City on track to record 70+ percent turnout

After Election Day’s final tally, some 139,000 ballots remained uncounted. That’s a significant amount and, certainly, enough to alter the outcome of several races. But, with 14,242 more votes counted today, little has changed — meaning yesterday’s counter-intuitive and consequential results are still on track to become a reality.

District 2: With 1,160 more votes processed, Supervisor Catherine Stefani is still holding off Nick Josefowitz by similar margins, 53.3 percent to 46.7 percent.

District 4: Only around 700 more votes were tallied today. Gordon Mar is still up by a count of 56.3 percent to Jessica Ho’s 43.7 percent.

Earlier today, San Francisco State University political science professor Jason McDaniel told us that both Stefani and Mar’s leads seemed “solid.” Quite a few more votes may trickle through, but neither of these races budged appreciably today.

District 6: With 15,000 votes in the can and change, Matt Haney, who declared victory last night, is still holding at just under 57 percent of the vote. How’d that happen? Glad you asked.

District 8: Rafael Mandelman, who was essentially running unopposed, did just fine.

District 10: Shamann Walton is still leading by a 63 to 37 margin over Tony Kelly.

Propositions: Every local measure is still on track to pass. Proposition C is holding steady at 59.9 percent. The odds of it reaching the 2/3 threshold in the remaining 125,000-odd uncounted votes are low.

Board of Education: Alison Collins, Gabriela Lopez and Faauuga Moliga are still your three winners.

As noted above, perhaps 125,000 votes remain to be counted. Doing the math, voter turnout could exceed 70 percent — far and away a local record for a midterm election and on par with the 81 percent recorded during the 2016 presidential election.