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  1. This is a small and noisy portion of “the people.” Surveys show that a vast majority of SF residents support the use of tasers ( ). It’s disingenuous for Petra DeJesus say that the people there “want to hear the experts and want to hear the vote.” If that is true they would not be shouting down and shutting down the meeting. Unfortunately, much of the SF activist community believes that loud makes right and often shout down meeting speakers. The SF Police Commission absolutely did the right thing here by not being intimidated by this small but loud group of protesters and actually listening to the expert evidence about how tasers save lives. Of course they are not 100% safe, but the fact is that the life of a criminal is not safe, nor is that of a police officer.

  2. Well, it was clear from the very beginning that the brutal force machine will prevail by any means cynically mocking the SF brave community . You wonder why? Because they can .