Supervisor Hillary Ronen speaks at press conference addressing immigration and Trump outside City Hall. Photo by Lola M. Chavez

In an effort to combat discriminatory federal practices, Supervisor Hillary Ronen today filed a proposed ballot measure that would provide protections for members of marginalized and minority groups that may have been affected by the Trump Administration’s policies.

If passed by voters in November, it would allow the city to monitor activity at the local level and verify that resources are not being used for ICE deportation raids or in actions that infringe on the rights of city residents.

“In the context of what is happening in Washington, we have to be vigilant in protecting our city and our residents. Considering the irrational and cruel decisions coming down from the federal government, we have to take a stand now, ” Ronen said in a press release.

The measure has the support of four supervisors and will be on the November ballot. It was co-sponsored by Supervisors Norman Yee, Katy Tang and Sandra Lee Fewer.

Under the proposal, every February a yearly report will be delivered to the mayor that details what federal actions have discriminated against marginalized groups broken down by ethnicity, gender and sexual identities.

Individual city departments would then conduct audits to discover if they had directly or indirectly expended city funds or resources that aided the federal government in the enforcement of discriminatory laws.

The departments would then report to the Board of Supervisors on how or why these departments did so.

With this information, the Board of Supervisors would consider whether it is necessary to create a city ordinance to prohibit such activity. This includes keeping certain programs funded that may have been affected by the federal budget.

The measure would also maintain the city’s sanctuary status, providing protections for immigrant communities.

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  1. This seems unnecessary, due to the City’s general political culture and specific efforts already to protect all minorities from harm. We aleady are a sanctuary city. More reports, more public money spent documenting, more patting ourselves on the back, more grand-standing. Let’s ignore Ranting Ronen and get to work making our communities and city a better place to live. Plant a tree, tutor a student, ride the bus, document public malfeasance, volunteer for anything you find worthwhile. And vote, every single election.

  2. But Ronen wants to make sure no more white people move into the Mission. Talk about discriminating against immigrants.

  3. That’s a link to Trump Derangement Syndrome, Hillary, you may want to read up–and your colleagues as well because you Four Horsepeople have repeatedly shown symptoms, especially the part about “speaking a distinctive language consisting solely of hyperbole.” Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s just the politics of fearmongering you’re playing for political gain. Nah, you’d never stoop to that level, would you? You and Libby ‘valley girl” Schaaf. Yeah, the good old fearmongering industry. What, do you guys get an email update every morning? Do you really think President Trump is out to get law-abiding residents, either legal or undocumented? By the way, I took my dog for a walk this morning and passed two able-bodied men, one on Valencia and one on Mission swearing at passersby and scaring the bejesus out of elderly ladies out running their errands. I cut down South Van Ness and the trash was litterally ankle deep in both the gutter as well as the sidewalk. Not only that, I can no longer kiss my dog on the lips because he’s put his face in so many piles of human feces. Ronen: you’re shamelessly playing to people’s emotions and it’s disgusting but keep it up because the country is keeping tabs and this may well be part and parcel of Trump’s reelection. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.