Mayor London Breed swears her appointee, Ivy Lee, in as a City College commissioner.

Ivy Lee, a longtime City Hall legislative aide, civil rights attorney, and City College trustee, confirmed today to Mission Local that she will not run to replace her boss, District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee.

Lee’s run for the seat — and likely win — was seen by many as a fait accompli when she took the job in Yee’s office. Previously she had served as a legislative aide for Supervisor Jane Kim.

“It was a difficult decision, but I think it was the right one,” Lee said. She is the mother of a 12-, 14-, and 16-year-old and said she wanted to be a more available parent than her parents.

She would’ve been tough to beat. Lee is on good terms with Mayor London Breed, who appointed her to the City College board, and would also have been Yee’s favored successor. Demographically, it does not hurt to be a Chinese American in District 7 either — and Lee’s recent successful run for a citywide position on the CCSF board only enhanced her name recognition.

Moderate-leaning candidates Joel Engardio and Ben Matranga are already declared for November’s election. This will not be the first rodeo for either of them. But who will emerge from the progressive camp is not known.

Lee would only add “I hope it’s someone who cares about this city, and isn’t just politically ambitious.”

Joe Eskenazi

Joe was born in San Francisco, raised in the Bay Area, and attended U.C. Berkeley. He never left. “Your humble narrator” was a writer and columnist for SF Weekly from 2007 to 2015, and a senior...

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  1. Thank goodness. Lee was instrumental in Norman Yee opposing transit improvements on West Portal Avenue, one of the busiest Muni corridors in the city. Glad she’s out of the race and hopefully someone with genuinely progressive views on public transportation and its role in combatting the climate crisis will prevail.

  2. Transit issues are the biggest bone to pick west of twin peaks. If they don’t move the boulder soon the traffic will overwhelm everything.

    With multiple developments in ply and lacking affordable housing (rental housing at 30% tops of income) D7 turns into some kind of lost district of mansions and empty homes… that’s why businesses are closing. West portal is looking bleak and unless they convert single story banks sites to housing there is not enough foot traffic on west portal and they will lose big time with changes at stonestown and parkmerced (if they ever start or sell again?)

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