BMR: This acronym stands for “below market rate.” As part of San Francisco inclusionary-housing law, housing developers need to include a percentage of affordable housing units in new projects.

Mission School: An art term used to describe a movement from the 1990s that started in the Mission, but seems to leave out the amazing Muralismo of the ’70s and ’80s. But that’s another story — or maybe just another art term.

SRO: Stands for Single Room Occupancy. An SRO is a type of residency hotel that offers rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens — some are run by nonprofits to provide affordable housing, others are for-profit ventures. The Mission has many SROs.

Ellis Act: Passed in 1985 by the California State Legislature, this measure was intended to help landlords go out of business, but many believe it’s been used as a tool for landlords to evict longtime tenants and sell buildings to speculators.

Google Bus: A catch-all term for all private shuttles run by Silicon Valley tech companies, objects of much derision and unrest.

Formula Retail: A fancy way to say chain store — also objects of much derision and unrest.

Super or Regular: When asked this puzzling question at a neighborhood Taqueria, just get Super. The extra buck is worth it for avocado, sour cream and cheese.