Still from the pilot episode of "94110"

Years after flyers around the Mission announced the production of a television series chronicling the tech life in the Mission District, “94110” has apparently made its online debut, Capp Street Crap reports.

The casting call flyers caused quite a stir, but nearly 100 hopefuls attended the audition. At the time, producers insisted the show was a serious television program about techies living in the Mission.

Later, a mini-investigation from KQED revealed 94110’s connection to performance artist Scott Vermiere. His satirical influence on the show is clear now that the pilot is out – he gets a protagonist role, and within minutes, is skewering newcomers and San Francisco’s housing crunch with uncomfortably bizarre parody.

An adult male “cyber child” sleeps on the floor in underwear and his head in a box, and a laugh track swells with every deadpan crack. The 22nd and Mission fire in full blaze gets several unexpected highlights, as does a man in a ski mask slapping away at a keyboard. The half-hour video is riddled with old-school animations, like the dizzying rotation of a frame within another color-inverted frame.

Not quite what one might have envisioned upon hearing from one of the producers at the audition that the show would “take a critical lens. It’s going to be a little different; it’s going to be a little bit absurd…I think it’s been really interesting how people just assume that this is a project that lionizes tech executives, but I will add that it is not necessarily a project that condemns them either.”

But see for yourself:

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