Good Morning, Mission! Welcome to Virus Village, your daily Covid-19 data dump.

The Vaccination didn’t come this morning. Tomorrow (Saturday) for sure.

Vaccinations are going well at UCSF. But the news from this edition of the UCSF Grand Rounds is less than happy.

They may not be able to tell you when you will get a needle in your arm, but UCSF docs do have answers to questions about the vaccine and the rollout.

Does “shit storm” refer to Operation Snail’s Pace or the rent crisis facing the City’s tenants? Or both.

While you wait for the Vaccination, scroll down for today’s Covid numbers.

Between December 13 and January 11, DPH reports 833 new cases in the Mission for a cumulative total of 3368, or 56.5 cases per 1000 residents

After taking off a couple days, the virus came back with a flourish.  For the week ending January 7, the seven-day average of new cases jumped to 325, or 37.4 daily new cases per 100,000 residents. Early indications there are higher, much higher, numbers in the pipeline as the post-holiday surge takes center stage.

The virus feeds off class inequalities. Due to working and living conditions, expanded testing in the Latinx community will not be enough without adequate support to help isolate those testing positive.

Today’s numbers include 1 transfer in  ICU and 4 in Acute Care.  In a positive sign, though possibly misleading,  for the week ending January 13, the weekly change in Covid positive patients rose only  7 percent.  During the week ending January 13,  the seven-day average availability of ICU beds was 26 percent and for Acute Care beds 23 percent. On January 11, DPH reports  63 ICU beds and 332 Acute Care beds available.  DPH does not report if available beds are staffed, but continues to assert 100 percent of required PPE on hand. 


Although cases appear to be raging, the transmission rate looks relatively lazy. Covid-19 R Estimation lowered its San Francisco’s R number to 1.12, while the ensemble estimates 1.07. California’s R number estimates average .97.

With more testing, for the week of January 7, the Citywide positivity rate kept sliding back toward 5 percent. So far for this month,  Latinx residents have a 13.7 percent positivity rate, while Mult-racial residents have 5.8, Blacks 5, Asians 4 and Whites have a positivity rate of 3.4 percent.

Though deaths among men continue to outpace deaths among women by almost 2 to 1, in terms of new  December cases, they are almost equal: 4142 men, 4066 women.

According to  DPH, as of January 12, 10 Mission residents have died due to Covid.  Bayview Hunters Point has had 22 Covid deaths, Excelsior 21, Pacific Heights 20, Sunset/Parkside 20, Japantown 14, and Tenderloin 13. Most of the City’s neighborhoods report less than 10 deaths. 

Mark Rabine

Mark Rabine has lived in the Mission for over 40 years. "What a long strange trip it's been."

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