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The San Francisco Department of Public Health provides daily updates each morning. We will do the same.

Comparing the most recent numbers released by the Health Department today with the figures released Friday reveal there were 161 new cases and two new deaths announced over the weekend.

One death occurred on June 12. The other death took place much earlier in the pandemic — two months ago, on April 23.

Most of the 161 new confirmed cases announced this weekend were from people who took a COVID-19 test sometime last week, although a handful of cases were added from people who took a test the week before.

The number of people in San Francisco hospitals with COVID-19 continues to climb. The number had been declining for the entire month of May and the first half of June, falling from 90 patients to 31 patients. But since June 18, the number has been on the rise, and as of June 27 (the last day we have data for), it stood at 61.

Looking at the number of new confirmed cases as a seven-day moving average, we’re now at about 50 new cases a day — although even a moving average isn’t always a good indicator, because the data available for the most recent day or two always looks artificially low, as we wait for more test results to come back from the laboratory.

The total number of deaths in San Francisco now stands at 50, and the total cumulative number of COVID-19 cases is 3,561.

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The embedded data tracker below will continue to be updated daily after this post is published.

While most of the city’s new case totals reflect the results of recent tests, the daily updates also reflect adjustments that add previously unreported test results. Those additions of old results rarely amount to more than one to three cases.  

There is a discrepancy between the total number of positive test results reported by the city and the total daily number of confirmed cases. The discrepancy comes from a delay in fully investigating positive test results. 

On the testing charts, the result date refers to the date the test was taken. 

Also, there is also a discrepancy between the hospitalization data reported by the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) and the county hospital data reported by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). This is because SFDPH receives data from one additional hospital, San Francisco VA Health Care System, that is not required to report to CDPH. “SFDPH statistics will trend higher as long as this hospital has patients admitted as either COVID-19 positive or suspected COVID-19 positive.”

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  1. I feel it is worth noting that 18 of the hospital cases (as of Jun 26) are transfers from Imperial county, and possibly other parts of the state. There has been a recent rise in local cases, but the total hospitalizations are not much higher than the last few weeks, once adjusted.

  2. I agree that you should definitely note that a significant amount of the recent hospitalizations are transfer patients. Please be fully transparent with the data and information you collect. People are paying close attention to it and it will remain that way only if it’s presented fully and candidly.

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