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Update 11/18/20 6:06 p.m.: Speaking at Wednesday night’s Police Commission meeting, Chief Bill Scott said that the man who police shot yesterday evening and 5th and Market streets is “undergoing treatment at a local hospital” and is in “life-threatening” condition. Scott also noted that the man is 26-years-old.

Original post: A man’s medical condition is “unknown” after a San Francisco Police officer shot him at least once and a San Francisco Sheriff’s deputy shocked him with a Taser at 5th and Market streets at around 5 p.m. Tuesday, according to police. 

The San Francisco Police Department provided its version of events just before 10 p.m. Tuesday: 

“On Nov. 17, 2020, at approximately 5:09 p.m., San Francisco Police officers responded to 5th and Market Streets regarding male subjects in a fight. One of the subjects was reportedly armed with a knife.  

Officers arrived on scene and located a male who was brandishing a knife. During this contact an officer involved shooting occurred on the 800 block of Market Street between 4th and 5th streets. San Francisco Police officers deployed less-lethal weapons (Extended Range Impact Weapon). A San Francisco Sheriff’s Office deputy was also on scene and deployed a Taser. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for a gunshot wound. At the time of this news release, the suspect’s medical condition is unknown.”

The incident is being investigated by four different agencies. The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office “Independent Investigations Bureau,” which investigates police shootings and criminal misconduct, is the lead investigator. The Department of Police Accountability, the San Francisco Police Department Investigative Services Division, and the SFPD Internal Affairs Division are also investigating the incident.

A clearer picture of what transpired will be detailed by the SFPD at a town hall meeting in the next 10 days, police said.   

Tuesday night’s shooting is the second police shooting in 2020 in which a person was injured. Last month, two police officers shot and killed 21-year-old Cesar Vargas on Otis Street as he charged at one of them, holding a knife. 

This is a breaking story. We will update this post if and when more information becomes available. 

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  1. Yeah, DEFUND POLICE and see who living in working class district like Mission or Presidio get rob, rape or murdered. Dont worry the police already stretched , paid overtime during the BLM bs there is NO police response to your call for help lok

  2. Campers!

    I also say, “Stay safe SFPD.” Thank you for the hard work that you do!

    Having lived in the city for 40 years, I have to hand it to the San Francisco Police Department for their neighborhood outreach and community engagement.

    Recall Supervisor Hillary Ronen!

    Go Niners!

  3. Why can cops learn to use other weapons like clubs, tazers more often. And leave gun use for actual gun fights.

  4. Amazing it takes 4 agencies to investigate. Guess each needs their own spin on it.

    Definitely not feeling safer downtown these days. Combination of a lack of people and the rampant looting. I ran into Scott Weiner and asked him what could be done: he blamed the voters for decriminalizing 3 strikes (and making theft of less than $1k a misdemeanor) and the cops not engaging.

    Perhaps we’ll see improvement after most people are vaccinated, the virus recedes and people get back to pre Covid normalcy. I hope so.

    Be safe

    1. Considering that Weiner has been a sponsor of criminal justice reform bills, color me skeptical re. him “blaming the voters for decriminalizing 3 strikes”.

      A question for the reporter: was the guy shot with a gun as well as a “less than lethal” round? It’s unclear from the article

      1. Hey Phays, no lie and not fake news. Was down in West Portal supporting a local Italian restaurant (my buddies – svc workers from Mexico & Guatemala)…it was a Friday night, pre election and he was pressing the flesh stumping. Scott was nice to spend a few minutes talking to a stranger. I am really concerned about the impact this looting is having and going to have (Drug store closures, and perhaps grocery stores). I mentioned the same thing is happening at Safeway on Taraval (my wife generally won’t shop there anymore) and he said he hadn’t heard there’s a problem there too.

        No axe to grind here safety is a concern to me.

        Anyway, just to respond to you. Be safe.