Courtney Brousseau.

Update May 5, 10:50 a.m.: Mission Local has independently confirmed that Courtney Brousseau died on Monday. An outpouring of grief followed on Twitter Monday evening, a sign of his popularity among transit advocates, tech workers, and civic leaders.

Update May 4, 11:45 a.m.: Multiple friends and media reports have identified the 22-year-old victim as Courtney Brousseau. Brousseau is a local transit advocate, Twitter employee, and recent UC Berkeley graduate. As of Sunday afternoon, he was on life support, according to a friend. Brousseau Tweeted just before the incident:

Despite multiple requests, the San Francisco Police Department has not provided additional information on the incident or the victims’ conditions.

Original post:

Two men were wounded in a shooting near 14th and Guerrero streets at around 8:22 p.m. Friday, according to police. One sustained life-threatening injuries and the other non-life-threatening injuries.

Police responded to a report of a shooting in the area and located a man who was unresponsive and suffering from a gunshot wound, said San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Adam Lobsinger. “That victim was transported to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries,” he said. Police found another victim at the scene with non-life-threatening injuries, who was “privately” transported to the hospital. He said the department has “no suspect info at this time.”

The incident remains active, he said, and asked anyone with information about the incident to contact the SFPD.

Witnesses writing on Twitter described hearing many gunshots around the time of the incident. “We heard tens of shots and then people screaming run run run,” tweeted Cansu Çolakoğlu.

“We heard it too. That was a lot of gun fire,” tweeted Pat Daday.

Update May 2, 9:23 a.m.: Lobsinger said that the man in critical condition is 22-years-old, and remains at the hospital. The victim who suffered non-life-threatening injuries is 17-years-old.

A witness described seeing from their window three men shoot and drive away in a white car. “I saw them, thought it was a fireworks [sic] for the Thank You Hour for first responders,” the person said in an email, “but just a drive by.”


Photo of the aftermath.

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  1. This is fucking scary and you know it certainly wouldn’t happen in those newly gentrified areas of the outer mission. This is really sad and this is also another reason to oppose gun control. Cops don’t protect poor people-they terorize them. California hypocrite oppressive progressives only want gun control for the same reason Hitler and Mao favored it–they fear the armed poor and the potential they can have.

  2. This is a disturbing and horrible event. The perps will hopefully be caught and punished. The Mission, which has so many decent and good people, is mired in the filth caused be these malignant elements. In some way the people need to stand-up to these vicious people.

  3. Aroumd 20 shots were fired. No news coverage until this??. why does it have to be a white face injured for the news to cover the stories?? Our brown and black people get shot all the time in San Francisco and Kron4 /Ktvu/kgo never reports anything. Mission Local was the only source to put it out there.

  4. My apartment for sure thought it was fireworks too since there were so so many shots. It is eerie to read this article. So sad and scary.

  5. I was on 15th and guerrero waiting for the light to turn green when I suddenly heard the shooting. Few seconds later I heard something hit the front of my car. I now have a nice gun hole in my car bumper.. Thankfully neither I or my wife got hurt. Crazy shit..

    1. Wow.

      All of the cars on Guerrero with bullet holes were towed away by the police later. I’m guessing as evidence.

  6. That shit was intense and so fucking scary. We saw two men shooting towards Guerrero from 14th St. outside of our apartment.