Three people sustained injuries in a car crash near the 101 freeway underpass and were transported to the hospital for treatment on Wednesday evening.  The collision happened at 7:24 p.m. when the vehicle of a 61-year-old man and his 54-year-old female passenger was t-boned as the pair was driving along 13th and Mission streets, causing the car to flip over. The other vehicle was driven by a 32-year-old man, and while it is unclear what caused the collision, no arrests have been made.

On Tuesday, the Fire Department responded to a trashcan and a recycle bin that had been set on fire sometime around 2:32 a.m. near a residence at 18th and Guerrero streets. The bins belonged to the resident, a 52-year-old woman, who was not injured. It is unclear what caused the bins to catch fire, but fire officials reported that the flames were quickly extinguished.

Crime is trauma and the county offers different services. Here is a link to a page of services.

Victims of violent crime can also contact the Trauma Recovery Center at UCSF.