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  1. My name is Marie and I was born raised in the mission I’ve been awhile since I’ve been in the city but when people ask me where I’m from I tell them I am from San Francisco the Mission District I’m very proud of you I just wanted to say please help our people another surveys are out about percentages and it seems that women are the ones that are hit the hardest if you’re from the city and the mission but you don’t live there anymore be proud of where you came from even though we’re not there we still need to help our people I’m not rich but if there’s anything else I can do to help to get people to notice that these people need a place to live without struggling and stressing how they going to feed their babies how’s it going to buy diapers California supposed to be the richest state I don’t see it at least not with the people that were born here so I meet you doubts to everybody who loves their City and most important being proud to come from the mission

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