A skateboarder who clashed with police at Dolores Park last July has sued the city for alleged “malicious and reckless actions” by a yet-to-be-named SFPD sergeant who caused him to fall off his skateboard and flip over the hood of a police car.

Anthony Economus, who was 19 at the time of the incident in which dozens of skaters were careening down Dolores Street, alleges in the lawsuit that the officer “tackled and knocked 19-year-old Anthony Economus from his skateboard into the hood of a parked police car.”

“Mr. Economus suffered a broken ankle, torn knee ligaments, a sprained left hand and a gash which required 13 stitches to close,” the lawsuit states.

Indeed, video of the July 11 incident shows Economus riding at a high speed down Dolores Street toward the sergeant and a patrol car. The officer appears to hold out his arm and cause the skateboarder to lose his balance and tumble over the hood of the car.

“Incredulously, the Police Sergeant failed to go and check on Mr. Economus’ well-being, despite the young man lying on the ground, battered and bloodied in obvious pain,” the lawsuit says.

“The fact that a commanding officer, a supervising officer, was behaving this way in broad daylight in front of spectators is indicative of his comfortability in doing this,” Adante Pointer, Economus’ attorney, told the San Francisco Chronicle, which first reported the lawsuit Wednesday.

“The way other officers responded, [it] appears this isn’t something that raises an eyebrow, even,” he said.

Pointer noted that Economus, a Vallejo resident, “no longer skateboards like he used to” because of his injuries stemming from the incident.

John Cote, a spokesperson for the City Attorney’s Office, told the Chronicle that his office has not yet received the lawsuit.

The clash between skateboarders and police began as an unauthorized “skate bombing contest” but quickly spiraled out of control, lasting several hours and resulting in at least two injuries of skaters, vandalized police cars, and police using less-lethal firearms against skaters, according to reports.