Andrés Patino, a public outreach coordinator with the Recreation and Parks Department, was doing outreach for the LoveDolores campaign on Sunday, when they ran across a woman taking down signs and rope that restricted people from entering the playground at the south end of the park. 

Patino, who uses they/them as pronouns, told the woman it was not okay. She launched into a vitriolic and, at times, racist rant. No children appear in the video so it is unclear if she had any with her at the time of the incident. Patino did not see children with her. 

Approaching Patino and waving around the scissors she was using to cut the rope, the woman first said that signs and barriers were “unlawful” (Patino is a city employee who was carrying out city policy) and “unconstitutional” (no lawsuits have been filed yet). She then called Patino a “dumb sheep” and told them “go to the hospital and tell them to kill you on a ventilator like they’re doing to thousands of others.” 

“We paid for this park. You don’t get to take our property,” she said. “We paid for it.” 

She then called Patino, who was born in Colombia and immigrated to the United States when they were 9 years old, “a little migres” or “nigress.” (Patino does not know exactly what she called them but said it was clearly a slur that was meant to be “intentionally hurtful” and “intentionally racist.”) 

“Go back to wherever the hell you came from,” she said. “Stop trying to steal the property we paid for.” 

“Go back to wherever you came from,” she repeated. 

A park ranger then approached and told her to leave. She seemed to comply, and then the video stops. 

Patino did not know the woman’s identity, and Mission Local was not able to immediately identify the woman. They said the woman was escorted out of the park. It’s unclear if the woman was cited. 

Patino detailed their experience in a Facebook post published on Monday. They also sent the video to Mission Local.

Patino told Mission Local that they were shaken by the incident and shared the video so the woman could be held accountable. Patino also wanted to point out that “this normally happens outside our realm but this happens in San Francisco too — it’s up to us to stand up and push for people to do better.”  

Patino added in an email to us: “Since I was working at the time, I had to [refrain] myself and was unable to stand up to her comments. But [I] have decided I really want to find a way to hold her accountable for her actions and to hopefully avoid someone else being on the receiving end of this hateful person in the park again or somewhere else in the City.”

Recreation and Parks Department spokeswoman Tamara Aparton said that Park Rangers escorted the woman from the park, and “the investigation is continuing.”

“The video is especially painful to watch because Andrés works to ensure everyone feels safe and welcome in Dolores Park,” Aparton said. “As outreach coordinator at Dolores, Andrés works with visitors, merchants and the broader community to ensure Dolores Park is safe, clean and fun.”

“Hate simply has no home in Dolores Park or San Francisco,” she continued. “Our parks must be spaces where we are all equal and equally welcome; places where we can invest in mental and physical health and respect our neighbors’ fundamental instinct to do the same.”  

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Julian grew up in the East Bay and moved to San Francisco in 2014. Before joining Mission Local, he wrote for the East Bay Express, the SF Bay Guardian, and the San Francisco Business Times.

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  1. I would not bring mental illness rather an immoral and disrespectful act. There is no room of hatred toward others, after all we are all the children of same creator and everybody deserve the same respect. Follow the golden rules “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. I hope this lady realizes what she did or doing is extremely unhealthy and comes out of her frustration by compensating for the damage that she has done.

  2. Wow… This is news?? Folks in whatever part of the world this ‘global city’ exists might need to reassess their concept of news… Oh wait, that’s right, folks from ‘Frisco think they’re just all that. My bad.

    1. This is just one local news story, but it’s important because it’s a growing trend. Nacho, there are plenty of other stories for you if you don’t care about these types of stories.

      A local, racist woman ranting at people in a threatening way with a potential weapon at a popular public park concerns me. Thanks for reporting it, Mission Local. Makes me sick. How do we help these racist mentally ill or racist dumb people not be racist and extreme? According to the comments she’s doing this all over the city.

      Props to Patino for staying so calm. I’m sad this incident will be a lasting memory for them.

  3. This is a woman with obvious mental health issues which are demonstrated by her racist and off the wall comments. . She needs treatment and even then she will still be a racist but maybe more logical.

  4. This kind of racist rant by yet another entitled San Franciscan is nothing new – any brown or black San Franciscan can confirm that. That automatic switch in personality and tone is the quintessential trademark of just about every “liberal” racists. I know it well as do so many others. And dismissing or defending her actions as “mental health” issue or in need of kindness is nothing short of enabling hate, bigotry, and racism. It’s the newest manifestation of the centuries old racist American mindset that regardless of what kind of disrespect, hatred, or racism a white woman displays – the onus is on the person of color (especially black men) to accommodate, excuse, or de-escalate the situation with “kindness and and understanding.” How is this argument any different from the shameful and pathetic defense we’ve come to expect when a mass shooter kills black or brown people – “That person needs help because our mental health system is broken.””COVID 19 is hard on people” – yeah, no s**t, have you read about the disproportionate toll its taken on brown and black San Franciscans. Where’s the empathy and understanding for the person on the receiving end? I really hope that mass exodus from San Francisco I keep reading these days includes people like her as well as the people on here defending or diminishing her behavior. Good riddance!!

  5. Mentally ill person, whatever else is on her plate. Worker was smart to stay away from her and her scissors.
    Sickening moment when she abruptly switches voices with Park Ranger.

  6. stupid white chick, not that crazy tho as she seemed to tone it down once the park ranger came up and told her to scram.
    She lucky she didn’t get hands put on her too, but she keeps it up she gonna end up slapped/punched or dragged around then she will cry and play the victim, I seen this movie before.

  7. I’m guessing she’s a mom, crazed from months of shut-in with her kids. (Those poor little souls; imagine life with her behind closed doors.) Hence why she’s opening the playground in a fit of anger. She brought scissors on her park journey; premeditated action, yes? I applaud the calm demeanor of they behind the video, and the park ranger. We love our park and support all of the actions intended to keep us safe.

    1. That’s a very generous interpretation. I am a mom, crazed from months shut in with my kids but that hasn’t turned me into a flaming racist conspiracy theorist. My best guess is that she has been on a nonstop diet of QAnon videos of YouTube for months.

  8. She was a bad ass up to the point of being arrested, then she became very docile and calm (avoiding the arrest process). She was very angry internally and the things she spewed was not nice whatsoever. San Francisco, my birth city over 70 years ago, has changed for the worse. Zombies and monsters everywhere now. They have nothing to loose so they become meaner (I would have ran from her and the scissors, not know what she would do, but it certainly was in a threatening manner). Hopefully she will return, and then be arrested for probably the same behavior. Sad how this City and County of San Francisco has evolved to.

  9. More that 37,000 San Franciscans voted in 2016 for Trump so her attitude should not be a surprise.

  10. “Go back to wherever you came from”, says woman living in historically Latin neighborhood in Spanish named city.

      1. You keep spamming our site with comments using multiple names. Please stop. They won’t be approved.


  11. In the Citt of St. Francis?!

    Gimme a break. I’m not watching these stupid-ass videos in hope that some facebook vigilante outs her. Lady was pissed. Who gives a fuck? And fuck those ropes.

    Look out Daily Mail, here comes Mission Local.

  12. Dang I would not have expected that in Dolores of all places.

    My guess is she thinks migres is Spanish for “migrant”. But she doesn’t have to use the n word to be racist. She is grouping people by the color of their skin and assuming things about them on that basis — by even narrow definitions, this is completely racist.

  13. Actually, the DIller Family Trust paid for the children’s play area. Also, if the playground were open, she cannot legally enter unless she is accompanying a child.

  14. There are more Karens around than anyone wants to admit.

    She absolutely should have been cited, if not arrested.

  15. I am pretty sure I recognize this woman from the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago she approached me while I was walking with my toddler on Sanchez St. She started ranting at me that the government was falsely diagnosing people with Covid19 to take their children to traffic them. Then she started ranting some more incomprehensible racist stuff before I managed to get away from her.

  16. Strange, I’ve seen the Park Rangers in Dolores write huge $ tickets for far less than this. Seems like a $250 fine for defacing park property would be in order here.

  17. She was strong and aggressive until she saw an officer then all the wind blew out of her sails. She should have been cited.

  18. It is absolutely different. The protestors are fighting against a police force that doesn’t respect the lives of black people, and routinely murders them. This woman is pissed because she thinks her rights to the playground matter more than public health. I have no idea what makes you think this is comparable.

      1. You people will always move goalposts to deny the actions of racists. Get your head out of your ass.

    1. I would have to agree. I would call Tech-Trash, but looking at her doughy complexion, I do not think she’s ever worked a 40 hour week.

    2. Agreed. If you grew up here, you know who that park really belongs to and who paid for all the renovations.

  19. We are all obviously suffering from this 5 month moderate quarantine. People are angry and lashing out at an al time high, this woman is totally in the wrong for her actions, but it’s no different then the protesters and rioters.

    1. You’re wrong. There is no excuse to call people derogatory names, much less taking law into your own hands. The city closed the park, not some poor worker.
      Karma is a bitch.

      1. Whoa Mark. If you think she is no different from protesters then the “stay at home” time has really gotten to you. Maybe mix up your news sources, and try to learn what the protests are about.

    2. What does this crazy racist lady vandalizing public property and verbally accosting someone have to do with rioters and protesters? The latter are fighting against the type of crap the first lady is spewing. You tipped your hand there.

  20. Yes i think the oh-so-predictable claim of racism may be wide of the mark here.

    But then Covid is making a lot of people crazy right now. I do not see a crime here.

    1. It is a crime to deface public property.

      More seriously, the charge of brandishing a weapon, a violation of Penal Code § 417, is punishable by law. Punishment for violating Penal Code § 417 depends upon if the allegation is charged as a misdemeanor or a felony, which will depend upon the facts of the case (was it by a day care center or to a police officer?) and defendant’s prior criminal history. A misdemeanor violation of this section is a mandatory minimum 30 days of county jail up to a maximum of six months in county jail. Probation is thereafter usually allowed, often with a requirement that the defendant attend and complete anger management classes and maybe perform some community service. There is then usually a criminal protective order in favor of the victim for the period of informal probation. There may also be minimal court fines.

    2. She’s vandalizing the playground by unlawfully removing signage and barriers. That’s breaking the law.

    3. How are you saying this wasn’t racist? She clearly, in her own words coming out of her own mouth, used a racial slur and said for the person to go back to where they came from. You and this lady need to get a grip.

  21. Should be easy to identify this odd, braless, angry racist asshole. She definitely sounds like she was saying the slur in a bizarro affected accent.

    1. She accosted me in Big Lots at 30th street earlier in the day. She was calling me a sheep and kept asking me if I knew about “bill gates and 5g and the coronavirus” I told her to leave me alone. She wouldn’t. It went on for about 10 minutes while I was in line waiting to pay.

  22. Crazy lady and more are coming out of the woodwork daily. I think she said, “emigre”, which, according to google dictionary means, “a person who has left their own country in order to settle in another, typically for political reasons.”
    “Soviet émigrés and defectors”

      1. In watching again, it definitely sounds like “nigres” and not “emigres”.

        I take back what I wrote. That was a racist comment.

    1. She needs help nothing more, nothing less. This is one of those times when I believe kindness and understanding may be the best way to reach her.

        1. She’s a very angry person…i can’t imagine having to listen to her for 10 long minutes.
          Deranged and bang out of order.