Mission and Valencia Streets starting at 21st Streets and heading north 

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  1. Everybody in the Mission hates Valencia street as it is “too nice”. People in Paris, Vienna etc don’t self loathe like we do. I’ll choose nice over gross any day.

  2. It does seem to be the most critical problem of our time. A software developer can build something that is (literally) useful to a billion other humans. Even if only a fraction of a cent is effectively collected from each user, it is still a lot of money. At the other end of the range, many of the homeless people in the city do not provide anything of value, to anyone – even themselves – and are entirely dependent on the charity of the rest of society for literally everything. People in many other professions are caught in the middle somewhere.

    I personally think we should strive to take care of even those people who are ‘net negative’ contributors, as an acknowledgement of their innate human worth. However, I’m not sure it makes sense to try and care for them through direct or indirect support in one of the most expensive locations in the world. In the end, there is no getting around the numbers. For the cost of one subsidized housing unit in SF, you could purchase 10-20 units elsewhere in the country.

    The folks in the middle, who are contributing, and upon which a functioning society depends, but have trouble affording housing – that is harder. I support a wealth tax, and subsidized housing for people who work. But, we should spend fewer resources in the city subsidizing housing for people who only take, and then walk outside and actually destroy what their fellow humans are trying to build (and the productive elements if society upon which they themselves depend.)