Rounding the corner onto 22nd Street, Cookie is eager to get home. He snips at another dog walking past and looks up at his owner, 30-year-old Clifford Chiu.

They’re just a block from home: one Clifford says is shared with “pretty much everyone.”

It’s a four-apartment house, “and everyone there is family,” he says. “Grandparents, aunts, everyone.”

Born and raised in the Mission, Clifford has spent his whole life in the neighborhood, except for a few years attending school in Davis and Southern California, where he studied biotechnology and business administration. It was family that brought him back.

“Missing a lot of important family events because you’re so far away was a little bit challenging,” he says. Weddings, births: he wanted to be here for family and friends. “I’m Chinese. Typically, being family-oriented comes pretty strong.”

Of everyone at home, he says, he’s closest with his sister. She’s a pediatric nurse and he admires both her work ethic and that she’s helping to care for the next generation. “Kids are our future,” he says, “and being able to care for those little babies is pretty important.”

Clifford works in healthcare too, as a consultant at a healthcare consulting firm.

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