Piri Pica storefront
Photo by Maria C. Ascarrunz

Piri Pica, a Portuguese style restaurant at 590 Valencia St., closed its doors abruptly on Tuesday and a day later eviction notices were posted on its exterior. The closure came as a surprise to many Valencia denizens who stood in front of the signage taped to its front door reading the notices.

The notices indicated that the  San Francisco Sheriff’s Department came in to evict the tenants on Wednesday, Aug. 28, nearly a year after it first opened on Sept. 4, 2018.

Piri Pica’s owner, Khalid Mushasha, told Mission Local he did not want to get into the legal details but emphasized that the restaurant was unable to sustain itself on Valencia Street.

“At this time, the business wasn’t sustainable,” Mushasha said.“We did an educated decision to close the business.” Mushasha said.

He emphasized that this wasn’t a classic story of a landlord evicting a business. Things just didn’t pan out, he said.

“If it was easy to run a business, everyone would be doing it. But it isn’t and we gave it a shot,” Mushasha said.

On Thursday afternoon, pedestrians stopping  to read the signage were surprised.

“Did they really close?” asked Lauren Beyer.

Beyer lives above Piri Pica and said she frequented the restaurant at least three times a week. She said she even planned on watching football games at Piri Pica.

“I met the owner. It’s sad,” Beyer said.

David Medeiros and Chris Smith, who also live nearby, said they had most recently eaten at Piri Pica on Monday but had not seen any warnings that it would have closed.

They loved it so much they’d eaten there at least eight times, they said. Medeiros said the taste of their kale salads was a lot like what his mom made for him when he was a child.

“There was a variety of sauces, they served a side salad or vegetables that were first-rate,” Smith said. “Oh boy, it’s sad. The people were really nice.”

Mushasha said he plans to sell the business and hopes a new tenant can take over the place soon.

John P. Zhangi, the attorney who filed the eviction documents, declined to comment.

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  1. What’s going on in the photo? It looks like one woman is smiling and posing with a flyer while someone else is photographing her.

  2. Being a die-hard Nandos fan, I was pretty excited when I heard about them opening. Turned out to be quite average and definitely no Nandos.

  3. OPP (Our Poke Place) on 20th is closing. They got bought out by the new owners of the business next door.

    1. Even more disconcerting is how can you sell a business after you have admitted publicly it is not sustainable ?

  4. This was seriously one of my favorite restaurants in the Mission. I’ve literally eaten there twice in one day because it was so good.

    This is a major bummer.