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Female pedestrian, 69, killed in collision on 19th and South Van Ness

Female pedestrian, 69, killed in collision on 19th and South Van Ness

A 69-year-old woman was struck and killed by the driver of a pickup truck at 19th and South Van Ness around 3:26 p.m. Thursday, according to police.

How the incident transpired is under investigation, police say. But San Francisco Police Department spokesman Officer Robert Rueca said that shortly following the collision, officers responded to the incident and discovered the woman suffering from life-threatening injuries. She was transported to the hospital, where she subsequently died.

“The driver and the vehicle remained on scene and cooperated with our investigation,” Rueca said. “No arrest was made, nor is an arrest pending.”

The woman is the 16th pedestrian or cyclist to be killed in a vehicle collision this year, according to Walk San Francisco, a pedestrian advocacy organization.

“Our hearts go out to the victim’s family and friends,” Jodie Medeiros, executive director of Walk San Francisco, said in a statement. “We have a crisis on our streets with traffic safety. Lives are being lost all too frequently, and devastating families and our communities.”

South Van Ness is notorious for fast-moving vehicles. It is on the city’s “high-injury network,” the 13 percent of streets where 75 percent of traffic collisions occur.

Recent calls for service to police can be found on CrimeMapping.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services, which can be found hereVictims of violent crime can also contact the Trauma Recovery Center at UCSF.

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  1. M. P.R. (Pattie) howard

    I don’t know the particulars of this specific accident. What I do know as a driver that not all road casualties are due to a driver’s negligence or incompetents. Sometimes it’s the bicyclist or pedestrian failure to observe the rules of the road.

    Too many times I’ve barely avoided a collision due to the failure of the bicyclist to stop at red lights, stop signs or pedestrians. All too often I’ve had to almost literally have had to stand on my brake pedal to avoid a collision with a rider who failed to stop and yield as I was going through an intersection where I had the right-of-way.

    Too many times I’ve narrowly missed an individual pedaling out of the shadows going the wrong way with NO lights or reflectors.

    All to often I’ve encountered bicyclists who fail to give the proper hand signals when changing lanes. This also goes the same with e-scooters and skateboarders.

    I’ve also witnessed too many pedestrians with their noses buried into telephones, barely looking up from their phones long enough to note their surroundings. Or the individual who steps out into traffic from between two rather large vehicles and is surprised when a driver has to slam on their brakes and maybe blow their horn

    So don’t always assume that the driver of an automobile is at fault. We have a very congested City and we must all observe the rules of the road.

    • Lisa

      Absolutely agree! Pedestrians operate under the “I have the right of way” mentality. Headphones and cellphones also play a part b distracting the pedestrian. Cars can be deadly and pedestrians don’t always use caution. In this case, since there was no arrest, I’m sure the vehicle was not negligent. Sad nonetheless.

  2. Michael

    I work at the bar on that corner and constantly see drivers blow the stoplight, not stop on turns, and just generally drive recklessly, treating it like a freeway (45+ mph) as opposed to a street with pedestrians, bicyclists, etc…

    Seen more than a fair share of accidents, including overturned cars, crushed cars, etc…

    • Izzy

      Bummer, accidents happen, this was obviously just some contractor or some worker (who else would be driving around mid day). Lets not go all “ban cars”… some of us still drive after all.

      Not sure what you could do to make South Van Ness safer… I’d put up signs telling bicyclists to use Folsom or Valencia instead. I ride a bicycle and I never use Van Ness to get somewhere. When I drive though its nice to have a higher speed thoroughway to get to 101S.

      • Dave

        South Van Ness Ave has been the scene of several fatal accidents over the past few years, not to mention countless collisions.

        Former Supervisor Campos, Mr. Reiskin, former head of SFMTA and Supervisor Ronen have all been notified over the years.

        The result?


        The SFMTA has shifted an unsafe volume of traffic to South Van Ness which is mainly residential.

        Buses, bug rigs, cement trucks, cars by speed though the South Van Ness Corridor at 45 mph plus all day and night.

        Simple fix….change the traffic light timing asap.

        Later, work on more substantial changes as have been done on many other unsafe streets Citywide.

  3. Dennis

    We need more speed and red light cameras.


    Another dangerous habit I see very frequently, is drivers who turn right on red without coming to a stop first. All vehicles are required to come to a stop at red lights, including before turning right on red. Red light cameras would help with enforcement of this. Due to tall vehicles that park right up to the intersection and many times in the crosswalks as well, there is no visibility for pedestrians when drivers are making their choice to turn right.

    Ride hailing cars just stop in the middle of the road to pick passengers up because there is no parking anywhere. This means that driving cars have to constantly leave their lane to pass vehicles stopped in their lane, which is also very dangerous.

    • M. P. R. Howard

      I grew up in the Boston area. They did not envoke right on red until I long left the state. So I’m never been fully comfortable about turning right on red. I’ve lost count of those drivers who get impatient with me and continuously lean on their horns attempting to get me to move. Some have actually swung their cars around me to make the right on red. Witnessed many close calls. I also witnessed a t-bone accident because a driver who was behind me decided in being a fool who was in a rush for a one-way trip to the boneyard.


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