One man was killed and another was injured in a shooting that took place Tuesday around 3 a.m. at 16th and Mission Streets. The homicide victim was identified as Hubert Coleman Jr., 34, of Richmond.

The other man, 46, was transported to San Francisco General Hospital and is in life-threatening condition.

One person, who lives at 18th and Mission, told Mission Local that he heard at least a dozen shots. “I would say 22 shots,” he said.

At the 16th Street Station BART Plaza on Tuesday morning, people who live or hang out in the area were sharing bits of information with each other, trying to piece together what happened.

“It really is a family out here,” said Tiffany Smith as she watched over the plaza, intermittently raising her voice to talk to others there: to make sure one woman got a plate of rice and beans Smith had bought that morning, or to ask why another woman, with a freshly bandaged thigh, was limping.

“When someone gets hurt out here, people want to understand it.”

Smith said she was certain that the two victims did not know each other. She said that the deceased man was visiting his uncle. “I can tell you the uncle was very well-liked here. It makes no sense.” Smith said.

“He was a beautiful man, he had a lot more life to live,” she said of Coleman.

This is the sixth Mission District homicide this year.

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