Good Morning Mission, and welcome to Virus Village, your daily Covid-19 data dump.

Probably thanks to The Vaccine, new cases, hospitalizations and positivity rates are have reached historically low levels in the City.

Although it might feel that way at times, SF is not an island. The uneven vaccination rates around the State, the Nation and the World, and surges in nearby Oregon and Washington remind us this thing isn’t over yet.

As Joe reports, the appointment of the City Attorney to run the Public Utilities Commission (which he’s been investigating) was a weird move. Welcome to San Francisco.

Meet Leilani Escalante, who loves feeling her endorphins when she’s outside.

Meet Raul Rauda, who’s happy to be running his own business.

While waiting for The Vaccination, scroll down for today’s Covid numbers.

The CDC data used for the chart lags behind the data supplied from SFDPH. As of May 2, DPH reports over  72 percent (552,478) of San Francisco residents over 16 had received one dose, and 49 percent (3 74,026) are completely vaccinated.  On May 2, the seven-day rolling average of shots per day was 6,725. The DPH goal has been 10,000 shots a day. For information on where to get vaccinated in and around the Mission, visit our Vaccination Page.

Covid-19 R Estimation raised its estimate of the San Francisco R number back to 1, while keeping its California estimate at .88. All the models in the ensemble keep the SF R Number below 1 with an average estimate of .82, while its California R Number average estimate is .89.

Between March 30 and April 28, DPH reports 69 new cases in the Mission or 11.6 new cases per 10,000 residents. The cumulative numbers for the Mission as of April 26 are 4102 cases or 687.8 cases per 10,000 residents. Bayview Hunters Point, Tenderloin and Visitacion Valley have higher rates than the Mission, with Bayview Hunters Point topping the City with 1029.8 cases per 10,000 residents.

Having been on a plateau for over a month, the new case average has now dipped to its historic low, for the first time since June 13, 2020. For the week ending April 25, the seven-day rolling average of daily new cases in the City was 24 new cases, or 2.8 new cases per day per 100,000 residents.

We’ve known for over a century that poverty and discrimation drive disease, but it’s never been more evident.

Hospitalizatlons for confirmed Covid patients has now dropped below 20 for the first time since the pandemic began. For the week ending April 29, the rate of weekly change in Covid positive patients fell 24 percent.   During that week,  the seven-day average availability of ICU beds was 38 percent and Acute Care availability was 25 percent. On April 29, DPH reports Covid patients comprised 2.8 percent of ICU occupancy and .9 percent of Acute Care occupancy.  DPH reports on April 27, the City had 100 percent ICU and 100 percent Acute Care surge capacity

The latest data from the Federal Health and Human Services department shows last week SFGH, UCSF and Kaiser had 22 of 31 reported Covid patients.

Between February 27 and April 28, the Mission recorded 20,543 tests taken with a positivity rate of 1.02 percent. Only Sunset/Parkside had more tests (23,691) with a positivity rate of .54 percent. Over that time Bayview Hunters Point had the City’s highest positivity rate at 1.56 percent, while in seven neighborhoods, including Glen Park, positivity rates were negligible.

As of May 2, positivity rates, new cases and hospitalizations are at all time lows.

The Mission has had the most Covid-related deaths in the City (tied with Excelsior) at 49. Bayview Hunters Point is the only other neighborhood with more than 40 (42). Sunset/Parkside has had 38, Tenderloin 32, Nob Hill 23, and Western Addition 21. The rest of the neighborhoods have had fewer than 20 Covid-related deaths, with most having had 10 or less. No one has died of Covid in Seacliff or Presidio.

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Mark Rabine has lived in the Mission for over 40 years. "What a long strange trip it's been."

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