The YIMBYs are no longer just a scattering of familiar voices at public meetings crying out to build housing and build it faster — now they’re now a real nonprofit and a political movement. At least, that’s how it seemed at the group’s first gala. Here’s a glimpse of the evening:

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  1. Pro tip: when covering an organization’s event, mention their name instead of sending readers to google a not-uncommon acronym and reconcile the resulting jigsaw puzzle of hits (incl. “party / action / forum / twitter / facebook”). Works for both print *and* video!

    (Looks like the organizers are SF Yimby Party at )

  2. BRAVO and more power to them. Where can I sign up… literally? After the recent story on the rejection of the Foreign Cinema wine bar I am becoming incredibly concerned verging on angry at how organizations have in essence co-opted the Mission as if they own it outright and that only those with roots (apparently defined by race/ethnicity) can have an credibility or any say in what goes on in this district. This group Take Back the Mission needs to be checked (not stopped b/c they do have legitimate concerns) and asked to offer solutions instead of just saying NO all the fucking time. Why don’t they devote their time and energy to engage the entire community in developing a consensus-based business plan as to how they intend to improve Mission street (read attract businesses to the myriad of vacant storefronts, fix the sidewalks, get rid of the garbage, improve the BART stations, etcetera) instead of standing in the way of mindful development.

    1. Lots of thumbs up for Grant! Feels like everything is No No No here in the Mission. Can’t wait for the next election cycle to vote for more ballots / supervisors that can mitigate the power of these obstructionists.