Hillary Ronen has endorsed Jane Kim, a fellow progressive supervisor, for Mayor.

She has also endorsed former State Senator Mark Leno, another progressive, for the Mayor’s seat. It’s unclear if Ronen prefers one over the other, but the dual endorsement can give voters a sense of two candidates they can use as their first or second choices on a ranked-choice ballot. 

“Hillary is a rising star in San Francisco politics, and she won a grassroots campaign against a downtown-backed candidate, and that’s what Jane has to do, too,” said Jon Golinger, Kim’s campaign manager.

Golinger said the move was likely a “one-two punch” to help at least one of the two progressive candidates “take control of city hall for neighborhoods and the people.”

He added that the endorsement is a further affirmation that Kim is seriously in the running.

Early on, “there were people who were saying Jane isn’t going to be a serious candidate,” he said. “Now that people are seeing how hard she’s working, … people like Supervisor Ronen see Jane as having an equal chance of claiming City Hall for we the people.”

Ronen has made it clear that she doesn’t want Board President London Breed to take the city’s top post.

During tense Board of Supervisors meeting in which a group of mostly progressive supervisors voted Breed out of the role of Acting Mayor, Ronen outlined her position in a long and emotionally charged speech.

She asserted that if Breed became Mayor, the District 5 supervisor would be beholden to wealthy and powerful elites such as tech investor Ron Conway.

“I hate to say it, I wish it weren’t so, but those white men are so enthusiastically supporting your candidacy, London Breed,” Ronen said, asserting further the Conway had used intimidation tactics to garner support for Breed.

Ronen did not immediately respond to a call seeking comment. But her name does appear on a list of endorsements that also includes Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer, former Supervisor John Avalos and former Supervisor Eric Mar, among others.