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Katz Bagels, the normally bustling, much-loved bagel shop on 16th Street, remained closed today, after a forced closure Wednesday morning by the San Francisco Department of Health during a routine health inspection.

According to the detailed food inspection report, “This facility’s permit to operate has been suspended due to an imminent public health risk. Facility was found to have a severe rat infestation.”

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The overall score the restaurant received was an 81 out of 100. But, in order to reopen, the shop will need to be cleared by health inspectors. For that to happen, owners and restaurant staff must “eliminate rodent (rat), cockroach, and fly activity, and immediately initiate pest control from a licensed operator or any pest control services,” among other actions detailed in the report.

To check the latest health inspection scores of your favorite restaurants, see this map created for Mission Local by Victoria Beckley.

The bagel shop is also required to seal all “holes, gaps and crevices to prevent pest entry and harborage,” and to clean, repair and sanitize the space.

Other troubling notes from the report: “rat droppings on counter behind coffee/hot water machines,” and “live cockroaches on hot water heater (observed 2).”

The bagel restaurant’s previous health inspection scores were 86 (from an inspection in August 2018), 79 (January 2018), and 81 (November 2016). Among its violations over the years: a vermin infestation, foods not protected from contamination, unsanitary food contact surfaces, and inadequate food safety knowledge. There were three health complaints made by members of the public in 2016 and 2017, but none since .

The owners did not return Mission’s Local requests for comment.

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  1. SF has gone into a black hole of filth and disease. From feces to drugs SF Has no one to blame but it’s own residents. SF refuses to enforce any type of laws or rules or regulations. SF will only act on behalf of those who’s rights are violated by a slight breeze. I love tho, when it comes down to it, the righteous ones fighting for equality and justice will sell there soul for a shot at capital hill or tickets at the new stadium.

    1. Whew, calm down Mark – the bagel shop failed a health inspection, it’s not a sign of the apocalypse. Things are working as they should. They’ll fix the problems and re-open. It’s gonna be okay.

  2. Having been a pest control tech in SF many many years, this is a classic “totally blown” restaurant inspection. Shame on Katz Bagels. And gross. Really there is no excuse for this at all.

  3. The rat population in San Francisco has reportedly doubled in the last year? Is that what I read or heard somewhere? Is there any link to our method of trash collection? Walk by any restaurant on trash collection day. The cans are absolutely disgusting. Dirty, filthy cans– dirty, filthy restaurant. I know people that throw raw food uncovered in the green can. I have seen maggots and fruit flies galore as well as evidence of mice having eaten through those biodegradable green bags. Rats can easily get into a green can or a garbage can. Do people wash out their food cans prior to disposal into their recycling can? Rats will eat right through the plastic if necessary. Rats can eat through concrete. I have always used our now outlawed plastic bags to double bag garbage. I pour motor oil in my green can and constantly spray with insect repellent and pour in bleach. How’d you like to have rats because your neighbors are pigs?
    There are very few restaurants this side of Market St I will eat at. This only confirms my suspicions. It’s now down to one and I wouldn’t even consider anything on Mission.
    How about our resident homeless that routinely throw their garbage and uneaten food on the sidewalk? No screws loose screws there, huh? They should be made to lick it up.
    By the way folks: recycling in pretty much on the way out in this country. More and more municipalities are confronting that this whole recycling thing is a sham. China no want our paper no more. Fact. Glass containers are worthless. Glass recycling is dead. Fact. Who had any idea there are dozens of different plastic compounds and they aren’t mixable as recycling stock. What’s next? Typhus? Bubonic plague? What’s next is the garbage police. Wait until the City mandates fines for crimes against humanity.

    1. I was with you until your hatred of the homeless crept up. Should be made to lick it up? I would say the pig isn’t your neighbor, it’s you.