If you’re an adult who has been swept by the coloring book craze or have youngsters who have an interest in history, local greeting card designer Sunde White has a treat for you: A coloring book featuring important historical figures like Napoleon Bonacat, Harricat Tubman, and Queen Elizacat I.

Why cats? Surprisingly, White is a dog person.

“Dogs are just goofy and cats are mysterious and weird and sophisticated,” she said. “Historic dogs doesn’t work as well because you just feel like cats can handle being world history characters.”

White has also noticed that her greeting cards with cats tend to be instant bestsellers.

One figure was particularly timely, as it happened – White points out that the book was in pre-press when the decision was made to create $20 bills featuring Harriet Tubman, so slight adjustments needed to be made to the Harricat Tubman page.

The book hasn’t hit local stores yet, but it was created in the Mission and is printed in Potrero Hill. For now, the 20-image “Costumed Cats” can be purchased online.

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