Weeks after a robbery in which two men threatened a woman and her baby with a gun and then stole her backpack, a woman is still waiting for the suspects to be identified. As time passes, she said, public attention has waned.

“It’s just stale news,” she said.

But to the victim, the robbery is anything but stale – with the robbers still unidentified and on the loose, she worries about her safety.

Police released security video of the suspects to get help from the public identifying the suspects.

The robbery took place March 3 around 10:30 p.m. The two men, the victim estimated, were no older than 21. One of them, who brandished a gun, had long black or dark brown hair pulled back in a segmented ponytail and wore black-rimmed glasses. The other either had his hair cut in a fade or was entirely bald. Both were no taller than 5’7″ and looked possibly Latino with light skin, she said.

The men approached her inside a parking garage near 18th and Alabama streets and grabbed the keys out of her car’s ignition, the mother recalled. They told her to get out of the car, but she refused, saying she wouldn’t leave without her baby. One of the men grabbed and withheld the child.

“I’m like, I’m not leaving without my baby. You might as well kill me because either way I’m dead,” the mother remembers telling the robbers.

Eventually the man with the child relented and handed the baby back to the victim, but one of the suspects kept his gun aimed at the mother.

“I have no idea what they were thinking, I never even thought people did stuff like that,” the mother said.

The robbers left with her backpack, with some of the contents later recovered. They also left the car behind, contrary to what the mother says she was expecting. But since they have her keys and know where she parks, she said, she needs to get her car’s locks and ignition replaced, for which a fundraiser has been set up here.

Anyone with information can contact the San Francisco Police anonymously at 415-575-4444 or via text-a-tip by sending a message to TIP411 and beginning the text message with SFPD. No arrests have been reported – we will update this story if police provide any additional information about the case.