What is love?
Annie Labrie, Matthew Rochester, Brianna Brown and Rachel Youker were all drinking “KAM-bucha,” which is what they repeatedly called the drinks in hand. The “KAM-bucha” was in fact a canned Moscow mule. They were huddled together tightly. They looked like best friends. Close in proximity and in deep in conversation. When asked, “What is love?” Brianna answered.

“You know that feeling when you walk into a room and you evaporate into dust?”

Is how she started the conversation.


]Kelsey and Alex

They met on Hinge, but they have a few fake stories about how they “met.”

 “One was I was studying abroad in London and Alex was there on vacation…but the real story is that we met online.”

They look at each other as they begin to laugh. It wasn’t until a month after Alex had originally asked Kelsey out on a date that she agreed to go. Their first date was at a bar near Alex’s home, well, not near, exactly above the bar. Kelsey smiles and places her hand on his chest and says, “good job.”


Saoirse Harty

Harty views Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday, it doesn’t have a lot of significance, just a day you show to your instagram followers how much you love your significant other.

“I think there is a nice sentiment there if you do want to celebrate your partner, it should be done on a regular basis.”

Saoirse Harty’s favorite Valentines day… when she broke up with a boyfriend. Listen below about how the night unfolded.

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