This morning, former SFPD deputy chief Michael Connolly pleaded not guilty to all charges alleging that he illegally engineered his own election as Broadmoor police chief while also serving as chairman of the Broadmoor police commission. 

Last week, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe’s office filed three misdemeanor charges against Connolly, who took over in 2019 as police chief of Broadmoor, a small, unincorporated town in the middle of Daly City. 

Connolly was a 29-year veteran with the San Francisco Police Department who was also sitting on the Broadmoor Police Commission when he expressed his interest in becoming the police chief there. He subsequently voted on an upcoming budget that directly impacted his own future salary. 

Earlier this month, Connolly tearfully stepped down as chief while under investigation by the San Mateo County DA’s office. Another member of the police department filed a whistleblower complaint against Connolly late last year, prompting the DA’s investigation. 

According to the charging documents, Connolly violated conflict of interest statutes in the process, by becoming “financially interested in a contract” made by a body of which he was a member, and “unlawfully… [using] his official position to influence a governmental decision” in which he had a financial interest. 

Although Connolly was not required to appear for the court date, his attorney submitted the pleas on his behalf in a process that lasted only a few minutes, Wagstaffe told Mission Local on Thursday. Connolly also waived his right to a speedy trial and is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 2 for a pretrial conference and to set a trial date. 

Between now and August, Connolly’s attorney Stephen Sutro and San Mateo County prosecutors will meet and “see if there’s a meeting of the minds,” Wagstaffe said, regarding the possibility of reaching a settlement before the trial. Sutro has not responded to Mission Local’s requests for comment. 

In addition to the criminal misdemeanor charges he faces, Connolly has also been accused of retaliating against whistleblowers in his department, showing favoritism to colleagues he hired from his SFPD days, and making extravagant purchases on the public dime like a new car for personal off-duty use. When he was with the SFPD, he served as the head of the “Principled Policing Bureau.”

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  1. Well this is news a Paddy from the force gets brought up on charges. If this was SF it probably would be buried under a mountain of paper work and the Wink by the powers that be. And let’s not forget the police union protection arm.
    Wagstaff carry on..make an example…

  2. Mike Connolly should be in prison. He got away with some serious crimes back in the day when he former Vice partner Officer Francis Hogue was arrested for kidnapping and raping prostitutes. You can Google search it yourself. Connolly denied having any knowledge of it and got away, while his partner got sent to prison. In 1996, San Francisco police officer Francis Hogue was sentenced to 6 years in prison for kidnapping a masseuse and forcing her to orally copulate him while on duty.

    1. You are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you Gosh. I was wondering if anyone else knew about this factual story. Tell it. People need to know what happened.

      1. Absolutely! Tell the facts about this! You will see Michael Connolly was not part of this incident. Trolls are so awesome. The have such power with their little fingers on the keyboard. Say your name Shocked and Dismayed.

    2. As usual Mr. Police Accountability, another troll comment. You know nothing about that investigation. Chief Connolly did not work in the Vice Crime Unit. Chief Connolly was not present when Officer Hogue did what he did. I find your comment offensive as you are un-informed like most trolls of your caliber. Time to grow up. Put your name behind your bark.

  3. Steven Wagstaffe is sweeping other charges under the rug! He will never hold his counterparts accountable! Not surprising DA will offer a good deal to not take it to trial…

  4. Typical comments. If you lived out this way you would know that Connolly appointment was a big change to the old cronies of the past. So what he hired people that he knew. BIG DEAL. You nameless trolls and your comments are killing this county. If you do not like America please leave to a place that you think is better. I give you a one way ticket.

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