I’ve reported for the New York Times and have covered wars, written books, and magazine pieces. I currently teach journalism at UC Berkeley. Even so, I consider Mission Local, which I founded and still edit, one of the most important – and demanding – assignments of my career.

It’s a huge challenge to make Mission Local financially sustainable in an age when there’s so much news online – much of it fake, chatter, or aggregated. You get what you pay for.

Good, original reporting – news you can trust with reporters you can hold accountable ­– isn’t free. It takes actual reporters pursuing leads, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and then writing stories that tell you what’s really happening.

It’s because of original reporting that Mission Local has one of the largest audiences of any of San Francisco’s small news sites. It’s because of our reporting that Mission Local won a regional award for community journalism in 2015. It’s because of our reporting that you keep coming back.

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Your membership fees cover exactly two costs. A fraction goes to our very reasonable rent. The rest goes to pay Mission Local reporters. I work for free.

Maybe you think you can always join tomorrow or the next day. But if you wait too long, we may not be here.

Here’s what sustainability looks like. We need 400 reader members and 200 business members, and we’re within reach.  If our membership structure is too much or too little for you, get in touch and we will work something out. lydia.chavez@missionlocal.com