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Good Morning, Mission! Welcome to Virus Village, your daily Covid-19 data dump.

Props to Gaynor Siataga who reminds us of the power of the community in fighting the virus.

In another attempt to tamp down the disease, City officials have announced a 10-day quarantine for travellers coming to San Francisco. Good luck.

Yesterday’s UCSF Grand Rounds focused on the CDC, vaccine distribution and the interesting issue of “immunity passports.”

Will the pandemic would prompt a rennaisance in public health? It has provoked the CDC to revise its 10 essential public health services. But it’s also provoked backlash.

We may be getting tired of the virus, but the virus is far from getting tired of us. Scroll down for today’s Covid numbers.

Between November 15 and December 14, the Mission picked up a whopping 627 new cases for a grand total of 2572 cases, or 43.1 cases per 1000 residents, since the Pandemic first hit.

Another hospitalization record but DPH reports that a couple days ago SF hospitals  had 73 ICU beds and 303 Acute Care beds available.  For the week ending December 16, the weekly rate of change in Covid positive patients rose  25 percent. During that week, the seven-day average availability of ICU beds was 29 percent and for Acute Care beds 21 percent.  DPH continues to report 100 percent of required PPE on hand. 

California’s current hospital crisis points to the danger of the virus, but also the intentional degradation of public health  over the past few decades.

If the current restrictions are having an effect, it’s not showing up in the R number which has been over 1.3 since the beginning of the month.

For the week ending December 10, the seven-day average number of Citywide daily cases rose to  246 cases or 28.3 cases per 100,000 residents. Yes, San Francisco is doing better than Los Angeles, but is that really the point?

After months of ignoring communities of color, public health officials now scramble to convince them to get the vaccine.


In the first two weeks of December, Latinx residents in SF tested postive 1275 times for a case rate of 96.1 (based on Latinx population). The Citywide rate was 41.5 

Currently at approximately .87 percent, the local case fatality rate has actually fallen a bit.

Mark Rabine

Mark Rabine has lived in the Mission for over 40 years. "What a long strange trip it's been."

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