Noisebridge, the renowned hackerspace that’s been in the Mission for nine years, will “almost certainly” have to leave its Mission Street space by August 2018, when its lease expires.

“Despite our best efforts to fly under The Storm, The Great San Francisco Reckoning has finally fallen upon us, and Noisebridge is staring displacement in the face in 2018,” wrote the hackerspace in a fundraising call posted on its website on Monday.

The cost of space per square foot has more than tripled since the group began its lease, the post said.

The group is now seeking donations. “A lot of donations,” it says. “More donations than Noisebridge has ever gotten before.”

The hackerspace is one of the most well-known in the Bay Area and has served as a low-barrier educational and collaborative hub for the technologically inclined and disinclined alike.

It moved into the Mission in 2008, but outgrew its first 1,000-square-foot space here and subsequently relocated to its current 5,200-square-foot space at 2169 Mission St.

In the note, the group stressed its importance to the community.

“We believe that San Francisco needs a hackerspace that is open to as many people as possible as often as possible,” it says. “We also strongly believe that the residents and guests of our town deserve a space to pursue their hopes, interests and ambitions at their own pace in a safe space where lack of funds is no barrier to entry.”