An SUV careened into the former Thrift Town building at 2 p.m. Saturday, after circling around the intersection of 17th and Mission streets and striking several vehicles containing people, according to witnesses.

Two women sitting on a motorcycle on 17th, waiting for the light to change, were struck by the out-of-control SUV and sustained minor injuries, according to witnesses and police.

The driver’s condition is unclear. Witnesses saw the man fall out of the car following his collision into the building,  “He’s getting checked out,” said Sgt. Adam Plantiga.

“We’re not sure if it’s a crime scene yet,” he added.

The SUV did not appear to penetrate the facade of the building, located at the corner of 17th and Mission streets.

Leah Clark was sitting with her partner her car on 17th Street at the intersection when she heard the screech of tires before the SUV hit her car, which she described as “jarring.” Less than a second later, she saw the SUV hit the two women sitting on a Harley Davidson, turn in the intersection, and then hit the building. She said the man, who she described as an “older gentleman,” fell out of the car immediately afterward.

She and her partner were not injured.

A man who gave his name as Bobby Ray was standing on the northwest corner of the intersection when he saw the car “spinning and honking” before it hit Clark’s car and the women on the motorcycle. He said he saw the vehicle circle through the intersection three times before ultimately hitting the building.

“The man in the SUV fell out of the car and laid there,” he said. “It was crazy.”

Around 2:30 p.m. onlookers swarmed the intersection as police and firefighters inspected the scene. Other witnesses said the incident sounded as though the man were doing “donuts” on Mission Street before the collisions.