The median parking experiment on Dolores Street ran into a snag on Sunday night as more than a dozen cars were towed along Dolores between 17th and 18th streets, according to Jefferson McCarley, a nearby resident who also runs Mission Bicycle on Valencia Street.

New regulations prohibit parking after 6 p.m. on Sundays along the median, but they have been relaxed at other times.

Those new rules were put into place by the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency in April. They allowed for parking along the Dolores Street median, an area where parking was previously officially prohibited but de facto allowed on weekends.

As part of a pilot program to test out how median parking might be formalized to improve safety and access, the Dolores Street median is now painted and signage has been installed between 14th and 18th streets (though Saturday and Friday have additional location restrictions).

Just before 6:30 p.m. on Sunday those cars still in place in the time-restricted parking zones were reportedly being towed. McCarley said tickets were being issued at the same time as the cars were being towed. A spokesperson for the transit agency said signage is in place warning drivers that illegally parked cars will be ticketed and may be towed, and that tickets are issued and cars are then towed if they are still in place when staff returns.

This story has been updated with an additional detail about the tickets issued and a comment from the transit agency.

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  1. What was the snag? The regulations are clearly posted. The cars weren’t moved. They got ticketed and towed.

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