Two men have taken to GoFundMe to recoup bail money after what they claim was a baseless arrest for assault outside Manny's on Aug. 6. The alleged victim, however, is vowing to press charges.

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An Aug. 6 altercation in front of Manny’s Cafe led to the arrest of two demonstrators after police said the protestors assaulted a longtime Mission resident. Police arrested Dayton Andrews, 26, and Max Goodwin, 27, on that day, but released them 17 hours later. 

According to Dan Mayfield, a San Jose based attorney who consulted with the activists, the charges against the two men were dropped on Aug. 12 pending further investigation.

But the alleged victim, a 63-year-old man, said he plans to press charges against Andrews, Goodwin and three others he says punched and manhandled him. 

The man said he was walking near Manny’s at 3092 16th St. in the evening hours of Aug. 6 when he saw the men banging on the cafe’s windows. When he pulled out his phone to record video, the alleged victim said he was attacked.

“It was very confusing. I was surrounded by a sea of bodies and they were screaming, ‘Who the fuck are you?’ right in my face,” said the man, who asked that his name not be published as he fears he’ll become the subject of a harassment campaign.

The two demonstrators who were arrested during the ongoing protests outside Manny’s, a cafe and community meeting place at 16th and Valencia streets, have denied the allegations. 

The charges – felony false imprisonment, conspiracy to commit a crime, second-degree robbery, assault with force, and misdemeanor battery – have been dropped for the moment, but the bond premium on the $75,000 bail is non-refundable. 

To pay their balance of $11,000, Andrews and Goodwin turned to GoFundMe and have raised $5,980 from 127 donors as of Aug. 22. 

Officer Joseph Tomlinson, a San Francisco Police Department spokesman, said police were called to the scene of an alleged assault at around 6 p.m. on Aug. 6. 

Upon arriving at the cafe, police spoke to the victim who said he had been walking by and recorded the protesters. When he told them to stop banging on the windows, five demonstrators allegedly surrounded him and began pushing and striking him.

Activists started routinely protesting outside of Manny’s earlier in the year, arguing that the venue further gentrifies the neighborhood and objecting to Manny’s proprietor Manny Yekutiel’s support of Israel’s right to exist. 

Andrews said he was singled out by police even though he had stayed away from the main group of protesters. He said he did remember that an older man had been heckling the group and alleged that he stuck his camera in the protester’s faces, but Andrews said that he stayed away from the pack and parties involved. 

“There were like 30 people there. I don’t know why I was chosen,” Andrews said.

A video posted on Twitter shows the moment Andrews was arrested, followed by an 18-second clip with Goodwin already in handcuffs. The videos, all under 30 seconds, do not show the alleged altercation or scuffle that ostensibly predicated the arrests.

Goodwin said the charges were false, and that police did not have any proof.

“People were looking and filming. It’s ridiculous. It was all out in the open,” Goodwin said.

Yekutiel said in an email that he had been moderating an event discussing methods of ending homelessness in the city when the alleged assault happened. 

As we have always done and always will, we support the First Amendment right to free assembly and free speech insomuch as it does not negatively impact the physical or emotional safety of our staff or patrons. However, we strongly oppose violence of any kind, and will continue to ensure a safe, secure and respectful place for peaceful and constructive dialogue as is our long-stated mission,” Yekutiel wrote. 


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  1. Hey Rosh,

    Spin this as you wish, but the FACT IS that several of the protesters BEAT a man who was video taping them. Indisputable.
    They pushed, punched and knocked him down into traffic on Valencia St.

    YOU KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE, because at least 4 protesters were also video taping everything that happened. Your group has those videos, but you WILL NOT SHOW THEM.

    Get real

    1. My group? Believe what you want but you are sorely mistaken.

      I have no idea how that incident transpired. Where you there?

      Your comment is hearsay as far as I can tell. It would be foolish for me to believe one alleged story over another.

      I’ve engaged in no spin. I really don’t care what happened between the videographer and the protestors. It’s not interesting to me.

  2. Hi S-

    I’ve never met Manny, but i have spoken with him on the phone a couple times. I wouldn’t accuse him of being a racist, just a Friday night phone ringer (who doesn’t follow up when he says he will).

    My original post was clearly focused on ML’s coverage of the protestors – not Manny (they’ve been stroking his feathers for a year). I think ML manipulated the language in their reporting. Additionally, they were quick to report an ‘alleged’ attack, but moved like sludge in initially reporting the boycott.

    Respectfully, that ‘Zionism at it’s heart is racist’ are your words. I would ‘t say that. What I’m saying is that modern Zionism is widely considered to be inextricably tied to the occupation of Palestinian territory.

    If Joe was standing on firm ground here, he would’ve been back to set me straight. It got too sticky and he bowed out (after some weird inference at “self-indictment,” which left an opening to an interpretation of anti-Semitism on my behalf).

    When’s Manny going to moderate a political discussion on Zionism? Did I miss it? Could be good…

    1. Hey dude — 

      I don’t have time to debate with every commenter on this site. But, go ahead, bring up Breitbart and the ZOA and make my case for me why not to repeat protesters’ claims verbatim.


  3. S – It is telling that Breitbart News is the ZOA’s perennial defender. They teamed up again last week to smear the NYTimes via an editorial board member. It’s a wild story. (If I was the Times, I’d nix said employee. Smear campaign or not, the kid has got to go.)

    If Manny and Joe want to exclude Palestine from their interpretation of Zionism, then good luck ignoring the agenda of Zionist organizations.

    1. Hi Rosh-

      I’m not trying to be judgmental of Manny. I have met him once before and I don’t believe him to be racist. I am myself Palestinian. I am also cognizant of the fact that Manny and his family went to Israel as refugees from Afghanistan so understandably he might feel indebted to the nation as it literally saved him and his family. Because of Zionism they had a place to run to. This is a very complex issue and while I can judge the state on a moral basis, I have a hard time judging most individuals. Just like I as an American would not want to be judged for the actions of our government. My tax dollars are literally funding the oppression of my relatives.

      I do agree with you that Zionism at its heart is racist in its assertion that a Jewish (exclusionary) state be located in a place where other people have lived for centuries, where many of Palestinians likely have Jewish ancestors as well. However I’m also not sure what these protestors are really doing to advance the cause.

  4. Other witnesses have already handed over video evidence. Expect a civil suit from the victim. You wonder why donations to their go-fund me page has dried up once folks realize who these thugs really are.

    1. Show us the money. Evidently the video wasn’t enough for the d.a. to bring criminal charges. Sounds like the complainant might have trouble proving he wasn’t the aggressor.

  5. Indict me if you want Joe (I didn’t self-indict, that’s your judgement). Personally, I think any nationalist construct is hard to defend. I always focus on the people – I don’t make judgements on their ethnicity.

    I think it’s poor the reporting failed to note the “Zionist” contention, and, for the record, I misstated nothing about Manny; personally have never cared about those random posts he made. Certainly, I would never condemn him for those posts or partake in this protest.

    I will say that, unlike Mark Rabine, I do believe the protestors are having an effect and that Manny has greatly considered where he stands. It goes further than cash register rings.

    I’m a dude. My name is Rosh.

  6. These protestors are such idiots. I’ve seen them acting belligerently to people on the street who disagree with them so not surprised to see that they have finally started to become violent. I hope the victim follows through on pressing charges.

  7. Failing to use the word ‘Zionism’ – instead supplanting it with the phrase “Israel’s right to exist” – is misrepresenting the protestor’s contention.

    The protestors very clearly called out Manny’a written support for “Zionism” (as reported here in ML). Modern Zionism is widely considered to include support for Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. It’s suspect for a news media – especially one that has previously been dismissive of the protesters complaints against Manny’s support of “Zionism” – to reword the stated contention in a way that erases any direct connection to Palestine or Palestinians.

    Was this an editorial decision or an editorial oversight? Or can it be explained some other way?

    1. Sir or madam — 

      You are redefining the word “Zionism” to mean what you want it to mean, and weaponizing it.

      Manny Yekutiel has never expressed anything beyond baseline support for Israel’s existence.

      Your contention about what “modern Zionism” is “widely considered” to constitute is a self-indictment rather than any sort of factual statement.



      1. First off I will say that I have no idea what it is that Manny purports to believe. What I will say is that the basis of Zionism is that Jews need their own state (in Palestine), basically because no other nation can be trusted to ensure safety and prosperity to the Jewish minority. That in-it-of-itself is debatable but the original commenter is right because Zionism directly affects Palestinians in literally every way imaginable, but they are absent from the definition of Zionism. Zionism already is a weapon and its victims are the Palestinians (as well as Jews and Israelis who have to live with supporting the oppression of others every day).

        Zionism is the basis of the state of Israel. There is literally no supporting one without the other. You cannot say that Jews require their own state when there are countless ethnic groups that do not have one, UNLESS you are a Zionist.

        The state ironically asserts that it is a democracy while it actively discriminates both against Palestinians in occupation and those that are Israeli citizens. Its job is to be a state only for the protection of Jews. This is not democracy and this is not morally acceptable.

        While I understand this is not a black and white issue and I would never support the forced relocation of any Israeli, Zionism at its core is a belief in the right for Israel to exist (as a national home to the Jewish people). However in practice, that national home comes at the exclusion of Palestinians which also call the same place home.

        My ideal solution would be for one state that recognizes all the inhabitants of the land as equals.

    1. That would apparently be ML’s interpretation of Zionist condemnation (it’s not clear where they got that, we can only guess). It’s wording that removes Palestine and Palestinians from the equation, while simultaneously painting the protestors as anti-Semites. i felt like I was about to be labeled anti-Semitic for bringing it up (see below).

      You don’t have to research “Zionist of America” very long to see what their political goals are. Have a gander.

      Here is a clearer picture of what the protestors stand for:

      *Reminder to Manny — you have no say in the protestors’ first amendment rights.

  8. Anyone who has seen these people making a scene in front of Manny’s knows that they are not protesters, they are bullies and thugs. It’s their way and their way only. Loud megaphones in pedestrians’ faces and the tenants living above Manny’s are complaining about the protesters too.

  9. Where is the leadership? Currently in the Mission there is a vacuum. There’s an army of scooterized toxic tech bro’s and a gang of black glad toxicity black block bro’s. I think one reason that Ronan was elected was a desire to reduce the toxic masculinity that dominates the Mission. So why no leadership? Why no bridge building?

    1. When talking about toxic masculinity in the Mission, you exclude Nortenos and Surenos? Interesting……

      Please define what you think “toxic Masculinity” means. I think of homophobia, berating/harassing women, fist fights, etc…. Riding around on scooters does not make you masculine..If anything, it makes you more feminine.

  10. The protests outside Manny’s are little less than a pathetic sequel to the protests around the Gartland Hotel fire on the same site 40+ years ago. As far as I can tell, their noise has had zero effect on Manny’s operations and clientele. Who would assume otherwise? Unfortunately, their ill-timed absurdist politics have rendered the Mission (once again) into a punching bag for every right-wing blowhard blog in the country. And Russia!! Good work guys.

  11. With all the attention/protests Manny’s has received, you would think he has installed cameras on the outside of his building. Maybe he has video of this confrontation?

    It’s just a matter of time before more violence occurs and someone gets really hurt. Cameras are cheap and can deter a lot of bad actors if they know they are being filmed. If you set up a place that attracts angry people, you should have some responsibility in protecting the clientele.

    Manny, please install cameras if you have not already done so.