Supervisor Hillary Ronen. Photo by Lola M. Chavez

Mission Supervisor Hillary Ronen was not granted a fourth aide in her office to help tackle pressing issues in her district, but her plea for more resources in the coming budget cycle may not go entirely unanswered.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported last week that after her request for an additional aide was blocked by fellow supervisors, Ronen has returned with another ask – seven staff positions across city departments that will service her district.

The positions include three Spanish-speaking violence prevention workers in the Mission, a city planner tasked with creating an area plan for her district, a staffer in the Office of Economic and Workforce Development who will create a transit plan, and two neighborhood liaisons between her office and merchants in the Mission and Bernal Heights.

While other supervisors have also requested the one-time funds to be funneled into city departments to bolster services in their districts, Ronen has taken some heat from her colleagues for creating new positions that would require funding beyond the budget cycle, the Chronicle reports.

Last month, Ronen told Mission Local that the annual budget’s add-back process allows San Francisco supervisors to secure funds to address district-specific needs, a sum of about $1 million, to be prioritized as needed.

Ronen also said that she did not believe this process to be equitable, as each district has unique needs, some notably greater than others.

“Other districts are just not facing what we are facing in districts 9, 6, 10 and even districts 3 and 5….. these five districts are battling the toughest issues in our city,” she said referring to homelessness, crime and economic disparities. We have also in District 9 one of the biggest inequality levels, millionaires living next to homeless people. And that creates a lot of conflict in and of itself.

When it comes to answering emails from her constituents, Ronen said she is generally a week behind.

“We hear about every single conflict, and I very much believe it is my responsibility to respond and engage. And in order to do that effectively, to give my constituents the attention they deserve, I need more staff,” she said. 

She told the Chronicle that she will continue pressing for an additional aide in her office.

The Board of Supervisors votes on the mayor’s budget proposal on July 18.

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  1. “a staffer in the Office of Economic and Workforce Development who will create a transit plan” So we have MTA planning, Transportation Authority planning, The Planning Department has a transportation planning team and now the MOEWD is going to get into the mix for transportation planning?

  2. Not that it surprises me but in case some people have forgotten this is an individual that worked for the previous district supervisor! What I gather from this request is that the previous supervisor wasn’t doing his job and now things have snowballed out of control! None of the problems or issues she is raising today just suddenly materialized overnight! Wonder if she considered all of these problems when she decided to run for office in District 9? Of course she did not live in District 9, so she didn’t realize how Monumental the problems were even though she was the chief of staff for the District 9 supervisor! Again how was it she didn’t know what the workload was before she accepted this huge responsibility?

    1. Campos and Ronen have been highly responsive, it just some times takes a week for them to get back to her constituents. I suppose to some being familiar with all the problems and shortcomings of the way the city budgets funds for district operations precludes her from doing anything about those problems. For my part I voted for Hillary precisely so she could bring some order to our local government, which includes properly staffing her department and hiring people to look into solving bigger problems. I suppose to some, 3 people are more than adequate to managing the needs or 65,000+ people, but I think ant supervisor who is okay with being unable to meet the demands of his/her constituency who doesn’t demand the resources they need is not doing their job.

      But what do I know? Like most critics of Mrs. Ronen you attack without substance when she tries to do something, and imply ignorance or naivety in the same breath that you outline her experience and qualifications. But then you repeat the lie that Ronen hasn’t lived in district 9 for the last 6+ years.

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