Sure, there’s the 14, 49 and 14R that careen down Mission Street, and countless ride-“sharing” apps, but because we’re in the flattest neighborhood around with street art everywhere, you have no excuse not to walk or bike (unless, of course, you do have a good excuse, and we’re sorry for the tasteless assumption).

How to Stay Safe

As any Mission longtimer will tell you, crime isn’t what it used to be in this part of town. Violent crime has generally decreased in recent years, but the occasional incident still happens … especially if you’re oblivious to your surroundings, testing a new Selfie Stick in public on a shiny iPhone. Some tips:

  • Don’t pull your cell phone out at the BART Plazas or on Mission Street. It’s risky anywhere in the city, but just plain foolish in these locations.
  • Try to avoid being a total, sloppy drunken mess stumbling out of the bar on Saturday night on Mission Street. You’re not only asking for trouble, you’ll run the risk of being totally annoying.
  • Cyclists: triple-lock your bike when parking, follow all cyclist traffic laws and, if you wear a helmet, we’ll still think you’re cool.

For frequent updates on the latest on crime, check out our aptly titled Trouble page.