Update: 5/2/19, 3:05 p.m.: The Medical Examiner identified the victim as Jonathan Bello, 28, of San Francisco. A City College of San Francisco spokesperson said Bello was not enrolled at the college in the current academic year. 

Update: 5/2/19, 10:10 a.m.: Police reported Thursday morning that the victim, a 28-year-old man, died of his gunshot wounds. The Medical Examiner’s office said it could not yet release the man’s identity, as his family hasn’t been notified of his death. The suspect, whose vehicle police confirmed was a bicycle, has not been apprehended.  He shot the victim with a handgun, police confirmed. 

Original story, 5:42 p.m., May 1: Police at 4:12 this afternoon responded to a shot-spotter activation, and discovered a man suffering from gunshot wounds on the 100 block of Bartlett Street.

Officer Robert Rueca, a San Francisco Police Department spokesman, said the victim was transported to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, and the vicinity is still an “active crime scene.”

Mission Local’s Julian Mark says that perhaps 10 police officers are investigating a silver sedan. Mark spotted two bullet holes in the vehicle.

Police have blocked off the Bartlett Street entrance to City College. Photo by Julian Mark.

A neighborhood resident who had been visiting a nearby cafe told Mark that, at around 4:15, he heard “four pops.” He did not hear a car screeching away. Police showed up shortly thereafter and pulled a stricken man from a parked car. That man was placed on a gurney and carted away.

A woman named Teresa Villicana, who was in the nearby City College building, also heard four shots. When she looked out of a door on Bartlett Street, she saw paramedics performing CPR on a man on the ground. Villicana, who described herself as a medical assistant, noted that the man’s head and face were purple. “I thought to myself, ‘he’s not going to make it.'”

Rueca says there is no suspect in custody at this time.

Sgt. Jeffrey Aloise tells Mark that reports being bandied about the neighborhood that the shooter rode a bicycle are “preliminary” and being investigated at this time.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as more information is available.

Witnesses described seeing a stricken man pulled from the silver sedan in the background, and given CPR by paramedics. There appear to be two bullet holes in the driver’s side door. A black jacket and wallet are below that door on the street, along with many police evidence markers. Photo by Julian Mark.

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