ICE Raid Resource Guide/Guía ante una redada del ICE

"Just as you support soccer, you should support immigration reform." Photo by Leslie Nguyen-Olwu

We often get questions about what immigrants should do in the event of a raid by Immigration, Customs and Enforcement agents. So, with the help of immigration lawyers, we prepared these guides in English and Spanish.

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  1. Eloise Bates

    Hi, this is a very valuable resource, however the ICE Raid Resource Guide is not formatted correctly to print properly from my PC, and on my Android phone, much of it is cut off. It would be wonderful if these problems could be corrected. Thank you!

    • Lydia Chavez Staff

      Eloise: Can you let me know what we have to change. It prints from our laptops and desktops in the office, but we are using MACS. We’re happy to improve and correct any issues, lc

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