Chelis López, KPOO’s radio host for Pájaro Latinoamericano and Andanzas, attended the Cancel Kavanaugh march in San Francisco’s downtown on September 28 and ended up in an altercation with a man rolling a suitcase.

“What we are protesting against is violence, patriarchy and machismo. We just saw how a guy attempted to push his suitcase (toward protesters) to try to stop this small march,” said López.

About 60 protesters gathered at Powell and Market Streets at around 5:30 p.m. with posters, banners and megaphones in hand. At the forefront of the march were four women wearing red capes and white hats, in reference to Margaret Atwood’s dystopian world as portrayed in A Handmaid’s Tale.

Throughout the march, López filmed the proceedings with her mobile phone.  As the march advanced towards Union Square, amid chants of “no pussy-grabbing, no patriarchy, no fascist USA”, López captured an altercation on video.

The incident begins at the 6:49 mark, when a white man with a suitcase, backpack, and cellphone appears to find himself caught up in the march.

At 6:55, the man with this suitcase appears to refuse to move his suitcase out of the way of the woman with the megaphone. The two exchange words. Another woman from the contingent forcibly moves the suitcase out of their way.

At 6:59, López begins walking toward them, filming. At this point, the lady with the megaphone decides to continue marching. A protester holding a Refuse Fascism banner yells at the man with the suitcase to “Move your shit,” and keeps walking. The man with the suitcase is visibly annoyed and continues to provoke the protesters by violently jamming his suitcase towards them.

At 7:04, a male protester confronts the man with the suitcase and they appear to get into a verbal argument that ends up with the man with the suitcase being pushed.

At 7:11 López begins narrating in Spanish: “This is how some people are reacting against this march, people who are clearly against this march. This is a perfect example of men who are machistas.” By then, the man with the suitcase has reached out his arm towards Chelis to stop her from recording. He knocks against her phone and the recording stops.

After this, López says she reached out her arm to block him from attacking her. Another protester intervened to defend López. Lucas Thorton, a photographer, captured the moment:

Chelis López (in yellow) after the run-in with the hoodie-wearing passer-by. Photo taken by Lucas Thorton.

In a third video, López’s narration continues: “We continue broadcasting from San Francisco, California, after the incident that happened. This is precisely what we are protesting against: violence, patriarchy and machismo. We just saw how a guy attempted to push his suitcase (towards protesters) to try to stop this small march. A photographer got near them and began taking pictures of him. (The man with the suitcase) did not respond. When I got near him to film, he attacked me in an attempt to take my phone. At the end, he left. In any case, I mention this for people who were watching the video and were wondering what happened. An altercation in which a man aggressively pushed his heavy suitcase at us, and then later on, attempted to prevent me from recording with my phone’s camera. We continue on with the Cancel Kavanaugh march.”