Man attacks self-driving car in SF Mission

The epicenter - 16th and Valencia. Photo by Judy Graboyes

A man threw his body onto a self-driving car — a GM Cruise AV — causing a car vs. pedestrian collision at the intersection of 16th and Valencia streets earlier this month, the DMV reported Wednesday.

Operating in “autonomous mode,” the Cruise AV was stopped at a green light, facing north on Valencia, waiting to make a right turn onto 16th Street as pedestrians crossed.

Suddenly, a man ran across Valencia Street against the “do not walk” sign, shouted, and struck the left side of the car’s rear bumper and hatch with his entire body. This is all according to a report the self-driving car manufacturer must file with the DMV in the event of a collision.

The man sustained no injuries, but the car did. It suffered “some damage to its right rear light,” according to the report.

The incident occurred on Jan. 2 around 9:27 p.m.

No police were called, the report says.

Apparently, the Cruise AV has had a lot of activity in San Francisco. In 2017, GM filed 22 reports with the DMV because of collisions, although the Cruise was never at fault, according to the reports. Five of those collisions occurred in the Mission. The most recent incident, on Valencia Street, was California’s first self-driving car collision in 2018.

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  1. Joan Bastoni

    This could have been fiction in something like black mirror, but its more symmetrical that it is IRL.

  2. Teller

    A glimpse into the future of lawsuits.

  3. Gary Lowe

    First they came for the Google buses, now the self-driving cars.

  4. “Man attacks self-driving car in SF Mission”

    (sigh)… of course, he did.

  5. And I thought I was bad attacking vending machines that didn’t cough up the merchandise after the coins went in!!!

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