Flier for 94110 casting call on Treat and 19th Street. Photo by Mark Rabine.

Upon posting a casting notice for a new pilot filming in the Mission dubbed 94110, that “imagines the story of six leading technology executives living, learning, and loving together in San Francisco’s Mission District, 94110,” our Facebook page went nuts with comments.

The response was overwhelmingly incredulous and filled with animosity. Here’s some sample and representative responses:

“Got major douche chills reading this. I hope this fails miserably.”

“I just puked in my mouth a little”

Another question, is this real? It is definitely real, according to one of its creators who talked with Mission Local Monday.

Screenshot of the immediate backlash.

“The goal is to have production happen this summer,” he said.

He asked that his name not be used because he did want his past projects, including some provocative performance art and video projects, to reflect on 94110, which he says he doesn’t want to be spoiled by backlash so early in its development.

Though, with a backlash already underway, he says he’s not surprised at the heated response to something involving “leading technology executives” in the Mission District. It was expected and is, in many ways, part of the project.

“Our native campaign is working well, we are getting a lot of feedback,” said the project’s co-creator. “Since 94110 takes place in this neighborhood and that’s the conflict that’s here, those responses are part of it.”

The representative from the production team, which he described as consisting of filmmakers, screenwriters, and artists who have lived and worked in the neighborhood for many years, is well aware of the tensions in the Mission District between longtime residents and newer arrivals who work in tech.

“It’s definitely about the complications versus the simplified versions were so used to,” said 94110’s representative, who admits he was a little surprised by how quickly things got negative online. He says that the show’s tech executives will just “be a point of departure” to explore broader themes in the neighborhood.

94110’s team chose to physically flier the neighborhood because they want to find actors and talent within the Mission. In terms of seeking talent with “no preference toward age, race, or gender,” he says they’re curious to see the range of people working in the Mission and have already got a lot of responses from interested talent. He also said the production team would be releasing more details about characters soon.

“A range of diverse actors are already interested in playing these parts,” said 94110’s representative. “From people who actually work in tech industry, to actors trying to get more work.”

But really, is this for real? Were the fliers a provocation? Is this performance art?

When pressed, 94110’s producer said very definitively that it’s neither. It’s fora  real television drama.

“We are committed to casting and filming 94110 as a real legit pilot to shop around for online networks to pick up and syndicate,” he said. “It’s a TV show not art.”

If you think you have what it takes to play the part of young tech executive trying find himself, or hector its creators in person, details for auditions can be found here.

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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who “puked a little.” That means the douche bags haven’t successfully evicted or out-priced all of my friends. But of course, I’m flying to Detroit this summer, just in case I start to “puke a lot.” Who wants to pay extra to live some place where wanting to puke is a daily experience?

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