we are cheaper than Lyft and Uber. The company I drive for owns the vehicles. The percentage drivers receive is approximately 50% of the metered fare. The company expenses provide a dispatch service, mechanic, full 24/7 insurance regardless of a passenger or not, they maintain the for hire certification for each vehicle and a physical location to park cars. Driver business expenses are fuel they used daily, business license yearly and a cellphone. When Uber and Lyft started here this company lost half their fleet because of the tactics used. Infiltrate deregulate and flood the market with amateur drivers and low fares. Many of the regulations that were eased up on or removed fully were only for the benefit of Uber and Lyft, Taxis still have different rules and regulations they have to follow. We are still here!

  69. Why would the Saudi prince care that he’s taking a larger cut. You folks do realize Uber and Lyft biggest share holder/owners are not from the US.
    They are from countries that already exploit.

  70. Uber is not forcing you to drive, but to feed your family, you need to drive and get ripped off over and over, what can you do? Time to go and keep driving.

  71. The fact that this has been happening for years is absurd. Ludicrous. They’re LITERALLY stealing from the drivers. Committing fraud or money laundering. If I were driving for them I’d ask every single customer how much they paid. Take a picture. Of my earnings as well. Do that for about a week. Hire a lawyer and sue the fuck out of these corporations. Enough drivers do that and they’ll be filing for chapter 11 before the end of the year 💯

  72. Boomer here, but I’ve only used Lyft because Consumer Cellular has a deal where my flip-phone can call a ride. Direct from Serramonte to mid- SF where it would be three transit transfers and then walking up the hill after dental implants. All I can say is TIP IN CASH and be generous.

  73. If only uber and lyft would be fair to drivers,thing’s will work well.I have done a ride of 10miles in total and only to be paid 6dollars.”does that sound ok?in a case where the pick up is 8miles and drop off is 1miles how does the pay work?

  74. This is why there are no drivers. Unfortunately, it’s not worth it. Drivers taking time, gas, car maintenance isn’t being considered.

  75. I am a Lyft driver in Michigan… During the course of the pandemic Lyft has been increasing their rates that passengers pay… Thus eliminating any tips due to passengers believing that drivers are getting paid very well for rides. So not only am I getting an average of about 35% of the ride but I’m also losing all my tips! When they were showing us price per ride it showed me that my next ride will be $95… After the ride i calculated the base rate, ride distance and time that I get paid… I noticed that I was being shorted $45 for that ride. I then contacted Lyft and after arguing for about 2 hours with them and showing screenshots with the ride distance ride time and base rate… They concluded that I was right and I was shorted $45 they then gave me a bonus of $45 to cover it. When I asked for an explanation they told me that during the ride I had lost internet connection… And the lost internet connection is what caused the decrease in pay… I called them out on that saying it is BS… Because the ride calculation was shown to me before I even picked up the passenger and was showing me the $95 that was shorting me $45 for the ride so they already had calculated this before I had connection issues. Passenger told me he paid $360 for this ride and never tipped me due to the price being so high… So basically lyft straight up lies to us, constantly! They are getting rich taking the vast majority of the pay while sitting in their homes letting drivers are destroying their cars, paying outrageous inflated gas prices and struggling to get by!!

  76. Harry Truman said it best,

    “It didn’t take long in Washington to realize that the country was in such bad shape because the only people who knew how to run it were busy driving cabs and cutting hair.”

    Honest man.

    They had to pass a law giving ex-presidents a stipend cause Harry was about to go into the poor house after his term.

    Go Giants!


  77. I’m really dumbfounded when someone says Uber and Lyft are good! There are three parties involved in the ridesharing gig: the riders, Uber Administration, and the drivers. Out of the three, the drivers are the ones against whom the business was conceived. Uber’s business model mission was to exploit drivers to get the taxi industry out of business.
    Let’s briefly consider each one of them
    1.- Riders
    There is no debating on the huge advantages riders get from this business model. We have to go back to what they used to pay on taxi fares. Everyone who used taxi in those days, can remember that! Many a times, riders told me they know what we are making is close to nothing and they would have no problem with paying more. They know for a fact that no matter how high that Uber fares may appear to be they are way below what taxis used to charge them.
    2.- Uber Administration
    It’s clear they don’t care about the very people that are sweating, risking their lives everyday on the road to allow them to live a life of plenty, add other businesses in their portfolio; meaning the DRIVERS. The very premise on which this business was built is telling: LOW FARE. When l read that Uber charges more than what they report, l am not surprised. They change their thing whenever they want. They take their drivers for granted and their drivers allow them to do that.
    3.- Drivers
    Who bare the brunt of the low fare concept?
    Drivers wait sometimes around 2 hours at the call waiting area to get a call to pick a rider up at the airport terminal. If the ride is a-30+ minute ride, a Uber XL would not yield you $30.00. Sometimes you pay toll twice for the same ride. You run the risk to return to your base unaccompanied and the toll this time is yours only. If it is a short trip of 5 miles for example with no surge, the yield could be as low as 4 dollars. Let see, you pick 4 to 5 or more people at an airport with lot of bags , after waiting for around 2 hours, you get $4.00. Tell me how much a taxi driver would get from such a ride!
    They give you a call for a-18 minute pickup, the actual ride is 5 minutes, your yield can be as low as 2 dollars.
    My longest ride with Uber was from Fort Lauderdale airport to Key Largo. It was an Uber X, a one hour forty five minute ride with toll. I got paid $69.00 by Uber. I paid the same toll on my return to the call waiting area at FLL airport with no rides along the way. Let’s sum it up: 3 hour 30 minutes, plus toll for $69.00. It was before the Covid, 2019. I hate to hear people talking about the so called MINIMUM wages when referring to people working with ridesharing companies. The very concept of minimum wage is insulting to begin with. But for people in my line of work, we personally and the car we are using are constantly on the road. It’s not like we arrive at our work place for an eight-hour shift and park our car.
    When you do Uber and Lyft, wears and tears on your car are devastating. An average of 6000 miles a month causes you to change tires at a mind blowing frequency, the cost of gasoline and all kind of services more frequently as well. All kinds of pains on everywhere of your body, and potential fatal accidents must be taken into consideration as well. At times, you get some rude riders in your car and right after they report YOU to Uber. Uber’s first instinct was to side with the riders. I notice a change after I forcefully rejected their initial approach. I have no doubt that other drivers had complained about it as well.
    It’s clear that riders and the upper echelon at Uber are the only ones benefiting hugely from this business. While top executives at Uber are growing fat, Uber drivers are left to grow thin.

  78. I driver for Uber in GA. I have to call them almost DAILY because of missed trips. It is next to impossible for riders to get drivers to come to the most popular areas which are about 30 miles from the center of the city. Since fares are so high and riders aren’t aware of the split, tips are sparce. Customer support is horrible. Rarely is there a resolution. The GPS is lacking so I carry a spare phone. Riders aren’t aware that drivers are responsible for gas and maintenance and that Uber insurance is only applicable when the app is active and drivers are on approved runs. I had the debit (plus) card and immediately found out it was not worth my time. I do better with Uber Eats than passengers.

  79. I wonder how accurate the annual amount is that Uber snd Lyft report on the 1099K. I believe the IRS should investigate.
    I keep a spreadsheet of earnings and for 2019 there was a difference of about $1200 between what my spreadsheet shows and what Uber claimed i was paid. Uber’s was more than mine

  80. I quit driving for UBER because they have changed the way you can look at upcoming rides. Now unless I keep accepting rides I get penalized and can’t see how long to pick up my next ride is. Then if you don’t pick up a ride that is 10 miles out of the way you get penalized. Right before Prop 22 (which I did not vote for) we had more autonomy over which rides to accept. By the way it is impossible to get the health insurance waiver as they only count time driving, not going to pickups or waiting for a ride with the app on.

  81. Why do people still drive for these thieves? They own nothing and take do much. They claim they are broke but lol.
    For those who drive for Uber, Shame on you. For those who are taking Uber, Shame on you for supporting this. Take a black car service instead and give you money to those who run a real business.

    Be local and keep the money in the small business.

  82. If Uber and Lyft are pushing the actual passenger fare to the driver’s 1099’s, not the reported to driver “passenger fare”, then there is fraud going on. Not SF Chesa Boudin fraud that will never be looked at, but fraud at the federal level. $3 per ride at a count of 3-4000 rides per year adds up. Might be worth getting a CPA involved in this year’s taxes.

  83. Uber and lyft have taken 50% or more at times. They should realize 10% of something is better than 50%of nothing.

    When a driver starts making money for them, what expense does that milk cow incur them? NOTHING! They didn’t buy a car or insurance, no high gas cost, maintenance or wear and tear.

    Even if you said there is an expense to sign someone up that cost is recovered in a day or a few days.

    With many places going to $15+ an hour w benefits why would folks ruin a car for take home pay that’s is close to the same or less.

    They want more drivers? Stop ripping them and passengers off, if they weren’t trying to gouge everyone they could be more profitable already.

  84. Aren’t we missing something here? Am I missing something here? There appears to be no discussion of the deductibility of fees in determining taxable income. I don’t see any purpose to these articles until that is taken into account. If you’re an independent contractor, it’s not about what you earn; it’s about what you get to keep

  85. I have been driving for Uber for a little over 4 years and I have seen where Uber is taking more than 48% of the fares and on shorter trips almost 60% where they charge the customer over 12 dollars and I am getting 3.71. I have called and emailed them with all or most of the trips where they have made more $$ than I have and they have acknowledged that they know about this but so far no one is doing anything about it and driver support is a joke lately you call and either your on hold for 10 plus minutes or no one picks up the call resulting in either sending another email or calling back…they read the same script and do not offer any other options…something needs to be done on a federal level which we all know will not happen…so now I only drive one or 2 days a week even with the Quest guarantee I come close to hitting the goal but rarely get it due to the fact I need to be on the road longer just for a few extra dollars…not worth it and then have a consecutive ride bonus which is only good in the northern part of the state and I am in the central part waste of time heading out that way just for a few extra dollars again..I am in NJ and it does not look like it is going to improve any with everyone having the same issues…and you wonder why so many drivers are passed and leave the platform for better pay. I know I am not the only driver in NJ that is experiencing these issues

  86. I to can confirm that Lyft and Uber take more then we drivers get paid. They also screw with out acceptance rate.
    We spend so much time driving for these companies for so little pay. With gas prices on the rise car repairs and just the wear and tear our cars endure insurance cost. It’s not fair to us drivers.
    Barely get a bathroom break due to as soon as you pick up a fair before you can drop them off another is in que. And if you cancel it the app jams up and by the time you reset it another ride is coming through or here’s on a scheduled ride they text you telling you it’s time to go online and when you do, they send you a completely different ride for less money and when you reject it so you can get your scheduled ride it then affects your acceptance rate. Give you 20 mins ride to pick up pax that’s only going maybe 3 to 5 mins away that’s not pairing the closet driver. And yes I have been told by many of my pax what they pay also feel like Uber and Lyft keep some of our tips. Simply because I don’t and can’t believe people are that cheap that they aren’t tipping when they get great service. So here what I have to say to Uber and Lyft stop being so greedy you have taken so much from us and when you have or had loyal drivers you messed that up by hiring even more drivers giving them more while taking more from other drivers who have been on the platform for more the 2 yrs every year since I started driving my yearly payout is less and less.

  87. For this reason is why I don’t drive fro Uber or Lyft. I dont understand why drivers continue to drive for a company that claims its not profitable. Plus it continues to invest in programs that will replace its drivers, and yet drivers dont see that. Maybe when they bring back the true 20-80 percent or even 25-75 split i may return until then drivers are just being used and abused. There are a few rideshare companies out there that are trying to start up and if Uber and Lyft contiue like this those other companies will become bigger and better.

    1. Im thinking those other companies will do the same rip off act. Its just with a 3rd or 4th “little guy” as competition the rip off will be milder.
      Take rates of say 35-50% vs 65% or whatever they take now.

      The real ruse is the self driving car dream & how poorly that’s going to implement. I mean imagine going out in your “evening attire” & sitting down in some puke or bodily fluids & since car has no driver they wont be able to bill it to anyone! Just utter nonsense allway round.

  88. First off a Big Thank you DAVID MAMARIL HOROWITZ for looking out on this big white collar scam which is ongoing for years together now. I’ve been driving for both bandit brothers Lyft and Uber for over 4.5 years. They are both taking an average of 50% per ride in the name of service fee and platform fee, this is no surprise that you discovered $3 per ride is not even being recorded anywhere. They are Trillion dollar making companies yet with no employee drivers or cars. It’s a pure profit model yet they try to save tax paying at end of each financial year. They have millions to pay lawyers but not $ to pay drivers when they have a lawsuit. These companies have to just manage “a app” and to do that they have big offices and they forces there employees to come back to office so they can claim tax rebates. They are stealing from both customers by charging them more and also drivers by paying only 1/3 the price. This is a big white collar Robbery. Thank you for looking into it and exposing this scam. They first made the old taxi drivers and companies out of business and now they are leading this unregulated industry with thère own rules. They want you to bring new cars on road and charge even more from riders but pay pennies to drivers.

  89. There’s no doubt that Uber & Lyft are benefitting too much from the drivers sweat in broad dayliight without any consequence.

  90. I drive for Lyft they pay me by the mile and time like taxi and everything else go to them I took a customer from Chicago to O’Hare airport she paid $195 and I got $ 79 when I complain to lift they told me that I get paid by mile and time doesn’t matter how much they charge

  91. I have been an Uber driver for 8 years with about 17000 rides and I was shocked to see the numbers because when I started I was told drivers take will be 20% but now I see it’s a scam.

  92. Uber and Lyft books should be double checked by FTC and driver unions. They may have two books. They are smart like Trump.

  93. Uber has monopoly and they will abuse it for as long as they can I have seen my trips in its entirety and found that uber takes 60 to 70 percent in detroit and got all the necessary influential politicians in their pockets. And u can’t even sue them in public courts because of private arbitration chosen and hired by uber that they force their drivers to sign and agree to before driving so by by courts and guess whose side the arbitrator is on the one paying him or her see how that works.

  94. I drive for bothe Lyft and Uber in Little Rock Ar. I have pretty much stopped and switched to just doing Instacart because I get so little. I have to pay for all my gas, insurance, repairs, car note and any amenities I offer. I love to drive and meet people, but it’s just getting to be not worth it. I have a lot of health issues and this is basically all I can do anymore. It really sucks that I can barely pay for my gas with them anymore. Hell, if they would at least pay for half my gas I would be happy

  95. Uber drivers in this study show how greedy you think Uber is, but how about you commission this same study in at least 1 of the 4 major markets in Florida and you will see Uber is constantly taking 45% to 60%. I emailed them. I asked how is it with ALL MY EXPENSES you made more money than me? I read one driver say his understand they [Uber / Lift] have a lot of expenses, they have an APP, no customer or driver support in real time and hard to navigate, drivers on the other hand have physical and mental wear, it’s a grind then their is the car and that’s a lot to account for, that Drivers not Uber or Lift are responsible for yet the company is taking in many 40% + or more than drivers in Florida.

    I keep getting email to refer drivers to come back, driver I know and pick up not coming back, they know it’s the same shenanigans.

    The federal government need to get involved. UBER & LIFT are corrupt paying, buying, lying to local government and or spending so much in propaganda ads, it tricked the highly engaged California citizens to give the abusers, the liars, the bad corporate citizens that destroyed the competition in particular the taxi cab, a green light to keep abusers us all. CALIFORNIA had the opportunity to put them on notice and didn’t now we all suffer as Uber beats and cheats both sides.

    Uber says they have incentives, those incentives are bait and switch, when you do get in the zones to make more it does not seem like more, it’s seems like what should be paid out normally.

    Uber and Lift take even more from Florida drivers.

    1. Truth. I’m an Uber driver for the last 2 months and it’s increasingly becoming one sided and unfair on what percentages they actually take composted to what they post. Like a person above mentioned driving 50mi for $38.: I drove someone to an airport (40mi) and netted $105 for that trip, then took someone else on a 60mi ride and only got $44.. WTF?! AND IT’S BEEN CONSISTENT AT EVERY AIRPORT and anywhere in large cities.

  96. There has been nothing that caught my attention in the usa than uber and lyft. The companies are robbers and the politicians are ignorant of them. I wonder I long it will take for lawmakers to grasp this systematic robbery. We drivers make by far less than minimum wage and yet lyft and uber confuse the world.

    1. Complain to your congress and senators ok very and over and don’t stop. No answer, or ‘we will get to it’s (which is actually ‘go away’…and those lawmakers are living on our money…
      They make millions, and they must listen…keep coming back, go to news on TV. It will change. Uber etc, are billionaire companies.

  97. You should have randomly tipped through the app to see how much UBER keeps. At customer request, I’ve helped them send a tip through the app. Typically they were new customers using the app, or extremely drunk. On one occasion I got $3 of the $10 tip. On 4 different occasions, UBER kept the whole thing. I wrote to them the 1st time I noticed, and they flat-out lied and said the customer gave no tip. I knew since then, it’s no use. This theif won’t change its stripes.

  98. Uber and Lyft are 2 of the most disreputable, sleazy corporations I’ve ever had the misfortune of having to do business with. I hope they both crash and burn. They have both had convenient “glitches” in the driver app that screw me out of wages, then make it basically impossible to even contact them.

  99. its time for real competition ,uber and Lyft always will steel from drivers ,Cities or states must have same rules for rideshare companies and taxis, Limos, Its not fair having regulations for taxis and limos and no regulations for uber and lyft,Make it all fair same, all must have regulations or none of them must have regulations,When people use taxis money will be spend localy,Time for Equality has come, support taxis

  100. And here’s another dirty trick Uber plays….whenever there is a bonus period when you are able to earn 1.3, 1.5, 1.9, or whatever percentage they want to throw out there, (as I’ve had regular customers pick up and drop off at same locations so I can compare these bonuses), I’ve found that Uber DROPS the base pay just enough so when they add the bonus, it comes out to be the exact same rate…bonus or no bonus. Check it out sometime!! Pathetic!!

  101. Happened to me as well …the customer complained that he paid $ 105 but in the app it only said customer paid $65. From that day, I haven’t drove for uber.

  102. Yes, your data and statistics are realistic…Yes, Uber & Lyft rip off both drivers and passengers (I drive for Uber)…No, nobody cares about this injustice. After all that’s the “American” way!

  103. I work for Lyft and I literally keep 30% and they take 70% I drive over 12 miles for 10$ all my rides are literally 2-10 bucks profit!!! they had me bring someone two hrs away the person paid 170$ To Lyft then Lyft paid me 68 bucks after gas i made 38 dollars I cried my whole way home. it’s my car I’m driving during COVID I’m paying gas and putting myself at risk why are they taking so much money from us!!!!!

  104. I have done both uber and lyft for 15 months almost 4,000 rides. a Walmart ride about 30 minutes of your time in Tampa I make $3.19
    about $6.50 per hour not counting gas, wear on me and my car and people that don’t tip
    the only time it’s worth it is when they have bonuses otherwise it’s a waste of time

    1. Quit taking the short rides. They have the upfront fare now, you can see how much you will make before accepting the ride, how far away they are and the distance they are going. Only take the higher dollar rides. I make an average of 2000 a week after expenses, but I only take the $20 and up fares. Any other fare isn’t worth my time.

  105. I have been driving for both Uber and Lyft full-time/part-time off and on since 2015. Mostly in the Bay Area but now in Utah. I started driving full-time again in April because of the incentives they had going, and was really happy that I was making some decent money, about $45-$50/hr. After a few weeks, I started having a lot of customers who were complaining about ridiculously high fares, and I started to get suspicious because I hadn’t noticed any significant change to the fares on my end. Long story short, everything this article claims is true in my experience as well. I haven’t driven for either company since the end of April because after 6 years I am just done working for companies that would rather invest in recruiting new drivers who are desperate and who they can exploit than simply treat their existing drivers fairly. I have never tried to lobby to be classified as an employee or anything like that, I’m good with the whole independent contractor thing. But the fact is that Uber and Lyft enter into an agreement with drivers based on specific numbers, and the fact that they are not holding up their end of the agreement is criminal and unethical in my opinion. I am fortunate that I have other means of providing for my needs, I feel for the drivers who don’t right now.

  106. Lyft still owes me $1000 for a trip I accepted Memorial Day…& I’m tired of waiting. So I need to file a small claims against Lyft.

    1. & I’m more than happy to share my proof that I’m owed money from that trip….or I wouldn’t be taking Lyft to court.

      1. Seriously you believe that you are owed a thousand dollars for 1 single trip? Good lord what was the mileage on that trip? In order for a trip to be that high you had to drive close to 2000 miles on that 1 trip. And you can’t drive 2000 miles in 1 day it’s physically impossible. I think you seriously need to do the math and look at what you’re saying, because your making yourself look like a moron.

  107. I totally agree with what you mentioned in your article.
    Hopefully this article will be reached the government to figure out what is the fair
    Distribution of the earnings between Uber and the drivers and balance it with Uber customers.
    Because we are facing problems with frustrated customers because Uber charges them too much and they think that the amount will be in the Uber driver pocket
    So the majority of Uber customers revenge from the drivers in many different ways
    Like being rude or being tough with closing the car doors.

  108. One way to solve this is if your a driver for either company is to ask the rider to adjust the ride to a SHORTER location and that will make the price of the ride lower costing for the rider but what ever the price was for the original ride location simply subtract 5 or 10 dollars from that and charge the rider cash example: if a ride is 20 miles and it charges the rider 40$ Subtract 5-10 dollars and and charge the rider 30-35 dollars but when you adjust the ride location it shows up in either app and charges the rider only 5-7$ and in the rider will save hundreds of dollars a month if more people get awareness of this, and if your a rider you can have the ride set for a short distance in-the-app but ask your driver if you can pay them Cash for the rest of the ride that you want to go, so in the end the riders will save more and the drivers will make more and if only 22 riders out of 30 riders agree to saving more money on their ride then that’s still a substantial amount of money earned in the long run.

  109. I drove for Lyft from the airport for a 55min drive they charged the client 150 and I only received $38 there should be a commission to look into there practices

  110. Everyone is missing the point. Who says they owe you that money? What they take matters not. It’s what you’re paid Unhappy ? Quit. I make average of $1300 a week on 40 hours and $1550 on 50 hours after gas. That’s all I care about. Not what Uber makes. Also, if you made only $1.76 on a 5 mile ride you’re either lying or have no idea how to compute costs.

    1. That driver deducted the standard mileage rate using all the miles associated with the trip… You for some reason think that gas is the only cost you have. Why do you feel threatened by that driver’s remark?

    2. THANK YOU! Needed to be said. All this crying and belly aching makes me sick. I for one lost my business due to covid. I happen to own a Prius, so I started driving Lyft. I average $25-$35/hour after expenses. The opportunity to drive Lyft has saved my family, my home, and my sanity. I absolutely appreciate Lyft and the only true complaint I have is the crappy navigation app. Otherwise THANK GOD FOR LYFT!

  111. I have driven Uber almost 3 years…

    And 5000 trips..

    Your article is misleading.
    .the truth is we get paid per Mile and Minute.

    1. That is correct. He never mentions that…of course if they are charging riders more we should get a rate increase. I’ve driven for 6 years, no pay increase at all. What job never gives you a raise?

    2. As a former full-time Lyft driver myself I wholeheartedly agree with article Lyft has been getting over on the drivers. Everyone just sit back a wait on the class action lawsuit because they’re most definitely going to get sued very soon.

  112. The bogus “Upfront Fares” algorithm is the culprit. Uber/Lyft have separated the fare metered system for 2 distinct meter/fare calculations. One fare calculation is for the driver and the other is for the rider, which is designed to generate a higher fare/charge for the rider. The rider’s fare is actually an “estimated” fare, not a base, time, distance calculated fare. Uber then takes the difference between the driver’s calculated fare and the “estimated” rider’s fare, thus, adding and increasing Uber/Lyt’s fee percentages which exceed 25%. The scam is ingenious because its border line illegal and hard to dispute in court. The rider doesn’t have a breakdown of the fare in the rider app or the fare calculation breakdown is intentionally hidden to lesson any dispute and/or simply confuse anyone to the point of not caring. Keep in mind the “Upfront Fares” system was not created to convenience the rider but rather it’s an algorithmic fare manipulation designed to skim fares and increase revenue.

    Ps I’m the first official rideshare driver in the industry since 2011. I know all of Uber’s/Lyfts schemes and games!

    That’s my article attached:

  113. Uber is a thief, as the drivers take the risk, wear and tear on their car and can earn as little as $1.76 for a 5 mile ride on a busy Saturday night.

  114. I have been driving Uber for almost five years. Over 12000 trips. I basically stopped driving because Uber takes half of every ride now.

  115. Hi my name is jesus i just drive for uber i know they take like 60% or 70% from us
    Lyft is same they work same as uber i hope 1 day we can do something about this with they way they split the $ is unfair, they take lots of $ from us they don’t pay for ur expenses! We pay for ur insurance, gas , food , financing car and repairs we pay for all

  116. Uber tends to take a half to two-thirds of every ride that I do they also try to get you to go to The Surge areas and then when you go it’s somewhere and possible like driving off a bridge to get to it and then everybody comes there and then immediately for example I went to a service I was $27 when I left my house I got downtown it was $25 I got right to where it was and I would have to literally break open a business gate and drive off a cliff to go to where the actual Serge was and also they do the rating system however they want I had to 6 rides and cancel one and I was still at like a 4% cancellation rate then when I do 19 trips of the same and I won Triple still the same now I went up to 6% cancellation rate how would it even be possible to go up in percentage when you done more rides it should be going down with Uber is doing is trying to get you to stay on the road and do more rides and keep on not trying to pay you. And also the surges in the trip series are pretty much unattainable they have you go 30 minutes out your way to go pick somebody up and then take them another 30 minutes and then you end up in another city and you have to drive all the way back to where you came from in the first place it’s very hard to actually complete this task. Hoover has been doing this for so long and I am over them because they are Crooks and they continue to be Crooks!


  118. This was predicted by many a decade ago. Now that the taxi industry is moribund around the world, people must not only blame these corporations but also themselves. The sad thing is, people will continue to use these apps as always. Why wouldn’t they? No amount of manslaughter incidents, murders, rapes, or kidnappings by Uber drivers has ever dented the profits of the corporations, let alone stories of their exploitation.

    1. Only one person can stop them?

      David Sacks and his minions can only be stopped by serious law enforcement intervention.

      Which can only happen if the new brand of Progressive DA’s begin seriously going after white collar criminals such as that ole boy.

      Let’s see, he planned the crime of breaking the law.

      He planned and made steps in the real world beyond the planning stage?

      Isn’t that a Rico violation?

      What a world.

      The fascists are coming at us from the right to take away our freedoms.

      And, here come the hyenas to violate the law to take away our cash.

      I’m reminded of a Brecht line:

      “I’ve been to the jungles and the lowlands beneath …

      where tigers question jaguars about their teeth …

      and, never forget the moral that I trace …

      this world is a dangerous place.”

      But, hey, it’s friday and the Giants are in First Place!


      1. “The fascists are coming at us from the right to take away our freedoms.”
        These corporations are from the left they are not from the right – they are all Democrats; Google, Facebook,Uber – they suppress your speech by removing you from their platforms when you speak out against them. They are fully embedded in the current Administration – that is fascism my friend.

  119. Uber has won the war of making the word “Uber” synonymous with a Taxi ride. Using investors’ seed money they kept prices low to steal market share and decimate the industry, putting numerous individual taxi owners out of business and professional drivers out of work.

    When government regulation got in the way they simply ignored it, knowing it was cheaper to pay some petty fines then to follow laws.

    Customers were happy to find lower prices and a convenient interface, tired of hearing a harried dispatcher’s refrain (“10 minutes” or “He’s almost there”). Financial analysts all agreed that the business model could not be sustained, determining that it was impossible to be more profitable in an industry already running on such thin margins.

    It was all built on lies. We now wonder why customers are paying double and triple the price while drivers are earning less and dropping out from burnout. We see clear evidence that drivers are falsely told that customers are paying less than they actually are to continue the lie that the company is keeping only they’re targeting 25% of the charge.

    They are quick to say when caught in their lies that it’s a glitch or an aberration, meanwhile they hide the data or cherry-pick some “sample” results. How long can this continue?

    Just call me a cab and get me out of here. What do you mean they don’t exist anymore?

  120. This doesn’t take into account the promotion s! My pay last week was $69. Per hour. I posted document of my week in SF last week.

      1. Both are true I always look at fare breakdowns and uber regularly takes 30-45% of the fare they quote the rider as paying. However due to all the promotions since March I average $45/hr before expenses / self employment taxes and ~$36.50/hr after. If you count bonuses on just the day earned and don’t prorate across all rides given to earn the bonus, I’ve had days that are $70/hr +. It’s actually the best I’ve seen in the 5 years I’ve driven. Located in the east bay.

      2. I have had nights where I’ve made between 40 and 60 per hour….so I 100% believe this claim of 69 per hour….you have to know when and where to drive…..there is a method to the madness….as far as these companies taking a bigger cut ….I say so what….where else can you make 20 plus per hour as a minimum and not have to lift a thing. You turn the wheel and use your foot for the gas and the brakes….This whole post is bullshit…..You use their app….they set up the rides for you and most of the time each ride is less than 10 minutes away from your last drop off. Does anyone realize there are bonuses and incentives every day….I drive for Lyft only because they are cheaper for the riders. Stop feeling so entitled to more. Try getting a business card and get your own rides you will be lucky to make 200 a week.

        1. Here’s the problem: as a driver your’e operating your car as a business. You pay for the car, the gas, the maintenance, the insurance, and the platform fees. That’s an expense you pay for the rideshare services – expanded insurance, booking, marketing, training, bonuses (shouldn’t be there actually – that’s how they hook you) etc.
          It doesn’t make sense for them to hide what you pay them from you. You would never sign up for a gas contract where you just fill up whenever and at the end of the month they bill you for X many gallons at undisclosed price for a total of X$. That’s patently ridiculous!

        2. Over here in the DC area they stopped for 2 weeks now with ride bonuses. So I haven’t driven. You post a 3ride bonus and I’ll drive. Last year I made 20k in 6 months driving for Lyft….all sorts of bonuses included. This year I’m no where near that amount and that’s because they’re being stingy as hell. Luckily I have a real full time job….Lyft is my pocket change, literally change

        3. My rides are 15 to 45 minutes away to pick them up (for no pay). If I turn it down my acceptance rate will go down. There is only one $40 bonus for driving at least 23 rides plus one after you complete that one for $34 for completing another 10 rides that week. That is all. I make an average of $10.00 an hour while I am driving the rider. I work full-time (more than 40 hours) in Nashville. That is before gas and tires. I would love to get your fantasy $69 per hour. You are lying and work for Uber or Lyft.



    1. I’ve been driving for 2.5 years, but haven’t gotten a promotion in Eastern Iowa for over a year.

  121. For what it’s worth here in vegas Uber seems to match the numbers. In so far as percentage it ranges from a 20-350% driver commission. I’ve done 5000 rides in the past 8 months.

  122. This not somethings new all the time uber and lyft robbing customers and they not pay even pay for driver 40% of the fair lyft send driver for 20 mails pickup and of the trip driver make $5.29 for 26 mails drive.

  123. We can thank the voters of California for the out of control fares and the that both rideshare companies continue to out right lie to their drivers on how much they take out per ride and also lie to customers about the astronomical fares they charge customers. The CEO of Uber has no problem continuing his lying because he knows once Prop 22 was passed little to nothing could be done. We need Federal intervention now too make the process fair too both drivers and passenger. Both Uber and Lyft can never be trusted.

    1. It’s not just California. I drive in Phoenix. Customers constantly complain how high the fares have gotten but my pay has gone down. I work longer hours and 6-7 days a week to make less money.

  124. When my wife was deactivated, she never got a response from emails and such but when she posted to their Facebook page and Twitter, amazingly she quickly got a message they would be investigating it. All this over a document they claimed to be fraudulent because a letter in the vin or registration was barely cut off when she uploaded it.

  125. I have noticed that UBER takes more 50% of the ride some times.
    They are doing what ever they want to do.


  126. Everything you wrote in this article is correct I been noticing the discrepancy in the driver payout since 2016 I got in a shouting match through email with Uber and none of their so called driver support was able to give any convincing answer regarding the 25% for black car or 28 % for black SUV which was the initial offer from Uber to signing with them once the had almost 95% of the market black car drivers they start changing the driver share from what the customer get charged almost every few months , and the only scale they use is what they see fit to their aggression

    1. I never even trusted their services from the start of business. I saw this as catfishing since they aren’t fully honest to their driver platform, the full fare paid was V.C. temporary funding to get at least recognition (transportation industry is a money losing industry and the only ones that benefit are toe ones who: manufacture vehicles,dealears who sell you the ride at an inflated price,parts suppliers,oil companies ,etc.) I saw this as a service i saw this as a hands off i am offering a license to ensure you are legal to drive on our platform but you shoulder all costs on your:car,maintence,gas,car note payment (if any),insurance,and for youto play into their trapand leave you high and dry so as of today I may not make much at my job but it’s waaaaaaaaaay better than any rideshare business has to offer is nothing but :failure
      101 (how to avoid desperation!)

      1. I’m a Lyft driver with over 5500 rides n Lyft definitely takes more money from us drivers an if u rent with them they rob you blind enough of this there taking all the money and we own our cars and we get little to nothing for the rides..

      2. The funniest thing is that some times they sent you a ride request 25 min away.if you refuse to accept ,they kept sending you a warning through email and text message even.These companies became a big threat to the comunity taking 60% of the fare.

    2. There is no Uber support. Literally i hear farm animals in the background. Not that their is anything wrong with farming, it just goes to show you these jobs are outsourced and they probably are undertrained and paid next to nothing too.

  127. I am a former Lyft driver with 9999 trips and I found out from asking customers what they paid that lived took between 67 and 75% of over 30% of my rides. And it is my understanding that I was to get a $1,000 bonus when I taken one more ride but instead they fired me because of a bogus allegation that I deliberately cut somebody off. I will shortly be suing them for the name of that customer defamation of character and lost wages because of it and I was no minor player there were some weeks that I did over a hundred and seventy trips and made over $7,500 for the month

    1. I am a 4.99 rated driver for Uber with more than 3000 trips and 1200 deliveries. I keep track of what the customer pays and how the fare is divided. Uber is taking an average of 60% from the fare. When I confronted a driver support member they quickly shut me down by saying that Uber is only taking 25%. Thats a lie. Uber claims that a driver on average can make $1500 a week for driving. Thats a lie. I work 7 days a week and on average I bring home anywhere from $300-$400. Thats me being out driving an average of 8 hrs a night sometimes more. I figured up my hourly rate and I to even make minimum wage. Its a shame that Uber treats the drivers this way. They make plenty of money while the drivers struggle to sometimes not to break even. I think Uber and Lyft should be ashamed and start paying us better

      1. Sounds like a crummy deal – but, then, YOU are facilitating it; no drivers = no Uber/Lyft/etc. I live in an Eastern (but not coastal) state, and not a high-wage one. Nonetheless, people here earn that much working five days / 40 hours per week at convenience stores and fast food joints. Taxicab drivers earn a little more, on average, for the same 40 hour week at the one company that pays their *EMPLOYEES* hourly wages, and I haven’t kept track of what the people at the other company earn (they just pay a flat lease fee to get the cab for an 11-hour shift, return it with a full tank of fuel, and are “on duty” for as much or as little of that shift as they decide to be, although the company owner wants enough people in duty to service the customer demand if at all possible – and those drivers keep both the “meter charge” and the tips, less the lease payment, of course). The employee hourly wage earners get the usual job benefits, including paid vacation time (one week after one year, two weeks after two years, three weeks after (IIRC) five years), sick days, etc. The people I know who do it seem pretty happy with the arrangement, and to not be putting miles on their own vehicles. Several years ago, a friend of mine used her 11-hour lease to drive her elderly mother to an out of town doctor visit… and got back in town in time to earn her lease payment, lol. So, yeah, if you don’t like your situation, get a different job – or a different employer. . . .

      2. U better quit driving.i used to be a slave for them in 2017..18. If u calculate from the beggining..u will know that u are definitely a slave for them stop driving and look for some job

      3. Ive been working for uber for the last 4 years, and I have to say this company SUCKS…
        Friday August 6th 2021, post pandemic and surge prices are back up, you’d think we would be making more money… today I went out and did 3 rides. After the first ride I got a payout of $22.36 significantly less than I had expected for a ride that was 40 mins long and 9.38 miles. Out of curiosity and some frustration I check the details. Customer Payment ($45.41) Uber payout ($23.05) waoh! They literally made more money than I did… oh well shake it off maybe it’s just this trip… so I take another trip. Trip 2 (2.02 miles and 13 mins) surge ($12) total paid to me ($18.58) total paid by customer ( $33.79) paid to Uber ($15.21) were off by almost a $3 difference. No way… Trip 3 (2.94 miles and 13 mins) total surge ($4.83) total paid to me ($11.94) customer paid ( $24.39) total paid to uber ($9.77) i thought there was a fluke but I was Wrong. I got fed up and went back home with a sense of defeat? Like I was being ripped off…
        None the less I went out again later that night for the Friday night “surge” complete bogus BS I did two rides later that night both of which Uber made 50% or more of the money… I honestly had mixed feelings about working with uber because of the flexible schedule and easy payment, but… tonight I realized that I’m not working with uber but For them at whatever rate they choose to give me after they are done eating off my back… with gas prices as high as they are this company is SO NOT WORTH IT. THE ONLY TIME UBER is ever “Worth it” is when surges are ridiculously high like they were back at the end of June right about until the last week of July, when people started going out more and there was no regulation on the pricing… almost felt like the good old days when they only ever really did take 25%… maybe that’s just a fairytale and they never only just took 25% now they take us for fools…

      4. I, too am driving for Uber. It is a fact that Uber pockets 40-60% of each ride. Uber does not show that to the driver at all. If a passenger pays $100.00 to go to the airport, the driver gets $45.00, and then is placed in a queue for hours waiting for another ride back to the city. The driver often drives home without a fare, taking a loss for the trouble.

      5. You do realize you can make 1500+ per week with Uber and drive far less hours than you’re driving. Screw your acceptance rate, that doesn’t bring you more money. Sure it brings your pro status up, but that only gets you a few 10% discounts at places. PICK AND CHOOSE YOUR RIDES. I pick and choose my rides all day, taking only $20 and up rides. I make over 2000 per week on average.

        1. If you lose pro you can’t tell how far the ride will go. You’ll be clueless on how much you’ll earn then.

        2. How do you know how much your ride is worth? In Washington state, I get no details on time, distance, or duration of the planned trip until I pick up the customer. I hate it when I get drawn into tacoma because You constantly get pulled 10 to 20+ minutes just for the pick up only to find out they are taking a two mile trip that will pay you $3.

      6. Oh my God 100% man! I’ve noticed this a lot with gas prices so high and we still have to fix our cars, and cleaning of the car! On top of all that pay taxes that you can write off all your expenses but what does that leave you even after that. Making $7 a hour if your lucky and destroying your car😔 it seems like great money til your bills on the car in taxes rolling. I see a 60% to lyft and around 40% to me the driver. Shame lyft shame . If they took 37% of rides should way over the app they built and then some. We can’t talk to anyone or in a dangerous position would have to text if our phone didn’t get taken like a friend of mine when he got carjacked😵 fix this Lyft fast ..

    2. Me parece bien ganaste 7500 al mes, pero uber se llevó otro 7500 y eso representa50% ,nosotros ponemos nuestro autos y nuestro tiempo de trabajo, y solventados 50 % ubet y a los clientes, tenemos muchas veces que recorrer 10 millas para recogerlos y ademas esperarlos que muchas veces no hay parking

      1. Yes you signed arbitration but that just means that you go through arbitration first and if it’s not reasonable you take it to court. You just can’t be apart of a class action lawsuit

    3. I am a driver in fort Myers Florida 499 rating 8625 trips over 4 years Uber is stealing money from all its drivers wold wide a class action lawsuit is warranted are ceo makes 12 million a year somebody’s Makin money not the drivers this is modern day slavery wake up Uber you a making the good idea of car service and turning it into a nightmare wake up this is why you can’t keep or get drivers

      1. I e been driving for Uber and Lyft part time , all i can say they are disghusting , been driving mostly in NY and NJ , I came to the conclusion that the Corp America attitude is hit to shape up , they couldn’t care less about their dedicated employees , on local calls
        Uber was charging in Mj am average if $10 amd giving me as drive $3.71 thats before expenses , putting my car ams life on the road for $3.71 an average of half hour. That’s ridiculously insane , now the riders seldom tip and I totally understand them , they are furious about the fee they are charged $10 a local of 5 min sound like we are striking it rich , little do they know how
        Much our share is . Yet adding those $3.71 trips you can’t even make 10$ an hour before expenses why commit to such a stupid silly slave gig , same is with Instacart amd door dash , they all sick , they are designed for teenagers that will be happy with even $5-$10
        An hour , not a livelihood whatsoever , stay away from this stupid nonsense , most riders have an attitude towards the Uber Lyft drivers as well, maybe 10-15% riders only tip. Disgjusting

        1. And lets do some math on those expenses as well. I’ve never seen a complete work up of drivers cost that doesn’t over focus on Fuel.

          Here is the math with these assumptions:
          -2019 chevy equinox with 20K miles for $22K
          +$3300 for super extended warranty
          +$2500 sales tax
          +$3000 interest for life of loan
          -$4000 trade in at 150K miles (if I’m lucky)
          = $26,800 or $0.20.6 per mile
          $1100 on tires every 55K miles
          +$65 on oil every 5k miles
          +$300 on transmission every 35K miles
          +$55 in carwashes every 2k miles
          +$275 in auto detailing every 8K miles
          +$900 on brakes every 75K miles
          +$1000 struts at 100K miles
          +$5 gas per 25 miles
          Fuel and Maintenance = $0.327 per miles

          My total expense for every mile, both paid, and unpaid = $0.5336 per mile

          This does not include meals while driving 10+ hours shifts, taxes, accounting fees, supplies, annual car inspections, unexpected repairs, business licensing, signage, etc…

          So lets say I drive a conservative 700 miles per week, door to door, at roughly 25 hours per week to earn to earn a total gross with incentives and tips totaling $700 (certainly not guaranteed). Then subtract mileage costs of $373, I theoretical netted $327 which = $13.08 hour before deducting 7%income tax, 20%self employment tax, 1.5% state B&O tax, meals while driving 10+ hours shifts, taxes, accounting fees, supplies, annual car inspections, unexpected repairs, business licensing, signage, etc…

          and I am in one of the highest paying markets in the country (seattle).

          1. Wow!! Your the kinda bone head Lyft and Uber drool over. Working for roughly $13. But I know, if you were the CEO of Lyft or Uber you would be way more gracious with the passengers and drivers….Duck no! Don’t cry about your stupidity. Get a job bonehead

      2. All of Uber’s execs are making MILLIONS. Not just Dara. This is why they can’t turn a profit. They need to pay them less and pay drivers more. If you ask me, Uber should not be taking a cut from the per mile or per minute rate they charge riders. They charge a service fee and lie about surges.

    4. Spread the word. Don’t let Uber and Lyft take advantage of drivers, if it’s not surging don’t drive.

    5. Sounds to me like that passenger just wanted a free trip so they decided to make a bogus complaint. I’ve had that happen to me as well luckily I have a dashcam and was able to successfully dispute the allegations.